Fallout 4 Gameplay Length Could Be More Than 400 Hours

It appears Fallout 4 is the latest to offer a truly massive open world.

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Fallout 4 brotherhood

It appears that when Bethesda said that Fallout 4 was going to be a massive open world game, they weren’t kidding. One particular developer recently claimed he has already played more than 400 hours of the game, and still hasn’t managed to see and do everything.

Speaking at the Bethesda E3 2015 press event, developer Jeff Gardiner, said that he has “played the game probably for 400 hours, and I’m still finding stuff that I haven’t seen yet.” While the game was officially announced the week before E3, the gaming conference is really where Bethesda has allowed people to see under the hood and find out what they can expect when the game is finally released.

We take it as a good sign that a developer has managed to play the game for more than 400 hours because that would seem to hint Fallout 4 is heading towards being completed in time to hit its November release date. There are plenty of people in the gaming and retail communities who are worried this game will get pushed back to 2016. Certainly, if it really is that big there could be potential setbacks that would require a later release date.

The Witcher 3, one of the most massive open world games to be released on the current generation consoles had to have its launch date pushed back a couple of times. Still, Bethesda seems to understand that fans of the series have been anticipating this game for a number of years and giving a release date it can’t hit will do damage to the company’s popularity. Fallout 4 is slated to launch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 10, 2015.

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  • Riggerto

    This is great news – I have so much spare time on my hands.

    The other day after reading War and Peace for 17th time I sorted my paper clips into colour coded piles.

    Maybe I’ll go take another shower…

  • Fweds

    No mention that Xbox One will get MODS first and can be used on PC and XBOX One ?.

    • Caddoc

      It is said that many mods will work on Xone and PC since Xbox one will get winn10 soon. And. I believe mods will first be in Xone yes , that is if I did understand it correctly

  • Devon Day

    400 hours is quite a bit. Definitely will be grinding out this one come release day.

  • Caddoc

    Ya , so,I guess 400 hrs is a bit much but still , I’ve spend some 1600+ hrs in Skyrim fooling around with various mods and such. So it might be possible to do the same with Fallout4 so ya , this game is going to keep,me busy a very long time
    Even if it’s half of that I still am going to be vey happy
    It just shows that Bethesda has done it again

    • KnoxSe7eN

      Wow, that’s over 66 days worth of Skyrim. I never played any of the dlc for Skyrim. I had the vanilla version on console. I should pick up the Legendary Edition on PC.

    • Caddoc

      Ya , i know. I might be a little on the extreme Side with this. But i’m still having a lot of fun with Skyrim , i also played the vanille on console. But iTS a shame theres no modding. Since there are so manny great mods, like the Morrowind one for example
      Wich ads. At least 40+ hours to Skyrim and there are many more like that and then I didn’t even start on the armor and environment. Mods , I have some 50 mods installed now and it looks absolutely amazing with new stories , villages , dungeons , city’s and complete islands , it just seems it never ends
      But I expect it will slowdown a little when Fallout4 is out , as I expect that it will be the focus For many modders to move on to fallout or at lleast modify a lot of mods to be compatible with fallout 4
      And there’s still new mods released every week , so ya I think I will breach the 2000 hour mark with Skyrim if this keeps up lol

      And i expect the same Will happen with fallout4. , going to play it on console and hope MS isn’t going to be restrictive with the mods , but. We’ll find out soon enough

      I can recommend. The dragon born Dlc and the vampire one , didn’t like the heart Fire Dlc that much

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