Fallout 4: A Gritty Sequel, Humorous Undertones or Both?

Will the next Fallout be more serious or continue with light-hearted elements?

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Now, more than ever, it seems likely that Bethesda Softworks’ is developing Fallout 4. DLC has ceased for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online is being developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. If ever there was room for an open world RPG from the developer, it would be Fallout 4.

But which direction will the game take? We’ve heard some developers like Obsidian Entertainment’s Chris Avellone talk about setting the game in a totally new location like New Orleans or even Russia. However, another interesting thing to consider is the atmosphere: Fallout has always been about elements like alien weaponry, humorous amounts of gore and whatnot. Should it take a more gritty approach? Should we see more of the effects of nuclear warfare and less of the black humour that has come to define the series?

It’s likely there will be a fine balance – after all, games like Metro: Last Light have got the super serious, post-apocalyptic tone down to a T – but how would you like to see Fallout 4 handled? Would you be interested in more realism, more humour or both? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Mike

    Wouldn’t mind having it be set in Russia to be honest, maybe as a DLC since fallout is all about Americana. Would be very cool if it would incorporate the Metro Tunnels into the game world some more, granted that might risk some copy right stuff, but i honestly think they can do more with the tunnels. I mean, you are trying to tell me that there are no settlements in any of the Metro’s in America or around the world that tried and maybe even survived the apocalypse?

    • Tj

      Their is a metro settlement in fallout 3 .well sorta of the gang the family that lives in meresiti metro station … But I still think its better to have it in America because of the 1950s American feel it wouldn’t feel the same to set place in Russia

    • Mike

      Aye, but I think it is safe to say that most of the people do have an itch to explore something other than America. The whole FO universe is about America trying to be the dominant force and not caring how they achieve this, so it is fair to imagine that perhaps Russia/China also had some sort of insurgent group funded by America as we did with the Chinese Remnant army in FO3

    • M$ $ony

      I would much rather have Fallout 4 be based in America and then have a DLC that throws you into a whole other world like China.

    • Mike

      Aye, I wonder what sort of storyline would a China DLC have? Be cool to tie it with the family of the Chinese agent from the point lookout dlc, like if any of them survived.

    • JonnyT

      Yea alot of people certainly do have that itch but if you scratched it then the resulting game wouldn’t be Fallout. No vault project, familiar factions or technology, locations or history. Not to mention very little familiar weaponry, fashion, architecture or even culture/humor. It wouldn’t be the same game and that’s a big risk in todays gaming industry. They invest too much money into a game to break such a winning formula. I’m not even American but I love the setting. If it was set in Russia or England sure I’d still buy it but I wouldn’t be very excited. I think sometimes you just gotta look somewhere else to scratch that itch, eg Stalker or Metro for Russia or Mad Max for Australia.

    • Mike

      Yeah, but Europe was pretty much America’s puppet in the fallout universe, and I can’t imagine them not having vaults as well.

      Also if you recall, pittsburgh did not have any vaults in the dlc, and the metro can act as a vault. I just seriously think having a fallout dlc or maybe even a large portion of it out of state can add lots of freedom to the dev’s. I love Fallout, but there is only so much one can do in this god forsaken country story wise and enemy wise in the long run. FO without BoS is not Fallout so they HAVE to stay, Enclave..eh…maybe some other group with power armor versus the BoS. Super Mutants…yeah those are mostly only W.Coast and E.Coast I would imagine with Mariposa and Vault 84 (was it 84?) respectively.

      But if we can do a part of it in China it would add the ability to sorta serve the Enclave since the whole goal of the Enclave was to eliminate communism. I’m just really at a loss as to where they can set FO4

      Detroit? Nah, place is already used for post-apocalyptic films
      Michigan? Guess it could work, wasn’t there the Midwestern BoS there?
      Atlanta/Southern USA? Well we had Point Look Out and idk how much i would enjoy fighting inbred redneck mutants.
      Hearing talks of New Orleans, but assuming FO tech was spitting out pollutants left and right and more CO2 than can be imagined, I would say New Orleans is probably flooded by now due to levy failures, etc…

    • JonnyT

      I think it was Vault 87… And the Enclave did wanna eliminate “non pure humans” too, but after all the times they got messed up (F2 and F3) I can’t really see them being a major faction either. Yea I agree with the DLC idea, I just don’t wanna see it as the core theme of the game. China was a major player in the events of the fallout universe so it would be a good way to expand on things, even south america or canada could be a good idea because goegraphically they are both close to the USA so it makes sense that people migrated. As far as I know the midwesten BOS started in Chicago so it would be pretty close to Detroit (I think anyway, im not American lol), Michigan again pretty close too right? I think Chris Avellone himself suggested New Orleans as a city protected by a giant dam so that could be pretty cool. I reckon your onto something with the areas you suggested. FOT was set around there and left alot of questions… And lets be honest it wasn’t the best of the Fallout games but it had some really cool ideas, the BOS was almost like the NCR by the end of the game, they recruited from various tribes, allowed ghouls and supermutants into their ranks and actually policed the area as opposed to just confiscating tech. Maybe they could start expanding towards ceasars legion and open up another front? Either way i’m sure what we speculate won’t have much bearing on F4 but we can hope right?

