F1 2017 Already Running At 4K/60fps With HDR On Xbox One X, Features Numerous Graphical Enhancements

Codemasters’ Lee Mather talks about the spruced up graphics.

Posted By | On 24th, Jun. 2017 Under News

Codemasters’ next big F1 title is two months away with F1 2017. Unlike previous iterations, it will support the upcoming Xbox One X, Microsoft’s super-powerful console that’s touted as a true 4K beast. What is the state of Xbox One X enhancements in F1 2017?

GamingBolt spoke to creative director Lee Mather at E3 2017 and he replied, “So, we are already running on Xbox One X over in the Microsoft stand. So that’s here this year already. It’s already running at 4K and 60 frames per second with HDR enabled. It’s still early days with that build but we’ve already started to turn up some of the features.”

“We’re going to see how far we can get to being close to a high spec PC. We’ve increased the fidelity of the mirrors, so they run a higher frame rate and higher detail. Shadows can be better. Reflections can be better. See, it’s still early days for that one. But we are already running on it, and it’s here at the show.”

Say what you will about the Xbox One X’s $499 price or lack of killer exclusives for Microsoft this year but the fact that developers are able to utilize its power so quickly is noteworthy. F1 2017 will be out on August 25th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • Tga215

    Damn that’s wassup

  • Hvd

    yep he cant handle the truth:P

  • Hvd

    i think with the flood of 4k titles starting to come in we know buingie has a deal with sony to screw xbox one x owners over.i am boycotting destiny 1.5 expansion and waiting for halo 6 and anthem and both will be better then destiny 1.5 expansion or the taken king 2 if you will…lmao.

    • HaCkEr_Fc

      Destiny 2 feels like a DLC add on for the first Destiny

    • Hvd

      it pretty much is the taken king.the taken king had 1 new sub class for each class and new areas to pve in if you cant tell me thats destiny 2 then you didnt play destiny 1..lol.

      usually an expansion has new classes,improved graphics and better game play this dosent its destiny 1.5 expansion.

    • Mr Xrat

      All those 4K indie games. No wonder Xgimps have changed their tune!

    • Hvd

      no one said anything about indies.sony used indies because of their LACK of games.lmao.they still have a lack of games.no one buys a ps4 for its exclusives anymore.

      60m ps4 sold only 3m hdz thats not even 1% of the consoles sold….lmao

    • Mr Xrat

      And yet even back then the PS4 had more and better games than the Xbone did. Now it’s a wash while all you get is IOUs and timed indies, hahha!

      No one buys Xbone games. Why is that? 🙂

    • Kreten

      Sure if you consider those poor indies great games, nice try pony, keep crying for your peestation4

    • Mr Xrat

      Great games of all kinds, Cretin. Funny how Xgimps spent years s**tting on indie games and now that’s all they have propping up the Xbollox!

    • Aenea

      And MS is using Indies now because they just have an abundance of games? You funny!

    • King Console

      Wow I remember seeing you on here spouting your crap 2 years ago and still going hay. How does it fill to be on the other side of the power hahahah. I on the other hand have both and enjoy both bit facts are facts the Xbox destroys the pro

    • Kreten

      Indie games? Damn you need much thicker glasses! Try harder pony zombie, soop insecure about your PeeStation4

    • Thomas Hannah

      No one is holding 1 x owners back with Destiny 2, and Bungie and Sony on separate occasion and shot down the accusations and the such rumors were false. Microsoft, or whoever started the accusations, and still trying to run with it, is even more lame than the first time it came up. Instead of Microsoft coming out, and admitting, that the root cause as to why it’s not getting 60fps in Destiny 2, is due to the cpu bottlenecking the XB1 X, in the same way the cpu is bottlenecking the Pro. They rather blame Sony, and use theirs competitor having marketing rights deal as a reason to blame. Why is their exclusive Crackdown 3 is running at 30fps (can’t blame Sony), why are the multiplats AC: Origin, and Anthem is 2160p using checkerboard, or sparse rendering techniques(can’t blame Sony), and why is the other multiplatform, Project Cars 2 confirmed to be running in neither 4k native, nor a stable 60fps on both the PS4 Pro, and XBOX ONE X? Those are some of the comprosmise that are rearing its ugly head, this is going to be the normal as games get larger more demanding. Both their cpus and gpus are gonna be pushed to their limits. They should of been more upfront, instead of getting their users hopes up when they were marketing their console as this true4k native, 60fps uncompromised hardware.

    • Hvd

      sony does nothing buy lie 8.4 tflops ring a bell.you dont think anyone believes that but ponies.more and more devs are hitting 4k on xbox one x which tells you its bungie and sony.

      if there is no deal then its the devs.destiny 3 uses the same engine that was used when making the game for xbox 360 and the ps3.that would show you how lazy bungie is.

      same graphics engine whinc means it looks the same,1 new sub class and new areas to pve in what does that remind you off the taken king…

      destiny 1.5 expansion.

