Fallout 4 DLC: New Content and Accepting the Lack of Infinite Replay Value

Bethesda’s first DLC for Fallout 4 may not entertain us endlessly but like the base game, it doesn’t have to.

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So you’ve played Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4. Some players have completed the single-player campaign or risen well past the 60s in terms of levels. They’re essentially roaming the wasteland in search of more powerful opponents to take on, even if that Legendary drop isn’t going to necessarily be all that great half of the time. Rather, it’s for the thrill of the hunt and for wanting something to do. But there are plenty of things to do in Fallout 4, right?

Well, here’s the thing. Perhaps more than its predecessor, there’s an unhealthy amount of things you can do. You don’t have to necessarily hunt down Deathclaws or Mirelurk Queens – rather, one could simply micro-manage their wide range of settlements and just make them as snazzy as possible. Maybe you want to kill everyone you come across? There’s plenty of opportunity for that as well.

Fallout 4

"Here’s where things get a little harder to predict – we really have no idea what Bethesda could do in future DLC. Heck, we had no idea that Fallout 4 would be what it actually turned out to be at launch so good luck guessing what the future holds."

You could also simply grind for the best loot. You could embark on completing every single quest out there (good luck on that, by the way), collect every Bobblehead and Power Armour and magazine to outfit your collections. You’ve intervened in wars between Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel members. You also went and located Shaun when you were feeling particularly bored. But what if you’ve really done everything you want to do? What if you’ve experienced all the possible content, explored every inch of the map? What’s next?

The easy answer is DLC. Bethesda Softworks already announced a Season Pass and judging from its recent releases, it will likely release expansions to introduce new areas, perks, weapons and whatnot into the mix. Here’s where things get a little harder to predict – we really have no idea what Bethesda could do in future DLC. Heck, we had no idea that Fallout 4 would be what it actually turned out to be at launch so good luck guessing what the future holds.

That being said, it’s not hard to think about the limitations Bethesda may face. Fallout 4 isn’t like the Witcher 3. That game had significantly slowed down rate of gaining levels past level 36. This led to the introduction of New Game Plus mode with higher level loot and enemies, which subsequently carried over to Hearts of Stone. Fallout 4 isn’t like that – you can level up endlessly and essentially unlock every single perk available.


"The reality of the situation is that Fallout 4 isn’t nearly as infinite as many thought it would be but then no game can quite be like that."

It may just be a case of slowing down but given the rate at which players have managed to keep going, it’s highly likely that Bethesda designed its entire game to allow players to max out there levels without requiring any additional content. Long story short: New Game Plus like content is looking unlikely, unless Bethesda sees fit to give more ranks to stats, higher ranks for perks and even more powerful enemies.

This brings the focus back to actual story content, though we’re sure there will be additions like new loot, settlement structures and much more. It would be incredibly easy to fall back on these quick but small little additions to the game but thus far, Bethesda seems to be concentrating more on fixing bugs. When actual DLC arrives, will it be enough to fill the void that’s currently present for most hardcore players?

The reality of the situation is that Fallout 4 isn’t nearly as infinite as many thought it would be but then no game can quite be like that. Not Skyrim, which included a bevy of new features and additions along with DLC. Not The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with its huge expansive world and litany of quests. Not Just Cause 3 with its enormous land-mass and range of activities. At the end of the day, there is a certain amount of finiteness to every game. What really matters is if the gameplay was fun enough for you to come back to.

Fallout 4_03

"Upcoming DLC can throw a new city and faction at you, revamp the base game or simply rework everything from scratch – it’ll never be enough in the long run, especially when you have other games coming up soon."

And thankfully with Fallout 4, the gameplay is entertaining enough to offer multiple ways to play. Maybe you start off playing as a heavily-stealth based character that relies only on melee kills. Why not up your Charisma and Luck entirely to make you both likeable and extraordinarily lucky when you’re not taming Deathclaws to do your bidding? The overall design of the game means you can enjoy only the content you’re interested in, thus producing varied results depending on the perks you’ve chosen. No, it’s not the long-winding, unique story scenarios dependent on one’s answers and actions throughout the adventure. But maybe it doesn’t have to be.

Fallout 4 isn’t the kind of experience that will easily be forgotten for years to come and Bethesda knows it. Along with official DLC, it will releases its mod tools to fans so that they can tinker with the game endlessly and come up with Skyrim-levels of unique content which will hopefully hold fans over until the next major Elder Scrolls game.

