Fallout 4: Original Developers Want The Game To Be Set In Florida Or New Orleans

A Cajun mutant? I can dig it.

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Recently the original developers of Fallout, yes the original and hard as nails Fallout that started it all, took to Reddit to engage in a Q&A (or an AMA if you want to call it that) with fans of the series. Both Scott Campbell and Rusty Buchert took time out to interact with the fans as well as give them some personal insight into where they want to see the Fallout Universe go next.

For example, Scott Campbell said that he thinks Florida would be well suited to the Fallout game world because of the swamps, saying “Uh… how about Florida! Mutant aligators! Swamp hillbilly raiders on fan boats!” While he first suggest Russia, he remembered the recent Metro Series and move on to Australia before remembering Mad Max as well.

Rusty however went for something more atmosphere driven, instead going for New Orelans, he says “For me Naw’lins… Cajun Cannibals, incursions by the Alamo Brigade, the Disciples of Baron Samehdi, and nobody ever comes back from Shreveport.”

The developers also believe that Betheda have done a terrific job with keeping the world feeling distinctly “Fallout.” Scott also shared some of the inspirations behind developing the first Fallout. “The Road Warrior, the pencil-and-paper RPG Gamma World, and of course Wasteland. I still love all three to this day,” he said.

Where would you like to see the next Fallout take place?

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  • corvusmd

    SF Bay Area…..by FAR the best setting for this game…

    • Alex James Ramos

      It’s been done though, it’s nothing special really.

  • steve hall

    If this is true then it is a very bad thing…it means that they have not even started to develop the game. And if it is true then Fallout 4 will not be released until around 2018. (Stops typing falls to knees and starts crying a river)
    Hopefully another team is making Fallout 4 and these dev.’s from reddit are just inquiring about another game all together. Because I am so desperate for Fallout 4 I would throw 100 dollars at this game in a heart beat.

    • Livio

      Cry me, cry me, cry me, cry me, cry me a river, oh ho!

    • gordon strickland

      The people in the reddit QA helped develop the ORIGINAL fallout way back in 1997ish, they don’t have anything to do with fallout 4.

  • Khalkists

    I always thought a fallout era St. Louis would make a good setting.
    Yes I know about tactics, but that might not be canon…

    Plenty of suburbs, city split by the river, the arch grounds, and potentially a LOT of industry. Oh, and a broken arch… maybe some remnant of war clinging to its side.

    The locals are in rough straights, as the opposite half of the city had become home to some particularly nasty mutants, and only the desperate cross through…


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