Extra Effort Needed For PS4 Pro Development Depends On The Game And The Developer- Brawlout Dev

“For a smaller team, it’s definitely more work to support the PS4 Pro.”

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PS4 and PS4 Pro chief architect Mark Cerny thinks that all developers should find no problem in being able to support Sony’s newer, more powerful PS4 console- in his own words, it takes just 0.2 to 0.3 per cent of the effort to make sure the game is enhanced for Sony’s new console.

We’ve often felt that this assertion is missing the forest for the trees, but we’re not developers, so we decided to pitch this question straight to one of them when we got the chance to. And in an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, Bogdan Iliesiu of Angry Mob Games, developer of Brawlout, shared his opinion on just how much effort the PS4 Pro really needs.

“That definitely depends on the game. Brawlout already works flawlessly, at a greater than 60FPS in 4K, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem in our case,” he said. “For a smaller team, it’s definitely more work to support the PS4 Pro, as they require a separate Dev Kit, and some extra certification steps to check. It always depends on the tools developers use. We’re authoring the whole UI in 4K, so it’s already sharp and nice on the PS4 Pro. But if we didn’t have this, it would indeed require more work.”

I think that’s what it comes down to- the pitch for the PS4 originally was that it would the console that all developers, including and especially the smaller ones, would find it incredibly easy to develop for. And while Sony have largely stuck to that philosophy, even with the PS4 Pro, which is an easy machine to come to grips with, the simple fact remains that throwing in another SKU for developers to optimize for and get certifications for, can throw smaller developers off.

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  • Graeme Willy

    There’s really no work on the dev’s part, over what they would already do for the PS4. THey are still the same architecture, except one now has a faster clock speed, and bigger GPU, but both are still Jaguar APUs. Most engines these days will scale to the performance of the hardware detected. As long as the game features a semi-recent engine, such as Unreal 4, Frostbite, Cryengine…it’s fine. Oh, and devs would naturally have to start including the PC texture assets in the PS4 iterations.

  • Hvd

    no mark cerny said its ONLY .2%-.3% extra effort if you believe that sack of lies.here is even the gaming bolt article.


    cerny is a flat out liar..lmao

    • Aenea

      Nah, you’re the liar around here…

    • Guest

      He’s sick, he is so obsessed with this stuuf

    • Bad Wolf

      Sony laying Hmmm, nobody should be surprised.

    • Guest

      Hmm, some random hating troll nobody on the net making a unfounded comment,.. yeah, nobody should be surprised.

      And look at that, its brand new account, so probably that sick little obsessed loser HVD.

    • Hvd

      except for the fan base..lol

    • Barry Harden

      Sack of dung HVD at it again. If you want lies look at the history of XBone’s release.

  • Badboy, Inc.

    Obviously smaller developers arent having any issue, as a ton of them are already supporting the Pro… a lot of them rendering at native 4K, some at 60fps. If a smaller dev has an issue, it isnt with the hardware or dev kit… but with the developers own coding knowledge and art skills.


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