    • Mike

      Hope we can, I am confident Bethesda will pull it off and make it the best game ever (hopefully without the need to use console commands to fix some things).

    • Tj

      Best locations for next fallout would be New York , Chicago, Boston , philiadelfia, cinncinatti , cities in Cali …. their is a ton of areas left to explore in America , although I would want to see a japan expansion

    • Mike

      Why Japan? it literally was never mentioned in all of the FO games, if we are going to go with the asian route, go with China.

      Idk what i think of nyc, hate the city irl, but maybe it will have a nicer feel to it in the FO universe. But if they do NYC they MUST make it super big. I wonder how times square will look like with fallout tech, aka 50’s inefficient bulbs.

    • JonnyT

      Agreed if were gonna go asian go with China, makes more sense. As for New York I dunno, It would definatly be a good new place to explore but personally I’d like a middle ground between city scapes and abit of countryside… Maybe New York state with New york city as DLC?

    • Mike

      if you are doing NY as the state, then you must have NYC as part of the core. It’s like trying to do FO3 without DC.

    • JonnyT

      Yea I guess your right, I just don’t wanna see a game where your deeply enclosed in a cityscape you know? I
      really think the whole Detroit, Michigan, Chicago thing would be really
      cool. Sort of like a WW1 throw back (you know, western front, eastern
      front sort of thing going on). If the Legion was going agianst the NCR
      on the west (who is subsequently going against the “original” BOS) and
      at the same the midwest BOS started intruding on the eastern side of
      Ceasers turf towards the east there would be a really compelling story
      to develop (Maybe the 2 sides of the BOS reunite). What I really think
      would shake things up would be a new (really compelling) faction to
      break the status quo. We got the BOS (the technology masters), we got
      the NCR (yay democracy!) and we got ceasers legion (totalitarian
      bastards) As well as the Enclave (lets combine old world values with genocide). What we need is another group to spark things up. Let them fit a steriotype while at the same time shift things up. Maybe religious (yea i know we got hubologists and children of the cathedral)
      but maybe something more compelling… We had Mr house (I guess he
      embodied capitalism? what do you reckon?) What about Aristocracy? You
      know born with the right to rule? Be a gentleman/woman etc… Maybe a
      compelling cultist? (like the vipers only decent?). I dunno exactly but
      we either need something different or a real earthquake in terms of
      story telling…

    • Mike

      house was capitalism gone crazy.

      Would be great for FO4 to take place in, well, I guess midwestern USA on the border with Canada (mutated moose anyone?) Since Canada was annexed before the great war, it is technically part of the USA

  • mickjagger

    Needs more prostitution! 🙂

  • Nilapix

    I’d like to see it focus more on survival. I enjoyed the Hardcore mode in New Vegas, where you had to eat/drink/sleep, while also managing your radiation. It makes scavenging far more exciting when the instant mash you run into is actually useful; you also have more incentive to hunt animals for meat, rather than just for experience or because they were in the way.

    I really enjoyed the humour in all of the Fallout games. The colourful characters you run into make the world a far more interesting place to explore. One of the things I personally enjoy most, are the choices you’re presented with that impact the game world. Whether it’s choosing between helping or sabotaging a group of Ghouls wanting to blast off into space, or deciding the fate of an entire town such as Megaton.

    I don’t think the Fallout franchise needs any sort of drastic change. It needs enough ‘good’ new ideas that it feels fresh, without straying too far from what makes it such a great action rpg. I enjoyed 2033 and Last Light while I played them, but Metro is such a linear experience that it’s pretty forgettable once it’s over. Fallout 4 should look to be nothing less than the daddy of all post-apocalyptic games.

    Personally, I’d love to see a co-op feature for the entire game. But the single player experience is so well done that I’d hate to see them do it wrong and ruin the game altogether; I certainly don’t ever want a Fallout MMORPG.

    More scavenging. More survival. Don’t turn it into a game for kids, if anything give it more of an adult feel. Fresh ideas, not just a rehashed sequel; I want to know that I’m playing a new game, while also being fully aware that I’m playing Fallout.

    • Mike

      Try reading the book, whole different animal. And yeah sure Metro is linearish, but 4A has no where near the capital Bethesda has, and for a Ukrainian company without the crazy capital US companies have, their metro series are AMAZING.

      That being said, you can only deviate soo much when the amount of time you can spend above ground is based on your supply of ammo, and gas masks. Not just that, the game takes place mostly in the Metro, it’s a closed tunnel, like can’t really make it super open.