The biggest move we expect the developer to take is to introduce a new standalone title like Fallout: New Vegas to further scratch that itch for more content in the coming years. As it is, Fallout 4 lets you make what you can of it and there’s a whole lot of freedom in that regard. Upcoming DLC can throw a new city and faction at you, revamp the base game or simply rework everything from scratch – it’ll never be enough in the long run, especially when you have other games coming up soon. What is important will be just how much fun the actual content we have (and that which we’ll be getting) is rather than the endless replay value of it all. Because really, even if you only get 400 hours of fun out of it all, at least you had fun, right?

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  • The truth-ier

    opinion pieces based on nothing are a waste

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    • Original Prankster (Internal E

      Opinions are always based on something guy. Doesn’t mean they are the same bases for your opinion, but EVERYONE has an opinion, and they are ALWAYS based on something. Doesn’t mean that something is relevant though. I think what you are aiming for is called a “Biased” opinion.

  • RamHunter

    dude we play different game i have over 150hs on Fallout 4 and still havent explore everything.

    • nodickwilliams

      I done everything, seen everything, and have done 90% of the quests in 100 hours. Thats just you bro. Fallout 4 doesn’t have very many quests compared to previous games.

    • ThatGuy984

      I highly doubt you visited every single abandoned building and underground subway…because there are several places not shown on the map that can be explored. Not saying you have to do all that but you cant literally do “everything” in a mere 100 hours..

    • Nein Eins

      An rpg isn’t about crawling every inch of a sandbox, it’s not a hiking simulator, or Destiny, or Minecraft, or an FPS. It’s a mish-mash of different concepts and a nurder of the core ones. Not only does it fail as a Fallout game, it also fails as a crpg. The game lacks depth and content despite its size. Ig you can’t see past the generic story and repeatable fetch and kill quests then it’s you who plays completely different games, not us. Some us still remember what a crpg is supposed to be. Maybe we are dinosaurs to you kids, but back in the day crpgs captured the freedom of pen and paper gaming far better than this mockery of a classic.

    • ThatGuy984

      Yep seems like you didnt even read my comment… try to that first next time before responding…You saying the game is bad is soley your opinion and the fact you are passig it off as a fact proves the only “kid” here is you. it doesnt matter what othe rpgs’ are about…Fallout 4 is about having fun and playing the game how you want to…but you fail to understand the simple concept…pathetic

    • Original Prankster (Internal E

      Agreed. I might be biased for liking Fallout 4, but in no terms is it a “Bad Game” unless you just don’t enjoy good RPG’s. Witcher 3 IMO doesn’t suck entirely, but fails to provide the level of immersion that Fallout has always done. Plus the combat system is horrible, and that is one of the most important things to get right in an RPG. Again, just my opinion, but F04 deserves more credit, because it is certainly GOTY material.

    • Nein Eins

      Yeah, but opinions don’t change facts. Witcher 3 is GOTY and fallout 4 is not. Because Witcher 3 did everything right that Fallout 4 did wrong. Specifically that is it stayed true to the core values and mechanics of what a CRPG is supposed to be. But hey, thanks for sharing your opinion, it’s cute, but it’s WRONG.

    • Nein Eins
    • ThatGuy984

      Lol that doesn’t prove anything just your incompetence.

    • Nein Eins

      Let me guess, you vote republican? I see you have the same aversion to facts.

    • Original Prankster (Internal E

      You are the kind of idiot who probably enjoys horrible games like Mincraft, and calls them “Masterpieces” when in reality, they are the generic ones of the bunch. Fallout 4 is not perfect, but better than every other game on the list for game of the year, including Witcher 3(Which has horrible combat btw).

    • Kim Huff

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    • Randy H.

      “Mockery of a classic”? I really find it hard to believe you even played the game. Having played Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Fallout 4 is a really engaging and beautifully rendered gaming experience that builds on those and extends beyond them. Good, solid gameplay; interesting story and open moral choices; a detailed world to explore; and optional settlement building that – while a little clumsy in execution – can be a lot of fun.

      Far from a mockery this game is a classic itself. And I speak as a fellow dinosaur regarding gaming.

