EA Sports UFC 2 Runs At 1080p/30fps On PS4/Xbox One, “60fps Doesn’t Have Hugely Beneficial Impact”

Creative director Brian Hayes says 30 FPS with motion blur looks better.

Posted By | On 23rd, Dec. 2015 Under News

EA Sports UFC 2

EA Sports UFC 2 will be the next major sports title from the publisher and it will utilize the Ignite Engine to provide a higher level of visual fidelity over its predecessor.

The question is whether it will run at 1080p resolution on Xbox One and PS4. GamingBolt spoke to creative director Brian Hayes about the same, as well what frame rate the game would be targeting. Hayes stated that, “The game runs at 1080p, and renders at 30fps with motion blur.

“We’ve found that going to 60fps doesn’t have a hugely beneficial impact, and people in testing have told us that the game actually looks better at 30fps with motion blur.”

It’s interesting to note this but then again, EA Sports UFC 2 is a different kind of beast from, say, Halo 5: Guardians (try hopping back on to Destiny afterwards. Ugh). Then again, we’ll see for ourselves how the performance is and whether the game itself is superior to the original when it releases in Spring 2016.

Stay tuned for our complete interview with Hayes in the coming days.

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  • red2k

    I think UFC games are one of the most photorealistic franchise on the market. The scenarios are very close to real life and 30fps can put some TV feel in terms of speed. Halo or other shooters runs better on 60fps because the character cam is constantly finding new objects and projecting a bunch of animations. They need higher Frame rate for make every transition of movement more fluid. In UFC the camera is on third person, it is simulating a TV cam (30fps) it is a good idea put it at 30fps.

  • Hvd

    60fps make games move so fluently.at least thats what pc gamers want you to think.a 120fps is even more fluent.blah blah blah..lol

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      120 fps is pointless. I have a gaming PC and I literally lock games to 60 fps just so my PC doesn’t have to work as hard, and to save electricity. Also, it produces much less heat too


    1080p 30fps fit this game perfectly
    I believe developers should only push for 60fps for sport Racers and first person shooters

    • Jessica Terrell

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    • Mark

      Yeah they’ll always do that on consoles for 3rd person games, in order to cram more visual effects into the game,

    • god

      Fightings and fight sims, racing games.

    • Chubzdoomer

      Or you can play on PC, where virtually every game is capable of hitting 60 FPS and above–granted you have the hardware to handle it.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Not true. It’s more important for fighting games than racing games

      Racing games don’t all need 60 fps. That’s a complete myth. Same with FPS.

  • XbotMK1

    I have to agree that 60 fps is by no means a must but that isn’t an excuse to be lazy with optimization and doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for the best performance possible and cap a game at 30 frames which I wouldn’t doubt that is exactly what they did.

    • super6646

      This is probably the first time I have to agree with you. 60FPS>30FPS with all the motion blur in the world.

    • Guest

      Oh shut up, like he gives a damn whether an idiot as yourself agrees with him or not. He says far more accurate and intelligent sh;t then you ever do.

    • Tech junkie

      Are you joking

  • Gene

    Release it on PC and we will see…

  • Barry Harden

    This smells like parity on EA’s part just to please Micro$oft.

    • red2k

      Smell like your console can’t handle 60fps.

    • Guest

      Then it smells even more like console (the X1) definitely couldn’t handle 60fps.

    • Barry Harden

      Really? Explain how there’s many more games on PS4 that have a higher resolution and frame rate than the same exact title on XBone?

      Yeah I shut up real good.

    • Ash Williams

      Some have resolution advantage sure, but fps? Like 2 games from 2013.

    • Guest

      Games with both a higher res and a better framerate or just a a better framerate on PS4 in 2015/16:
      Far Cry Primal, Rocket League, Naruto, Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Rocket League, WoW, Dying Light Enhanced Edition, The Division, Rainbow Six: The Siege, PvZ:GW2, SW Battlefront, Batman AK, AC Sybdicate, COD BLOPS 3, NFS, MGS5:TPP, Transformers, The Witcher 3 and many more. Shall I go on? And those are all from 2016 and 4th quarter 2015

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      LOL that’s so untrue. There’s been a ton of games with not only higher res but also framerate too.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I agree the Xbox One cant handle 60fps, heck it can barely handle 1080p

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We wont be asking for them to use DX12 either.
    We support sony sales recovery
    and We support forced auto playing ads on this site

    • Guest

      Stop whining and make sense, you dumb butth’rt bast’rd. Now go back to your make believe PC that makes the X1 look even weaker

    • Tech junkie

      I hope this isn’t the guest I usually converse with. If it is I just lost a whole lot of respect for you.

  • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

    This type of fighting game at 30fps is probably fine…..sense it’s based on human motion, unlike other fighting games like killer instinct and mortal kombat where were incredible high speed movement of super monsters and humans kinda needs to be at 60fps.

