Epic Games Founder Thinks Young Gamers Are Moving Away From Consoles

Tim Sweeney has trumpeted the end of the console market.

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As we look at the launch of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S, there are some in the video game market that believe this could really, this time for sure, be the beginning of the end of the video game console. While the clarion call has been sounded before, more than once, this time the person making the prediction is one who might have a bit more insight than the average analyst.

Tim Sweeney, Founder of Epic Games and the creator of the Unreal Engine recently did an interview with Glixel where he talked about how he believes younger video gamers these days are moving away from consoles.

“Young people are growing up in mobile. They’re playing games in different ways, usually shorter play sessions spread throughout the day. It’s not the kind of experience where you sit down for four hours and play a game. And the gamers who are getting into that are moving more and more into PC, I think. PC is becoming a more convenient way of playing.”

Once again, it should be pointed out that consoles have been counted as dead before, we’ll have to see whether the end really is nigh for the PlayStation and Xbox generations.

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  • kma99

    53 million ps4 say tim doesnt know what he is talking about

    • Poketto Monsuta

      Last gen: PS3 (90m) + 360 (90m) = 180m of consoles sold in 7 years
      This gen: PS4 (53m) + One (probably something around 25m) = 78m sold in over 3 years

      Now, with Pro and stuff we’re probably going to hit the 100m global sales for consoles, but we’re probably going to stop there, without talking about Wii and casual gaming, of course, that’s already away from console market (except for FIFA and CoD players, maybe). Sweeney is absolutely right, consoles have lost atleast 40% of their players and younger ones today are playing on mobile platforms with freetoplay games. Try asking a 15yrs old guy if he knows what’s Deus Ex or Dishonored, then try asking him what’s Clash Royale.

    • kma99

      Last gen lasted 10 years amd they sold 90 million consoles a piece. We are 4 years in and ps4 is at 53 million. That’s more than half of thr numbers in less that 5 years. No Tim is wrong.

    • Poketto Monsuta

      Last PS gen lasted 7 years (PS3 came out in 2006 and it sold almost 90 million consoles between 2006 and 2013). PS4 is out since 4 years and it’s barely reaching half of the selling-rate. Don’t be sure that sales will remain the same for the next years, the big chunk of consoles sales is during their first years of life.

    • kma99

      You cant be sure they wont sell that number. They havent shown any signs of slowing down yet.

  • kee1haul

    He’s wrong lol


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