Fallout 4 Possible Concern: The Unfortunate Trend of Broken Games

Could Fallout 4 pull a Assassin’s Creed Unity?

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So here’s a scary thought. Fallout 4… what if it comes to light and we all rush to our local retailers or our preferred online marketplace and put in our pre-orders for the game, only to have it revealed to use that it requires a massive “day one patch”.

Or that it will require an update to enable certain elements of in game functionality? What then? What if the game we’ve all been waiting for has fallen prey to the disgusting trend that is sweeping the development end of the gaming industry? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this out of the want of creating hype or negative press for a property that I love. I’m writing this out of a general concern for something that I’ve loved for a huge portion of my life.

Bethesda aren’t beyond fault, we all know that far too well, but is it possible that Fallout 4 could pull an Assassin’s Creed Unity? Could the game descend from the sky shrouded in clouds, only for the clouds to part and reveal a half-assed product? It’s entirely possible, and that’s a scary thought. As Yahtzee of The Escapist Magazine once said, “You couldn’t get away with releasing a buggy game in the cartridge and cassette days – you’d get sentenced to a trampling under the company brontosaurus.”

IWe can only hope that the trend of, what can only be described as money hungry development, doesn’t change the fate of our long awaited Fallout 4.

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  • Kyle ‘Thunder Thumb’ Eady

    I’m really hoping this isn’t the new trend, but it seems to be exclusive to the newest generations of consoles. Xbox One, and PS4. Games not having features. I imagine it’s the result of the new tech in the new consoles, and developing games on next and last gen consoles congruently. I think the trend will pass. After all, I never heard about any problems with Dead Rising 3, and exclusively next Gen console. but NHL 15 and Assasins Creed Unity were released on two systems.

  • Geez, the game’s not even announced yet. Try a little restraint before pulling a a possible doomsday scenario article, lol…

  • Arch Stanton

    Not even dead yet and the buzzards are picking.

  • CraigEvans7

    I’m not too concerned. The majority of Bethesda games I’ve experienced have been well polished for launch. The only real issue I’m worried about is the save file corruptions and crashes that happened way too often in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
    Otherwise I personally feel that Bethesda take good care to make their games as good as they can be.

  • doogieschnauzer

    This is why I wait a year or two before I get the newer systems, it gives them time to work the bugs out.

  • B Staff

    Bethesda games are always riddled with bugs at launch, and they always require not just a day one patch, but numerous post launch patches to fix the numerous bugs and glitches that occur. Skyrim had hundreds, so did BOTH of the recent Fallouts. Calling this a “new trend” is asinine. It isn’t new. They’ve been doing it since early last gen. And not only is Bethesda not immune. They might be worse than everyone else.

    • Dou Chebag

      The bethgames are just too big. You could beta test them for years with a tight nit group and still have tons of bugs. The only way to get around it is to release BS little simple games that no one would give two flips about.

  • Dou Chebag

    Right, because thats how Bethesda operates? If they were just gonna pump out garbage, we’d already have it along with Fallout 5.

  • RJ M

    Yeah, because AC Unity is totally unplayable. Have you even tried it? It’s fine. What’s with this trend of making things out to be worse than they actually are? Fallout 3 and New Vegas are far more buggy than Unity is but nobody seemed to care then. Why is it suddenly a huge problem? If a game is playable and enjoyable then it’s not “broken”.

  • spyro2060

    This is stupid, sorry I usually like your articles but this is just stupid, the main reason for massive day one patches and entirely broken games is the fact development teams have been rushing the games, hence Assassins Creed Unity, Watch Dogs, Halo:TMCC etc, these have ALL been rushed out of the doors prior to completion, with them having being worked on for 1-2 years… Bethesda will have had part of their team working on Fallout 4 (or a new TES, sorry to fans, I want Fallout 4 as well but a new TES is always a possibility and not an unwelcome one) since Skyrim was released. It’s also known that as of 2013 Bethesda’s FULL development team began work on the game, so 2 years of a small team building the game and at least another 2 years of a full team building the game prior to it’s release, that’s a development time of 4 YEARS and that’s if it comes out in 2015, if it comes in 2016 it’ll have had a 5 year development time, which was the same length of time they took to develop Skyrim… You know that masterpiece which got 96 on metacritic? In short no the game won’t be broken, they’ll have spent too long making it by the time it comes out for it to be game braking broken, obviously there’ll be glitches and bugs but nothing on the scale of AC:Unity, the game will be excellent

    • Martin Toney

      Don’t worry dude, we’re just covering the doomsday scenario because nobody else really wanted to. I appreciate that you like my articles, but it’s required of me to look at all the angles. But for what it’s worth, everything you mention is accurate!

    • spyro2060

      That’s fair enough, I admit in the current climate of games it’s something that may transpire but considering Bethesda’s track record I doubt it, it’s something I’ve never really thought about because as I’ve previously stated I don’t think it’s worth worrying about… Also for what it’s worth from me at least you don’t post bullshit click bait articles claiming you know the release date of the game and that you have “exclusive” information, despite the fact that I thought this article was stupid at least it was relevant and wasn’t making extraordinary claims such as, “OMFG! FALLOUT 4 WILL HAVE SUB PAR GRAPHICS AND MULTI PLAYER!!!!! HURR HURR DERP!!!” You have what many sites reporting on Fallout 4 lack, journalistic integrity and for that even this article is a build over most of the other sites “reporting” “news” on Fallout 4

  • Ergo

    i don’t know the logistics of having a disc made then having it distributed. I assume it takes more than a week. If a big patch on game day gives the developers and programmers an extra month to refine the product i’m for it.

  • Davey Oberlin

    This is an important article. Perhaps if more, and more developers catch wind of these public concerns they will be less likely to pull these greed moves. Maybe before it’s too late. This is a concern for me as well, with all games in general. Destiny was completely ruthless when it came to this, and during my time testing the Call of Duty franchise I saw that the DLC MP maps were already made and there for us to test before the game even came out.

  • ChrisStayler

    There is a possibility that Fallout 4 will have bugs. But hey that’s not a new thing and still with their bugs they are MASSIVE success. Of course i would i love a polished game.

  • Ben Wilson

    Considering i’ve already encountered 2 game breaking bugs yeah it happened


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