Fable Legends Xbox One Using Asynchronous Compute And Efficient Multi-threaded Rendering

It’s not much of a looker, but it uses some pretty impressive tech.

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Fable Legends, the newest entry in Microsoft and Lionhead’s long running fantasy franchise, may not seem like much of a looker (although it does have a rather striking artstyle), but it has some pretty impressive technology powering it under the scenes, it seems. Speaking to Bidness Etc, Lionhead’s Stuart Whyte recently confirmed that Fable Legends uses some fairly impressive, high level technology.

The developer claims that DX12 has helped the Xbox One to have better graphical and computing capabilities, without actually updating the hardware. “Fable Legends is using a number of features on Xbox One,” said Whyte, “including asynchronous compute and efficient multi-threaded rendering.” This has enabled the developer to “push the visual bar higher than would otherwise be possible.”

Of course, this kind of thing sounds like it is par for the course for Microsoft’s newest API- DirectX 12 is, by all accounts, a wondrous IP that can extract far more performance from hardware than was possible earlier. It is good to see that it will have some definite yields and benefits, even on the Xbox One.

Fable Legends will launch some time this year on the Xbox One and PC. The game will be having a closed beta in the coming months first.

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  • mark_parch

    “not much of a looker” the game looks amazing. is this an anti xbox site or something

    • Edonus

      They must not have really played the game. Some people cant see past pushing for realism.

    • Triton

      Its not the first time he writes down on something great just because its on Xbox.

    • Mark

      Yeah to me, Fable looks straight up gorgeous, especially the particle effects

  • KashIsKlay

    Except the game looks amazing. Silly commentary Pramath

  • Reclaimer13

    The game looks great. I don’t understand why every xbox one article needs to be prefaced with something negative.

  • Chaaka Boom

    Another fangirl journalist ?? This gen is embarassing for unbiased media coverage. Game is gorgeous, been playing the closed Beta under NDA. I can assure you its absolutely stunning.

  • wow

    PS4 will never have the software tech to play Crackdown 3. FACT

    • Robert Hendrie

      Well… Microsoft said devs could use Azure on any system they want. So that’s not true.

    • Edonus

      Having access to Azure is not the same thing as having the tech to run Crackdown 3. Ps4 or anyone would then need software that process the actions, this is why it has taken so long for something like this to take place. A server is just a computer for the most part knowing what to do with it is a different task. The other thing that stops Ps4 from being able to do what Crackdown 3 does is it doesn’t have move engines. People started this gen spreading doubt on cloud computing saying internet speeds are not good enough…. the move engines compress and decompress large amounts of data coming in and going out. It practically increases the capabilities of it internet feed. Sont doesn’t have anyway of doing either of those things thus they can not.

    • wow

      i don’t think you know the whole story. Read edonus’ comment. All your blind fans that liked your comment have no idea what they were liking.
      It’s not 100% about hardware anymore.

  • Fear Monkey

    I just wanted a real Fable 4…..

  • Michael Mullis

    Not a looker? I’m assuming he’s not in the beta because he also writes “The game will be having a closed beta in the coming months first”. Which is interesting because it’s in closed beta right now.

    It’s sad the state of journalism these days. Can’t just report the news. Has to throw an opinion in, and gets that plus a fact wrong in the process. :/

  • Lrapsody Jay

    Have they not played it?? It looks great!

  • Kereke12

    “Not Much Of A Looker” — Sounds like someone here is a anti-Xbox, the game uses Unreal Engine 4 and it looks amazing. But anything that uses that engine regardless of hardware it looks wonderful.

  • Fay_Z

    both consoles have their ups & downs, but as far as graphics, xbone will do a better job at catching up to ps4… but ps4 doesn’t even need to try lol but in the end both consoles will have an identical experience.

  • Jason V

    haha I see a propaganda article. MS has already come out and said DX12 will not give the X1 better graphics capability but will make it easier for devs to get more out of the X1. In other words resolution and maybe higher frame rates. Not essentially better graphics. Only way to do that is to put in a new GPU. Higher resolution will make it look a little better but unless you change the GPU the games are going to look the same. But keep believing the hype

    • Kidd

      Microsoft & Phil Spencer just don’t want to over hype right off that’s all !! If Pc can push better fps and higher resolution (I’m Using Pc as example cause they have Benchmark of Dx12) then Xbox with it’s GPU should be able to do the same! And then the devs can do whatever they want like make a graphics game with what resolution they could possibly make with whatever frame rate they plan to. Why not?

    • kstuffs

      MS isn’t going to say DX12 will boost the graphics by 50% without something to back it up. Just look at what happened when they said Cloud Compute can help. Everyone laughed.

      Phil also said in response to a question. So how does the XB1 supports all the new hardware when nothing on the market currently has these features? I’ll take a guess: MS designed both DirectX 12 and XB1 and worked with AMD to customize their hardware with DX12 hardware features.

      ExploderMouse @ExploderMouse
      @XboxP3 Hey Phil huge fan. If DX12 requires new hardware for all tweaks to be present how will the X1 have full DX12? Care to elaborate?

      Phil Spencer ✔ @XboxP3
      @ExploderMouse We knew what DX12 was doing when we built Xbox One.


    • Jason V

      I would agree and I have read all of Phils releases. Best CEO ever. Only one problem. With the X1 being so far behind in sales any public release that could give X1 a one up over their competition wouldn’t be hidden by MS. They would jump on it. There is no doubt DX12 is an advantage. But it won’t be a huge jump. Phil has already said something along those lines. Unfortunately it won’t be enough over the PS4. As its tech is better in everyway except for the cpu. In any case its nothing to argue about because when you put both consoles side by side they are very similiar besides a few small differences. Just play the games and enjoy. I have both a PS4 and X1 and look forward to the exclusives on both

    • damon martin

      I agree with u on most things but graphics on consoles look so good and always get better through the life cycle due to optimizeation and if u had to buy a pc with same spec as xbox or ps4 the consoles will win out by far.

  • It’s not much of a looker? I’m under NDA so obviously I can’t go in much detail about how wrong you are Mr.Pramath.

  • Mr Xrat

    Sorry, Xgimps, the game looks like garbage. To be expected from a continuously delayed F2P MMO from a franchise we all stopped caring about a long time ago.

    • kma99

      You dont even have the slightest idea. Stop talking out of your hind end

    • Louise Pelayo

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    • Truth™

      Ratboy you defend drivecuck while it’s still a shambles. So you have no idea about graphics anyway. Watching you get BTFO by people posting PC photo mode of Assetto Corsa and The Crew was hilarious to watch.


  • XBL4Ever

    not a looker ? lol you are probably didn’t play the game

  • Cenk Algu

    “It’s not much of a looker, but it uses some pretty impressive tech.”

    Lol the editor must be blind if he ever has played the game.It looks gorgeous especially after the latest update.

  • Mugiwaras

    This game is one of the best looking games this gen, i don’t get the “It’s not much of a looker” comment. Care to explain your reasoning?

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