    • Thomas Hannah

      That doesn’t tell anything, both the PS4 Pro and XB1 X bottlenecks is the Jaguar cpu in both that’s bottlenecking both, preventing both consoles from getting 4k and 60fps and at once in these open world and more demanding games, these are compromises when you have to make sacrifices between resolution and framrate. Those open world, non-linear and demanding game require way more cpu usage than on the gpu side. For example, AC: Origins, and Anthem are using checkerboard, or sparse renerding to achieve a 2160p resolution at 30fps, Microsoft’s own exclusive Crackdown 3 is running at 4k 30fps, Project Car 2 is running at 4k and a subpar 60fps. Microsoft can’t sit there blaming Sony when there are other titles that are showing these compromises. There were some lies when they told the world, and those they were planning to buy one. Their console was this 4k60fps uncompromised machine, from the time they revealed the XB1 S; then revealed they were working on another console in this development stage Project Scorpio. Sony was upfront with the Pro when it was revealed. They said from the jump, the Pro wasn’t a true native 4k console, and only a hand full of titles will be native 4k, while most of the time they will either be using checkerboard rendering, temporal injections, or some other algorithm techniques to achieve a 4k image. This is the alternative they chose for the Pro. They said they could brute force everything to 4k, but at the cost of price and form factor.

    • Hvd


    • Aenea

      What are you on about? Destiny 2 will be 4k on the One X…

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Impressive…Day 1 for the X. And for the record Xbox has more and better exclusives than Sony for the remainder of 2017.

    PS4 – GT sport and Knack 2

    Xbox – Forza 7, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Last Night, Black Desert Online, Crackdown 3, Cuphead, Path of Exile, Super Luckys Tale, Crimson Skies, Conan Exiles, Gigantic, Fusion Frenzy, Age of Empires Definitive Edition

    • Sayonara

      Nice try Ocelot! Damn LIAR. You also counted Crimson Skies as BC title. Good Lord

      Nex Machina ( June 20th ).
      Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy (June 30)
      Syndrome (PSVR, June 30)
      That’s You (with PlayLink, July 4)
      Pyre (July 25)
      Hellblade (Aug 8)
      MatterFall (Aug 15)
      Uncharted: The Lost Legacy DLC (Aug 22)
      Everybody’s Golf (Aug 29)
      Yakuza Kiwami ( Aug 29 )
      Warriors All-Stars ( August 29 )
      Undertale (PS4/Vita, Summer 2017)
      Knack 2 (Sept 5)
      Danganronpa ( Sep 29th )
      Ni No Kuni II (Nov 10)
      Gran Turismo Sport (2017)
      Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC (2017)
      Hidden Agendas (with PlayLink, 2017)

    • Poseidon team

      Nice try Sayonara, listing a ton of indies, DLC and AA games.

    • Sayonara

      LOL! And Ocelots list doesn’t have indies ( Cuphead, Super Lucky’s Tale, Gigantic, Fusion Frenzy, Last Night….). What a HYPOCRITE!

      Horizon DLC is bigger than some games from Ocelots list.

      You called Ni No Kuni 2, Yakuza Kiwami and GTS AA games. LOL!

      Hypocrite, hypocrite! HYPOCRITE!!!! Go back to your hole, Xbone fan!

    • Poseidon team

      Go play the trash that only PS4 fan boys can stomach. LOL

    • Sayonara

      But Xboners still playing Halo Wars 2. LOL!

    • Troy Marcel

      because its different and very competitive like all Halo games. So what happened to Sony’s great hope Killzone, oh that’s right, nothing.

    • Sayonara

      Halo Wars 2 competitive? Where? Game sold worse than first Halo Wars.
      What happened to Killzone? Well, Guerilla games made a new IP. Unlike 343i is stuck to Halo. Sadly.

    • Hvd

      with 16.5m other players…lmao.no sony ponie game can touch that..lmao.

    • Halo Wars 2 is the best console RTS game ever made, so you just come off as an ignoramus. If you can name a better one, do so. Otherwise, seriously, just zip it. You’re an embarrassment to gamers everywhere.

    • andrewsqual

      Indie games are okay now didn’t you know? Unless you want to admit Microsoft’s E3 2017 was just dire when 2 or 3 Indies shown (that aren’t even exclusive) topped the actual “AAA” games like Crackdown 3.

    • Mr Xrat

      Same as the dogshit Xbollox then!

    • This list is reason, why I will sell PS4 this year…

    • andrewsqual

      Got Everybody’s Golf, Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Knack 2 and Yakuza Kiwami all for around £24 each on Base.com ^_^ Not sure if to get the GT Sport Collector’s Edition yet. And that’s AFTER the year we PS4 owners have had already so far.

      What are all you Xboners playing the next 2 months lol???

    • Troy Marcel


    • Sayonara

      Sure, sure. Nothing to play anything new, so, Xbone fans are stuck with BC.

    • andrewsqual

      Well when you put it like that, that is THE REASON nobody is interested in a XboneX lol. Crackdown 3 after that E3 re-reveal lol??? And a bunch of indies you all usually hate on???

