Epic Games Open to Gears of War on Next Generation Consoles

They can go in a number of directions.

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Gears of War has been one of the top franchise this generation. Epic Games, the developers behind this franchise basically re-invented the third person shooter genre with their pop in and out cover-shoot mechanics. With three commercially and critically hit games in the series, Epic Games are all set to release Gears of War: Judgement, a game which focuses on Cole and Baird instead of the series protagonist Marcus Fenix.

Now given the massive fan following of this franchise, will Epic Games bring the franchise over to next generation consoles? The lead level designer at Epic Games, Jim Brown apparently would love to do so.

“I would love to say yes; I mean, this is something that is very personal to a lot of us. We’ve been working on it for a decade now and the whole reason we did this one is because so many fans wanted us to and we weren’t done with it.”

Gears of War Judgement Trailer.

He then states that they since the franchise has such a massive universe, they can go with a number of directions. “And it’s such a big universe, so there’s any number of directions we can go with it. But we’re still not finished with Judgment yet; we’re still at home working on DLC. So we are constantly building and expanding on the universe as much as we can,” he said to CapsuleComputers.

Since Gears of War IP belongs to Epic Games and not Microsoft, it will be interesting to see whether they will bring it on the PlayStation 4, if there is a new game announced.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Malacred

    If the series wen multi-platform, there would basically impossible for a hardcore gamer to justify owning a Xbox. (I don’t think Halo 5,6 7 and Forza are enough when Sony has Dozens of exclusive franchises and IP that they own and you can get most multiPlat games on pc)

    • makaveli101

      exactly why i want an xbox was for gears of war.. only for the multiplayer though.. after gow1 the multiplayer has been getting worse as stupid devs focus on the noob gamers. most likely judgement will suck so not many people will buy it and they will probably have to end up going multi platform just to compete with uncharted. (uc3 multiplayer sucked but uc2 multiplayer was great)

  • jesus christ

    LOL release date march 22, u put this article out march 3. are u retarded?

  • He never says multi-platform, this was most likely taken out of context because I’m sure Microsoft pays good money to keep these games exclusive. In fact, some people believe that Cliffy B left because he didn’t want to work on more Gears games and Microsoft already struck a deal up for future Gears games. It probably got old to keep working on the same thing.

    Also, Gears is the Xbox brands 2nd biggest franchise, selling 20 million copies this generation, Microsoft has a lot of money, you do the math.

    Just as a little FYI, Mike Capps the President of Epic Games said Gears will never go on a PlayStation console because Microsoft publishes, advertises and pretty much funds the games themselves.

    • Blackendre

      I hate to point out an incorrect post but…

    • There was an articles that came out after the one you posted that I cannot find at the moment. It basically says Microsoft pays them well to keep Gears exclusive, they publish, promote and help development costs. Gears Of War is Microsoft’s second biggest IP. Do you really think they will let that go elsewhere? Especially with all the money they have? I don’t think so.

      Cliffy B a while later even said there was no chance. This isn’t the same situation as Mass Effect, which was only brought to Sony’s console because they were bought out by EA. Had EA not bought Bioware, the franchise probably would have stayed with Microsoft and PC’s. This guy is quoted as saying consoles, could have been something simple, no use in making a mountain of a molehill, Sony Gamer’s have been trying to be greedy about the Gears franchise since the beginning, even though they act as if they don’t like the game, we all know a little better. Gears is the reason many people, including myself..bought a 360 in the first place.

    • Burnt

      Yeah me too, but Microsoft doesn’t own Gears of War IP so there’s no guarantee that it will be exclusive just likes there’s no guarantee metal gear solid will be exclusive. Yes I don’t think Microsoft would stop supporting Epic, but if they ever found a better deal or more lucrative propsition from Sony or belived they would sell vastly more consoles multiplatform, I could see them going multi-plat.

      And no. The interview you are talking about came out a year before this one.

    • Calcoone

      “going to happen anytime soon, but most certainly not out of the question.” – Cliffy B talking about putting Gears of War on PS3

    • Jordan

      Yeah bro me to, but to be honest, the 360 is kind of lame now. Picked up a Ps3, dont have to pay for online, do need new batteries for controllers, didnt need to buy some shit to play on wifi. and this god of war shit is even better than gears

  • Ravager

    No that would be stupid, its a xbox 360 born game it should stay that way

    • lol Like mass effect 1?? bungie making exclusive ps4 content!! Wow times have changed..

    • Why shouldn’t they bring it out on the PS4 as well?
      Many people will switch from one console manufacturer to the other.
      So if they feel like bringing gears on multiple platforms, this is the time to do so.

    • Shuggy

      The percentage of switchers is overestimated. Especially towards Sony as many are simply done with Sony’s lies and overhype.

    • Hardcoreripit

      This comment simply has no basis in reality.

      First; Why would the availability of games being on multi-platform not affect the decision of a consumer to purchase a console. The a formerly piece of exclusive content is no longer, there is less motivation to stick with the company.

      Second; what lies? Sony has delivered exactly what they promised in 2005 with the PlayStation 3. I truly have utterly no idea what you are talking about…?

    • adlez

      I dare say this for Xbox switchers… Sony has beeing amazing last years, Gears on PS4 is a real possibility….

    • Ziggy

      From a business perspective unless Microsoft is giving them monetary incentive this makes little sense. This is also why Metal gear Rising is on Xbox.

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