Elder Scrolls 6: 10 Improvements We Want To See

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Of all the games of 2011, Skyrim is the one that is still on everyone’s mind. Despite getting a huge amount of fanfare when it released back in November, I still hear countless people getting excited about it. There’s no doubt that it’s an impressive achievement in game design, but there is no such thing as perfection. When the Elder Scrolls 6 comes around in a few year’s time (which it no doubt will), here are ten improvements we’d like to see made to this already phenomenal game series.

A better PC version

PC users are forever getting the short end of the stick and, despite starting off as a PC only franchise, it seems the Elder Scrolls screwed PC users over a bit with Skyrim. The menus and interface seemed more geared towards the use of a controller than the good old mouse and keyboard, and there were a whole host of other optimisation problems that needed addressing before release. I’m sure these issues will be rectified in fan mods over the coming months, but that shouldn’t be necessary to enjoy a game on PC these days. Let’s just hope Bethesda spend more time getting the PC version of the Elder Scrolls 6 done right.

Fewer glitches

Despite receiving widespread acclaim, there was one criticism that seemed to show up in every major review for Skyrim; the sheer quantity of glitches. Most of them are small things, textural issues, dragons flying backward and the like but, for a game that relies on immersion and suspension of disbelief in the way that Skyrim does, this can actually be quite the mood killer. After all, how are you to truly escape into the land of Skyrim if you’re constantly made aware of it being a game by these broken elements of code. I understand it must be hard to iron out the glitches on games like the Elder Scrolls that offer so much freedom, but forthcoming TES (the Elder Scrolls) games would benefit from this increased level of polish.

A different equipment/magic system

The favourites menu works well, but it means you spend an awful lot of time scrolling through lists

The equipment and magic management systems have changed for almost every new Elder Scrolls title since the series’ inception. Whilst Skyrim has hit on a good system with the favourite list and ability to hot key spells and weapons to either hand, it would be nice to see what new systems Bethesda could come up with. As much as I love the dual wielding equipment of Skyrim, I found myself spending more time in the quick menu than anywhere else when I did my mage playthrough, and this isn’t always the best way to get immersed in an intricate game world.

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  • Dude

    There are mods for all of this.

    • Name

      The point is, there shouldn’t have to be mods for all of this. Things like this should already be in the game. the mod community should be there to add new and interesting things to the game, not fix it.

  • There are curved swords in Skyrim. They’re called scimitars and you can get them from the quest where the waitress in The Bannered Mare is being hunted by warriors from Hammerfell. In fact, the guards will often say “You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They’ve got curved swords. Curved! Swords!”

  • Blob

    I instantly disliked this article when I saw it said things we want from skyrim 2

  • REO

    They really need to work on the whole idea of relevance that some quests have to others. Anyone who did both the Theives Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests might have noticed that even though your character is head of two of the more powerful shadow organisations (both of which are well aware of and have used each others services), you’re still a nobody. All completing those two quests does is provides you with more radiant quests to grind for gold. Would have been much cooler if it had opened up some more intrigue/cloak and dagger options with some of the more influential people in the game.

  • When you have a game as intricate and in-depth as this, it’s going to have glitches. I’d say it’s pretty solid now… 😀

  • likalaruku

    I just want the giant fleas, mushroom forests, & flying jellyfish back.

  • I just want the next one to be a Fallout game. Maybe based in England, where i am 🙂

  • M’aiq The-Liar

    Pc users have the short end of the stick?! Did I just read that?! I’m sorry but those modders get a lot more than we do. They Have Graphical Mods, equipment Mods, Beauty Mods, Bug Fixing patches and mods (I mean, remember the good old Invisibility Spell Animation bug that is still not fixed? Well some modder Fixed it in a couple of minutes, so don’t give me that short end of the stick crap)

  • Tim

    Glitch-free. That’s it. Just make it glitch-free.


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