Fallout 4 PS4 Mods: Bethesda Discuss Why They Are Not Out Yet

Frustratingly in the dark.

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Last year, Bethesda made the incredible announcement that mods would finally be coming to consoles, thanks to them extending support for official Fallout 4 mods to the Xbox One, and a short while afterwards, for PS4 too. And they stuck to their word- mostly. Fallout 4 mods launched on Xbox One as promised and scheduled, but the PS4 launch of the functionality was mysteriously delayed at the last minute, causing quite a few fans anguish and anxiety.

Speaking on Twitter, Bethesda’s Pete Hines attempted to answer fans’ questions about why the functionality had been delayed, and about when fans may be able to expect it now, or even an update on its status- but found his hands ultimately tied by company policy, frustratingly enough for the fans waiting for new information, and also probably for him.

As of right now, then, there is no update on when we can expect new information for Fallout 4 mods on PS4- though Hines has promised that he is trying to get something new to share as soon as he can. Till then, I suppose PS4 players have to content themselves with hoping Bethesda have this sorted out by the time The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition launches, because one of the big selling points for the console versions of that remaster is mod support for consoles, too.

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  • bardock5151

    Sounds like the issue is with Sony, and Bethesda is being told to keep quiet about it.

    Hines doesn’t sound too impressed with how Sony is handling it, having issues pop up because of Sony and then basically being issued a gag order.

    • sgt_hammertime

      it was already out I think. they had issues with formats and file sizes….unless there’s now more added to list of issues

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      Nope that was it, and as anyone with a hint of intelligence can see, why don’t we have mods now without sound support and limited to 900MB?

      After all there are a ton of great mods already on the PS4 page that would all easily fit multiple mods mind you all easily fit within that 900MB limitation.

      So THINK!

      What are a lot of these mods?


      New items, new locations, even the ability to make your own settlement pretty much anywhere!


      What are HALF of the dlc’s to date?



      Three of the GARBAGE dlc’s are nothing more than added items (items already in the game!!!) thrown into a package and called a dlc with a price tag slapped onto it!

      Why by a LIMITED dlc with just a few items in it when you can get a much larger, much more content filled, better looking, and just better items all around MOD for FREE?


    • Plerpy

      Why would Bethesda care what Sony think? They’re in bed with Microsoft.

    • sgt_hammertime

      what do you mean? if that was the case then would the company even release the game on the playstation and just stick to the xbox?

    • Plerpy

      Multiple consoles = more sales.

      Just play more attention to the X1 version because they’re better friends with them. Happens all the time both ways.

    • sgt_hammertime

      so there you have it, it’s out in the open now. Sony has been blocking Fallout Mod support all along.

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      GREED, MONEY, that is obvious! They have taken playstation users $’s for years and have yet to dedicate money to making a working game on playstation, they take the money but don’t want to work for it.

    • sgt_hammertime

      It’s bonkers that you’re blaming the developers instead of the platform holder. The developer released the update on two platforms already but is getting lockout on another…common sense would ask how can it be the developers fault? It must have something to do with the platform or its holder.
      developer has already stated that there are issues with the platform and it’s holder namely mod file size and supported file types etc which the developer said they’re trying to work with the platform holder in correcting these issues. So how can it be that the developer aren’t “working for the money?” Maybe instead of being such a you should go inquire about the problem to he platform holder.

    • Peter

      This has been happening for the last three years. Most hardcore PS4 owners have been defending Sony over a piece of plastic. I am normally a Xbox One and PC player, but I do want to see PS4 players play mods. However it says that Sony is not open to the community by keeping very quiet on this situation. Their slogan should be ‘this is not for the players’.

    • sgt_hammertime

      It’s crazy how they’re quick to defend Sony and blame everyone else.

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      Sony didn’t make promises about mod support did they?

    • sgt_hammertime

      Sony didn’t, but they are the platform holder and their platform is causing the dev issues.

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      That is like me making a GPS device that plugs into your car and then making the promise that it will get you 5 more miles to the gallon, and when my GPS doesn’t make your engine run more efficiently to blame the automaker and not my claim.