    • Nein Eins

      It’s cute how you think you know Fallout just because you played a few of the games, and from a company that bought the rights to the title and then screwed up so bad on their first attempt they handed development over to people who knew what they were doing for NV. Marketing clearly didn’t like that, and now we have this homunculus.

      If you think there are moral choices in Fallout 4 you’ve clearly never played a proper CRPG in your entire life. Not to mention that if you find that pedestrian slap-dash of a story to be interesting, I’d wager you find paint drying to be a fascinating experience as well.

      Not only are your forced into a pre-defined role of a concerned parent, you are not allowed to deviate from it, you have no ability or freedom to define your character or role play them, instead you get to play pretend of some plebian generic parental figure. The only real choices you get are at the end between 3 factions, and that’s it. Everything else is just a linear progression from point A to point B. For all the vastness and space the game has to offer it’s about as shallow as your understanding of what it’s meant to be.

      You, sir, are a nincompoop. You’re entitled to your opinions, but they’re wrong. Just like the opinions of people who think that the sun revolves around the earth. It’s cute you want to disagree with documented and verifiable information, but it’s asinine and futile. You simply don’t understand the series, its core values, or western CRPGs and their roots. There was a pinnacle age when they were very close to pen and paper gaming, and that’s something you’ve clearly missed out on if you’re my age or older.

      If you really love Fallout, then you will learn everything about it. You will pay all the games, to completion, and that will require multiple playthrough of the first two, they were really complex in progression. Which, I have near 400 hours in F4, for the record. Clearly you only like Fallout, you’re not even close to being able to call yourself a fan. It’s insulting you even dare challenge a real fan on the what Fallout is. You know nothing. You don’t know the struggle, the years we’ve waited, and the horror of what Bethesda has wrought with Fallout 4. You are a worm crawled out to feast upon the carcass of a once great god. You have no inkling of what it was, they glory and the joy it brought to us real Fallout fans. You are a carrion eater, devouring what’s left of a once great series. *wipes away tears* You don’t know our pain!

      Anyway… toning down the drama. *clears throat* You should probably play the original games and understand the values and core concepts they were built on before you go running your mouth. There is a documented list of agreed upon qualities that a fallout game is supposed to be built upon. This isn’t up for debate, it’s fact, but clearly neither Bethesda nor its fanbase have any respect for things like facts, just as they can’t even respect basic canon lore of the series. -_- It makes me sick and angry, so angry. I hold few things sacred in life, okay, maybe this is like the only thing… but Fallout, well, it’s sacred to me.


      Read it and memorize it, this is a first hand developer account of the birth of the greatest game series of all time! A series Bethesda has raped and turned into a horrid abomination.

    • TheSeventhCore

      Grow up son. Bethesda saved this franchise. I mean really. We wouldn’t even be talking about Fallout if it weren’t for them.

    • Nein Eins

      Really? You call that saving? Last time I checked you don’t pull a drowning person out of water, cut their limbs off, and sew on a bunch of random stuff you think is cool and call it saving. That’s being Dr. Frankenstein. It’s the kind of thing you keep under the porch and feed scraps, except in this case the scraps were full of casual gamer logic. Bethesda didn’t keep F4 a secret for so long because they were confident in the title, no, because they knew if they let people know what they were doing to the game it would have flopped at release.I mean, if you look at the reception it’s really not doing all that great at all, both on metacritic and elsewhere. Even looking at Steam, previous titles would get around 1000 negative reviews and fallout 4 has over 8 thousand. People are pissed, and rightly so, they raped the game and everything it was. This isn’t a save, this is an assault, an affront to gaming and fandoms everywhere. Bethesda is a disgusting money grabbing beast that has no right to use the Fallout name to make its dirty money. Those sick and depraved wall-street junkies have debased everything, all to make a buck. You’re the one that needs to grow up if you can’t understand how immoral and unethical such behavior is. Maybe once they “save” something you care about you’ll understand. Also, I was talking about fallout before you even heard the name, so you can take your platitude and shove it back up the dark recess of your rectal cavity, right where it originated from and consequently the place it should stay.

