Fallout 4: Deciding on Scale

Size isn’t everything.

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Fallout Online

Just how big should the game world be in Fallout 4? Well, most folks are familiar with the term “size isn’t everything” and it’s qualifying statement, “it’s how you use it”. This just so happens to be a rather apt turn of phrase for when we’re discussing open world games. For those of you that played the recently released Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, you probably noticed that the game world is a little on the empty side.

Granted, this is mostly because Mordor is a barren wasteland that just so happens to lend its geography rather kindly to the gameplay, but it still feels too empty at times. It’s important that Fallout 4’s world feels like a Fallout game, but  it needs to be big, but it also needs to feel as though it’s not just empty space. A big empty map is no fun, a big map packed with adventure and danger however, is a different beast entirely.

One major concern is what goes into the map. Are we going to be adventuring in a monstrously large open world which is sparsely populated or are we going to be given a smaller map that’s more densely packed? It could go either way and both would be acceptable. In Fallout 3, my favourite area for exploration was the DC ruins.

The tight streets and alleyways made for some great gun battles and awesome stealth infiltration moments. Throw in some mods on PC and you had an entire downtown area to explore. This greatly contrasts the equally enjoyable open world adventuring in New Vegas’ Hardcore mode that keeps you watching the horizon for any sign of raiders or bandits, checking the condition of your long range weapons and ensuring you have enough supplies to survive your journey. Just as epic as exploring the downtown ruins , but just a different type of epic.

If Fallout 4 could strike a balance between the two, or better yet deliver a game world large enough to feature actual cities that are dotted across a dangerous open world that you can dynamically wander in and out of (See Open Cities of Skyrim), I believe it would be the best Fallout world to date. There’s a lot of discussion to be had on the matter, so what would you like to see?

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  • d0x360

    I’ve never in my life seen a site cover a game that hasn’t even been announced. Someone here really loved fallout 3 lol. This is like the 100th article about fallout 4 this year.

    For your sake I hope they unveil it soon and I hope its the most amazing game ever conceived but I gotta be honest…I’d much rather them announce a new elder scrolls game first and I pray PRAY neither of them (elder scrolls or fallout) are cross gen titles. I also pray that they don’t use the worlds worst engine…gamebryo.

    • Siou1927


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    • Robin

      What would you life for them to play on? Honestly, it’d be pretty dumb for them to have either of them not be cross gen. Why would you want to limit your market?

    • d0x360

      Supporting the 360 and ps3 does nothing but hold back progress for xbox one, ps4 and especially PC. If people aren’t ready to upgrade that’s on them but those that have shouldn’t need to sacrifice quality to appease hold outs.

      The current gen market is already big enough to guarantee large sales.

    • Robin

      I thought you meant like keeping it locked for a specific platform. lol My bad. I do think that it wouldn’t be the worst thing to release a pretty heavily neutered version of the game for the older generation of consoles. Like have the graphics turned way down and whatnot and just release it 6 or so months later as to give them time to tweak it.

    • d0x360

      Even releasing it later with turned down effects will be hampering to progress.

      The problem is when making a game that can work across multiple generations of hardware you have to make concessions so that it will work on older platforms. Concessions that effect basic design of the game.

      The only way to properly do it is the way Microsoft did with forza horizon 2. They made a new engine for the Xbox one version and had a different studio copy as much of the new game as possible while the main studio just went crazy and did what ever they wanted.

      On the surface they appear to be the same but the difference is much bigger than just graphics. If Bethesda went that route I’d be fine with it. Ubi soft is doing something similar with assassins creed.

  • chris9465

    If the rumor of boston holds up…..it needs some NYC DLC or just add another huge NYC sandbox to the tittle…..what i want to see is a quest side or main between a red sox faction and a yankee faction lol with the stadiums….if it is just boston Fenway park needs to be included in someway shape or form…..


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