Fallout 4: Did The Unofficial Announcement Bother You?

Quit complaining, the truth will come out eventually.

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Fallout 4 fan art

Now I’m not a big one for tarring groups of people with one brush, but on the odd occasion I’ve been known to make an exception. Like now for example, MrMattyTalks recently uploaded a video on YouTube in which he talks about his excitement for Fallout 4. He was, like myself, exceptionally happy to find that a Fallout 4 trailer is being worked on by the Guillermo Del Toro owned Mirada Studios.

However, a lot of people were underwhelmed by this revelation, feeling it was an unfitting way to unofficially reveal the game. So ready your tarring brush, it’s time to paint some people as entitled brats. Given that this reveal was unofficial and provided by a freelance artist who updated his LinkedIn CV. Why would you be underwhelmed? Bethesda had no hand in this. Should you be underwhelmed that some artist working on a trailer popped Bethesda’s surprise bubble? No, of course not.

We all knew this game was coming eventually, we all like to speculate about it and it’s a topic of constant discussion. You already new the game was happening so calm down, someone saying that their working on Fallout 4 is no more surprising. It was going to happen eventually, regardless of whether you wanted it to or not.

For now, just wait for the official reveal and if that’s underwhelming, then you have something worth talking about. Besides, right now I think I want Dishonored 2 more than Fallout 4. My hype levels are through the roof for this E3.

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  • Brendan O’Neill

    No we aren’t “entitled brats” because we like suspense. I was looking forward to the lights dimming and the deep voice starting as the screen fades in. “War, war never changes…” The announcement in this way killed the suspense and just leaves me saying, “Alright let’s see the trailer already.”

    • theblacklodge

      Wow, seriously? There was never any announcement. This was an unofficial leak of information from a contractor, which everyone jumped on due to the insane anticipation of this upcoming game. I’m totally looking forward to whatever real announcement is made, including said rumored trailer.

  • Daniel


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  • MrBootles

    I’m having trouble with the premise of the discussion. What happened regarding LinkedIn was not an announcement of any kind. It appears to have indirectly confirmed that work was done on the Title. That’s it. Even if a trailer, teaser or gameplay video is leaked ahead of the announcement, it would considered a leak, not an announcement. Don’t worry Brendan. You’ll still get to watch the announcement for the first time.

  • Terry Hogan

    Now you listen, brother. I had no problem with the rumored leak. It’s not like they put the handcuffs on Elizabeth’s wrists, but let me tell you, dude. When I seek info about the game and pull up some snarky anti-fan piece, it gets me going. These 24″ pythons need to feed. So what you going to do when the Hulkster goes wild on you?! Madison Square Gardens. Eat your vitamins.

    • meh

      Took me a disturbingly large amount of time to realize what you were doing and why.

    • Terry Hogan

      It’s not about the journey but the destination, brother. Like when I went toe to curly toe with the Iron Sheik to become the WWF Champion, dude. My lovely daughter Brooke is built like her mom because she eats her vitamins, brother.

  • Hoy Freeman


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