    • TheSeventhCore

      Here’s an idea. Go play Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel. Wasn’t that the last great Fallout game before Bethesda saved it? If not, there’s only 2 more games that came out before that. And Fallout 2 wasn’t near as good as the first. So what kind of illogic you spittin? STFU

    • Nein Eins

      You wouldn’t know greatness if it shot you in the head and left you in a shallow grave. Fallout 2 is the most liked of the original games because of how much more content it offered. The logic is perfectly sound and based on what the original developers agreed the game was supposed to be built upon. They are otherwise a loose set of core values, so Bethesda’s ability to fail them so badly is quite astounding.

      You know, at least with Fallout Tactics we knew the game was going to be strategy game spinoff. It didn’t parade around pretending to be sequel like Fallout 4. If they just called it what it was, Fallout FPS then I’d not have been so angry. See, when I go to an art gallery to see impressionist art I’m going to be pissed if it’s just a bunch of political caricatures, even if they are good ones, because I came to see impressionist works of art. Same goes if I go to a metal concert and the line up is Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne, yeah, I’m gonna complain. I do that. See, I feel entitled, and not to more than I’m owed. I feel entitled to a fair pay for fair work. I feel entitled to receive the product I’m buying, not a cheap imitation. I also feel entitled to no be deceived by producer of the product on what the product actually is. I know, crazy! How dare I demand to be treated with respect! How dare I expect honesty and fair dealings! Madness! Right? I don’t think so.

      So, take your opinion and go in your room and do what you told me to do. I know you think Fallout 4 is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, but it’s not a Fallout game, it’s not an RPG, and it’s not saving the franchise, it’s murdering it. That’s not my opinion. Feel free to ask Brain Fargo or Chis Avellone, or anyone who worked on the original games for that matter. Go on, write them an e-mail/tweet at them, whatever. If they say otherwise I will print out this comment and eat it. I will even skype with you so you can watch. 🙂 Yeah, you know I’m right, and what the developers agreed upon is documented in the Origin of Fallout.

    • TheSeventhCore

      Oh man you are a nutjob. But let me ask one question…what did you buy that was a cheap imitation?

    • Nein Eins

      The Pipboy edition. In the big release announcement Todd Howard talked about functional buttons. Last time I checked, that meant the buttons actually performed a function. Except when I got my pipboy edition not all the buttons were even pressable, I broke one, and the ones you could press didn’t do anything. I was lead to believe it was going to work with the phone. -_- I was deceived.

    • TheSeventhCore

      There you go ladies and gentleman. Do you really want to take the advice of someone who has a personal grudge against the company? Sorry Nein I thought we were talking about Fallout here. It’s now apparent to me you just feel ripped off and will go on and on to smear Bethesda.

    • Nein Eins

      No, I was talking about Fallout. But hey, that was uncool what Todd did. You know, at least with F3 the pipboy was functional, I still have that one and it works great as a clock, like they said it would. This time around Todd Howard fed me some baloney and I fell for it, that jerk has no shame. Only reason I have a grudge against Bethesda is because of Fallout 4. So, there is a grudge, but it didn’t come from the crappy pipboy. Though I probably should include that in there, but I honestly don’t care about that piece of plastic as much as the actual game. Otherwise I would have mentioned it without you asking. 😛

    • TheSeventhCore

      Sure. Maybe you just don’t like FPS’ I don’t know. But I’ll stick to my comment that it’s the best game ever.

    • derpletonsmith

      Here you go ladies and gentlemen, do you really want to take the advice of an assclown that baits people into sharing complaints and then uses them as a straw man to make his own dumb argument?

      Someone is a Bethesda fanboy.

    • TheSeventhCore

      Assclown? Ha. That’s pretty funny coming from a dick-magnet

    • derpletonsmith

      Hah no that’s not me, that’s what your mom calls herself when I come over.

    • TheSeventhCore

      A mom “joke”? Really? Hahahas. It only takes you two messages to unload all of your intellect hey.

    • derpletonsmith

      hey what? That usually starts a sentence but sure.

      Why is your hahaha plural? What’s up with that?

      Anyway I have plenty more where that came from besides, at least I have intellect to unload, your post history proves you never had any to spare 🙁

    • TheSeventhCore

      So you were born stupid, hey. Hahahas. Uh, hate to break it to you but….you don’t. None. You’re a total wash. But I apologize for real. I didn’t realize I was talking to a little girl. (Your little frowny face gave that away)

    • derpletonsmith

      You know that would be a great zinger, except not really. (and if you need to add parenthesis your joke sucks anyway). I am all to keenly aware that those who have no brains such as yourself are fundamentally unable to understand what us smart people are talking about but that doesn’t mean it’s stupid. It just means you are.