      And tbh, I think Metro had far more interesting characters and quotes. I mean once you play Last Light and get the good ending, I think it is heavily hinted at that Khan is also probably an angel because he just vanished. Like Fallout is far too cheery for a post nuclear world, which I can see why because it is the 1950’s mentality. Metro truly makes you feel as though every human you kill hurts your race as much as it helps it.

      Of course Metro 2033 and Last Light are geared more towards Russians, the dark humor, the Moscow Metro, the feeling of hopelessness, all very Russian. And the hope for a “Last Light” at the end of our tunnel is also very Russian.

      The endings are also far more different in their impact, 2033 was sort of like “Am I actually mistaken in ending the Dark ones” versus FO3 where it’s like “even if i do poison the water, it’s kay” and with Last Light it is “Finally, salvation, hope!”

  • Tojo Poofinger

    Make it good. Unlike skyrim

  • Jared

    I think it should expand upon the faction system of NV with more choices and being able to actually join factions and having each one play a role in the main storyline that would be cool

  • Midou

    I’d like to see the game with the same dry, quirky humor around a desolate nascent emerging civilization, along with the survival aspect and the faction system. What I’d like brought back the most is the time constraint to the main quest. It just makes the desperation of the wasteland feel more real when there’s a real threat to your main mission. Then just have the player pick up where the main quest ended.

  • Sam

    While some people didn’t like the feeling of New Vegas, I thought the concept was really interesting and vibrant. What I wasn’t wild about in NV however was the openness compared to F3. In F3, every single rock was detailed, and you had easily 4-5 dozen unmarked locations with backstories and grisly features that helped to paint a broader view on wasteland living. That intimacy and the fact that you never had dead space, makes F3 so appealing. NV isn’t bad by any means, and while the wide plains of the Mojave give a sort of rugged traveler feel to the game it does make some of the walks tedious in the bad way. What should have felt like a journey feels like a haul that I am much more likely to fast travel through than walk. F4 should have the updated systems of NV (Companion wheel; Decimal Weight System; Customized Ammo and extensive crafting benches; factions over Karma) while still retaining the intense detailing of F3.
    I don’t like the definition of “gritty” for Fallout, because Fallout is a FILTHY environment. Every floor is cluttered in dirt and paper, every window is either broken or smudged, lights flicker and carpets looks worse than the Motel 6 in Salvation, MS. Point is, it doesn’t need to be gritty, because it’s already got a very desolate feeling within the game. The black humor gives it originality along with the theory that people within the world of Fallout are maniacal simply because the world is such a pit, and if they “don’t laugh they will cry.”
    The foreign Countries could be really cool to explore, but I agree that the twisted retro Americana has served Fallout well so far, and a deviation in theme might not work if not handled well. Thoughts?

    • JonnyT

      I agree with all of the above bar one thing, It is a nuclear wasteland so logically there should be large patches of nothing, I mean you can’t just set up camp anywhere right, abit of dead space should be expected. In a way I thought it should have being more so in fallout 3 simply because the area was supposed to have being hit harder when the bombs fell. Maybe they could mix it up abit by having the npc’s move around abit more and give you more chance of a random encounter? And maybe even have some sort of random quest generator so they don’t feel too static? I personally liked new vegas more but I still loved F3 and I know there are alot of F3 fans out there and we all wanna be happy with F4 right? So lets hope they find a happy middle ground.

  • Alana Alexandra

    I really enjoy Fallout’s atmosphere just the way it is. I am not easily amused and the game really makes me laugh sometimes and I think that’s a good thing. But, like Nilapix said, it should focus a lot more on survival.

  • Pawkchop

    I think the old dark humor is great. But now that they have the atmosphere down they should really concentrate on the obvious flaws in fallout threes gameplay. The guns were all the same the factions not defined well and the scenery boring and lifeless. New Vegas improved on alot of this with the wider variation in weapons and all the factions being morally grey but there were still some problems present. Also I think the difficulty in all of bethesdas sandbox games is stupid. Make it more like the skyrim redone mod where the enemies are killed easy but pack a punch also.

  • uff

    i really don’t understand how this kind of ”articles” come up to me when i’m looking for NEWS. fuck you google

  • Porqueman

    have a fallout 3 type map and fallout new vegas weapons with more weapon modifiers and dlc like fallout 3 and new vegas mixed together like an old military base where they had a alien ship and the aliens want it back for some reason now like the sensors finally kicked back on after it self repaired and you must fight the aliens on their ship after they took the ship to space with you in it…or something as cool

  • Cosmo

    I would like fallout 4 to leave behind all the crap new vegas put up I hated how there was almost nobody trying to survive in fallout nv it felt more like a linear shooter with an arse load of side quests that don’t make you fell like you accomplished anything cause when you beat the game it’s over no after story like fallout 3s expansion

    • Giorgio Novelli

      step 1: play fallout 1 and 2
      step 2: re read your comment
      thank me later


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