  • Eagles83

    The real reason is neither console is powerful enough to support 60 fps at this resolution. Why is this that hard to say? Instead we get these excuses. It’s fine that it runs at 30 because well we don’t have a choice in the matter but just be honest about it. You would rather have higher graphical fidelity rather than more fluid gameplay.

    • Guest

      I agree with everything you said but would just like to add a small add on. “The real reason is neither console is powerful enough to support 60 fps at this resolution, ESPECIALLY ON THE X1”. Let’s be real here. Im not saying the PS4 has a huge advantage but a advantage none the less.

    • Mark

      Well even on the PS4, hitting 60fps is like an anomaly…

    • Guest

      That’s not what im saying. And I don’t know why you would jump to that conclusion.

    • Guest

      There are more games that are 60fps on the PS4 than there are on the X1 and the PS4 usually has a better framerate on most games. TRDE is 60fps with 1080p in the cutscenes and better AF, while the X1 ver. is 30fps with drops to the 20’s, cutscenes that are 1440×1080 and worst AF. Murder Souls is 60fps on the PS4 whereas only 30fps on the X1.

    • Eagles83

      There’s no point in splitting hairs on this. NEITHER is powerful enough for this. Sure the PS4 is more powerful but both use low end pc gpu’s. I’d prefer a lower resolution to get the 60fps gameplay which is something I have seen Xbox do. The PS4 meanwhile opts to try and hit 1080p while the framerate takes a hit (Witcher 3 being an example). As this cycle goes on your are going to see more titles drop resolution to keep up.

    • bob san

      Hi Happy new year! Wrong Both could easily run this at 60fps, where did u get this incorrect info? if that were true then killer instinct wouldn’t run @60fps & neither would street fighter 5 or dead alive 5. ROFL seriously do some research 1st buddy as neither console is so weak, in fact good coding & tight use of hardware allows many amazing games to run at high res @ 60ffps then was 1st though regardless & neither of these consoles are weak 2 that effect. XD

    • shredenvain

      Console power has nothing to do with 60 fps. A game must be designed for 60 fps from the beginning of development to successfuly hit this target.

      It may come at the cost of some graphical bells and whistles, but its completely possible to run games on both consoles at a solid 60 fps at 1080p.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      That simply isn’t true. If it was all about how powerful PS4 is, then there wouldn’t be 1080p 60 fps games on PS3, but there are.

      It’s a choice the developers made. They prioritized visual fidelity over the benefits of 60 fps

    • Eagles83

      That’s true but I’m talking about devs trying to push next gen visuals. They could always drop the visuals down to hit that frame rate but that’s not what I was talking about here.

  • Mark

    EA just needs to focus on the horrible input lag that UFC 1 had….this could be a dam good game if they hammer at that. Dont need to be 60 frames.

  • Tech junkie

    It’s because both consoles are a joke. Let’s be clear. PS4 may have a slight advantage in the graphics department but it’s not enough to matter. Put a PC in front of me with a true 120hz+ monitor and I can pick out the higher frame rate all day. I mean a real monitor, running display port not this joke 120/240 hz fake marketing scam tv’s that fake frames.

    While some games do not require 60 frames plus. Any twitch shooter or game trying to give a sense of speed should be no less than 60 locked.

    TV’s run at 60hz, consoles should run at 60 frames. This is even more important with LCD. Motion blur significantly decreases when the frames are there.

    I’m a console fan but this gen has me back on PC for the big titles

    • god


  • V3

    Please note that they claimed EA UFC 1 was going to be 1080p and it ended up being 900p.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    LOL it’s a fighting game. If anything needs 60 fps it’s this, not Halo 5

  • bob san

    Hi Guys happy new year!
    Correction to Both Eagle83 & Shredenvain. I work as a dev 4 a 1st party studio & had exp on both dev kits! Both consoles are powerful enough to run EA ufc 2 at 60 fps. The ps4 could hands down do it @1080p & x1 as well with good coding, even if the res was dropped 2 say 900p it could still run EA UFC2 @ 60 fps. Just take dead alive 5 on say PS4, or say killer instinct with way more real time effects going off in background & don’t forget street fighter 5 on PS4. Why would you think that a fighting game of all things couldn’t run @ 60 fps!!?? Lol you guys need to get a reality check. I lol so much @this gens posters always claiming to be educated on the hardware, yet all they do is post nonsense. & make a thread out of it. No wonder ppl spend more time cussing & involved in bs flame wars then playing games. Next I’ll read some bs post that PS4 PRO COULDN’T HANDLE THIS GAME AT 1080 60FPS ROFL.

  • bob san

    All you guys saying PS4 and X1 cant handle 60fps are Wrong End of discussion! Now am off to play black ops 3, infinite warfare, titanfall 1 & 2, Halo 5 guardians, The last of us remastered, forza 5 & 6, dead alive 5, killer instinct, street fighter 5, rise of the tomb raider, halo mcc, killzone shadow fall, gears of war ultimate edition, gears war 4 mp, Metal gear 5 TPP…I could go on but I won’t waste Time as true gamers play games & enjoy them See ya’ll & like I said ya gents have a gr8 2017


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