    • andrewsqual

      Oh and is this running “at 4k/60fps” the same way were were told Anthem “is running at 4k/30fps” i.e. NOT native 4K like you all assumed after it was actually analysed.

      Its only been a week since E3. Have you already forgotten they have to SAY it is running at “native 4K” for it to be running at the native 4K, you clearly believe it is, for it to be “impressive”???

    • Hvd

      you are a moron you need to google a bit more before you post.

    • Hvd

      yep sony has the same boring qte exclusives and jrpgs that i dont care for.thats why im a xbox gamers thats where the real games are.

    • Ocelot forgot his meds

      It’s comical. Even funnier is PS4 pro owners don’t even know what 4k assets are. They have never downloaded them because the PS4 “pro” is not a 4k machine.

    • Hvd

      they are just lemmings and believe anything sony says.sony could say the sun is blue and those idiots would believe it.

  • quantum
    • Smart guy


  • HAppY_KrAToS

    Just like amd ryzen and thread ripper will ignite the competition, where for 10 years we got stuck with expensive, slow, 4core cpus, as intel didn’t need to drastically upgrade their cpus to 8, 12, 16.. cores,

    … having microsoft with the most powerful system on the market will be great for us, gamers. As a sony fan (after the x360 died like a pos, 4 weeks after payimg almost 800 bucks), i can recognize the value of the x1x, even the cooling system screams quality. Having a 4k bluray player will make me buyy a few movies, as well. And today, there are just too many great games on xbox for a gamer to not play them. I would happily discover a nice 4k halo, gears,etc franchise. Forza 7 look great too.

    Competition. .. will make sony become a little more modest… less greedy with the free ps+ titles… better prices…

    We NEED competition. We need the x1x.

    And the x1x will force sony… to make a ps5, with at least 16 to 24gb ram, 12 to 16 tflops… 1000gb bandwidth. ..

    • Psionicinversion

      intels 8 core is going be like $600, the 12 core $1200, 16 core is $1600 i think. so yeah the upgrade is awesome! intel already had them anyway just in the xeon lineup

  • Death5talker45

    I’m getting a Xbox One X… can’t wait to play Witcher 3 with X enhancements and Ace Combat 7 is going to be awesome

    • Hvd

      i thought ace combat was ps4 only?i could be wrong tho.

    • Eddie Battikha

      It was at first then got changed.

    • Mark

      I’ve been waiting for 6 months to finish Witcher 3 main story, just to see if the rumours were true about X1X 4k support….and they were true! I’ll be patiently waiting for the launch of the Xbox now just to finish Witcher 3 in amazing detail!

  • Mr Xrat

    At least it’s a racing game that isn’t Forza this time, Turk.

    This, Forza 92, Lucky’s Tale. Wow! So this is the power of the dogsh*t Xbollox!

    • Tech Junkie

      Does your mom know you are on her computer again.

    • King Console

      He salty asf cause he can’t have both he’s in a console war a he bows to sony

    • Hvd

      forza 7 natve 4k/60fps ultra pc settings with room to spare…the best racing game..lmao.

    • Mr Xrat

      Looks like a 360 port on a massively optimised engine. I love how Xgimps cling to these hacks as if they have any talent!

    • Kreten

      Yet beats anything on PS4! Drive Tub looks like it was made for N64 in that case!

    • Mr Xrat

      Get your eyes checked, Cretin. 🙂

  • Mr Xrat

    A non-indie game that finally manages the hype! Hold a party, Xgimps!

    Oh wait, it’s a track racer. Never mind.

    • kreator

      Wonder if the Pro is running the same?..

    • Terryrolsen

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    • Mr Xrat

      Why are you comparing it to the Pro, Xgimp? Good ol’ Phil said the Xbollox is so super powerful, in a league of its own. Right? 🙂

    • marc Berry

      Here’s one.

      Shadow of War’ Runs At 4K On Xbox One X


    • Mr Xrat

      Yeah, they had to delay it for the downgrades because good ol’ Phil is paying for the ads. Sad!

    • Kreten

      Downgrades for Pro? Poor pony!

    • Mr Xrat

      Downgrades to hit that 4K marketing mandate, Cretin. That’s why it got delayed from an empty August when it would have done well to October where it’ll get crushed.

    • Fweds

      You still first posting negative comments on every bit of Xbox X news !
      Your use of the Upvote Bot is a little embarrassing.

      I see you are using the “Revolver ocelot” name on the other sites today.

  • Hvd

    nice if thats so this is definitely a multiplat gen.exclusives still matter but dont mean as much as they used to.

  • Mr Xrat

    Looks better than 360 port Forza does. Wipeout looks better too. Turd 10 really needs to start putting some effort in. 🙂

  • Mr Xrat

    Don’t answer a question with a question, Mr Irony. 🙂

  • zybch

    Hes just a PS4pro owner that has suddenly realized sony screwed him over with they fake pro fake 4k console and is hitting out at an actual 4k system to make himself feel better.

  • David Casal

    your such a sad lonely child.

    • Smart guy

      Lol good one!


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