      Frowny faces indicate gender? That’s news to me. Maybe that’s a thing your special education teacher taught you.

      hello. LOLs.

    • TheSeventhCore

      No real man uses emoticons or the like.

    • derpletonsmith

      I think he was actually referring to BOS, the Xbox game, not Tactics.

      Going off on a tangent…I really would like to see what the deal is with the Chicago Brotherhood. I can’t recall what timeline Tactics took place in but I believe it is before Fallout 4. In Fallout 3 one of the guys in the Citadel said there was a Chicago chapter and they went dark or something along those lines.

      In my play through the Chicago BOS diverged from east and West coast BOS by alot. We let Ghouls and Muties in. Furthermore the flying ships referenced in Tactics that took the brotherhood members over the mountains were obviously the ships that the Prydwen was based off of. Maxson mentions the other air ships were destroyed which fits Tactics Canon. Someone at Bethesda supposedly said Tactics is Canon, at least the major events are.

      Also the whole vault 0 thing and the army of robots. My understanding is there are three possible endings, two of which involve a BOS member becoming a pickled brain to control said army.

      I have been wondering what happens when east meets west for a long time. Now I wonder what happens when east and west meet midwest.

    • derpletonsmith

      He is referring to Fallout 1 and 2…..

      And considering how on rails 3 and 4 are compared to 1 and 2 he has a point.

      Furthermore the atmosphere of 1 and 2 did a much better job of creating a gritty and oppressive world, not just a messy world with relatively happy people and some bad stuff.

  • Niko

    I am thinking about buying this game. Can someone tell me how bad are bugs and glitches?

    • Jude Buffum

      Playing on a PS4. Probably put in over 100 hours. Glitches are semi-frequent but mostly graphical and often hilarious (funny example, the Super Mutant companion was using a cooking station once but was slightly off centered so he was stirring thin air instead of the cooking pot). Nothing that makes the game unplayable though.

    • TheSeventhCore

      I’m on PS4, Level 17 with about 40hrs of gameplay, and have no issues. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece another minute. Buy now!!

    • Niko

      Does it support mods on PS4?

    • TheSeventhCore

      Not yet but it will have mod support, apparently, sometime in mid 2016. If you’ve got a PC get it for that. If you have an Xbone get it for that. If you’re in the market for a machine the PS4, imo(and 30+ million others), is def the way to go.

    • Lol, how’s your framerate?

    • TheSeventhCore

      Can’t you read? I’m playing it on the most stable system…no issues. Lol

    • derpletonsmith

      Not bad at all. I would reccomend getting a PC version so you can noclip out of some areas. I have gotten stuck on a flotilla because there were static objects that were not “rocking” with the waves and the boats and I ended up getting stuck on debris.

      I did experience another bug involving a large battle between factions not ending correctly requiring me to kill some “innocent people” and make a story choice I did not want to make. But I ended up along the same basic path just made an evil decision, because I had to.

    • motorcyclerider

      On my PC it has run without issue for as long as 3 hours. Currently, I can’t go more than about 100 steps without it crashing. No idea why. Hoping for a good patch.

  • TheSeventhCore

    Best. Game. Ever.

  • Bryan Bartholomew

    fallout 3 and new vegas were far better games, more vaults and the ability to make moral choices….that has been stipped in fallout 4, obsidian improved on 3 with new vegas and then bethesda took a step backwards with 4, 4 is ok but less than what i expected after waiting all these years

  • Glenn McBride

    I have effectively finished the game, managed to create a peaceful equilibrium between Minutemen, Railroad, and Brotherhood, while solving the Institute problem permanently. I have literally walked the entire map, including the Glowing Sea area, in a search pattern to find all possible locations. Now, I have simply run out of things to do. All that remains are repetitive radiant missions, which get pretty boring after a while. I have raided the Gunner GNN tower and Quincy Ruins a dozen times each, at least, as they have the most advanced enemies. But, I suspect I will go back to GTA5 or Elite: Dangerous soon, because Fallout 4 barely has a third of what Skyrim can offer. On a good note, I suspect DLC will be forthcoming, and Bethesda usually delivers a quality product. Overall, Fallout 4 is truly an excellent game, it just needs a little more meat on it’s bones.

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