    • sgt_hammertime

      no your analogy is wrong. it’s more like you living in an apartment building and you bought a couch to be delivered, the couch is delivered but the delivery guy can’t get it through the door and only the management can remove the door so the couch could get inside….but when the delivery guy goes to the management office they’re dragging their feet in getting someone there to remove the door for you so you can get the couch in.
      – delivery guy = Bethesda
      – Mod support = couch
      – management = sony

      blaming the delivery guy is absurd and i’m sure you wouldn’t want the delivery guy breaking your couch just to get it inside your apartment (eg: releasing a busted mod system).

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      OKAY, so they WORK!

      Only without sound and 1.1 gig less space, BUT!

      THEY WORK!

      So why not release????

      Hmm could it be that they already had a vault-tec building settle mod (back in may, and I am sure earlier than that, but that is when I saw it), and as far as settlement items (THREE dlc’s now that are merely added settlement items) mods have BETTER, more vast content for settlements.

      So after losing a bit of change to xbox after mod support I am sure bethesdcant decided that their business model was not working and their plan to make money doing nothing (adding items that are already in the game slapping them into a content package and calling it a dlc) was at risk!

      So in June it was decided to (delay) withhold mods from PS4 that would make microsoft happy and make them the added revenue that they had planned on from releasing garbage dlc’s.

      Right now PS4 could have mods, and plenty of them would still fit on the 900MB limitation.

      They knew about all of this last year, they had to have known about any issues that might arise before they announced and promised to PS4 users that they would get mod support as well and not just the xbox users.

      Now they HAVE to get mods to PS4 users by Nov or risk losing out on MILLIONS of dollars from Skyrim sales.

      Notice the new business model?

      Don’t make new content, just polish up existing content and slap a price tag on it (dlc’s and skyrim)

      Anyways, don’t give me this crap about its sony’s fault, sony didn’t promise mod support, bethesdcant did!

      They did so as to not lose millions on ps4 fallout sales!

      Then when they started taking a hit on dlc’s b/c mods already existed that were BETTER than the dlc’s, it was decided to hold them back on the ps4 until they have made as much as possible on the dlcs.

      Again they will have to have them out by Nov otherwise their PS4 skyrim sales with be about as pathetic as their dlc’s for fallout.

    • sgt_hammertime

      I don’t think it’s right for them to release a broken system to their users. i’s better to get it fixed and then release instead of doing a half asssed job.

      * PC textures are used. Memory and performance issues may occur. We are working with Sony on optimal texture exporting support in a future update.
      * Sound files are currently not supported. PS4 sound format is a proprietary format. We are working with Sony on sound file processing support in a future update.
      * PS4 Mod Storage limit is approximately 900 MB at present. Please do not upload mods larger than 900 MB. We are working with Sony to increase this limit.

      in all 3 instance they’re working with sony to correct the issues, but if sony is dragging their feet what should they do? they should still release the mods with memory and performance issues etc which would give them a bad name in the long run? I would do the same that they are doing, try to work with my partner in fixing these issues so that our customer base can actually enjoy my product properly.

      if you think so low of the company then why even buy their games? if they are really doing what you say they are doing then youre just telling them that it’s ok to do so. correct?

  • sgt_hammertime

    Unified system at play.


    Keep saying its betheddas fault $ony fanboys… Keep telling that to yourselfs…

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      Well bethesda announce LAST YEAR that PS4 would get mods, they should have known about any issues way back then before saying they could do something they couldn’t. Doing so is not only unprofessional, it is down right criminal to deceive people to make a buck!

    • Cooper

      More like Sony had a year notice of what would be required of them to be competitive with Xbox-supported features.

    • John Scott

      Perhaps you are right, but it offends me to my core that Sony gets to decide how I use the space on MY PS4. I should have known better than to buy another Sony game product after they so badly mistreated the original players of Star Wars Galaxies. They will never change. Ego over Customer Service.

    • justerthought

      Sony never promised anyone mods. They designed an excellent console with strict standards so they can maintain a high standard of compatibility. Meanwhile Bethesda promise mods support but they cannot even export the correct proprietory audio format Sony are using.

      They’ll soon be telling us the reason why their games won’t work on PS4 is because Sony are not using their favourite PC kit. If they want our money, they going to have to make their stuff work on our console. That’s Bethesda’s job, not Sony’s.

  • VaultDweller73

    I guess if I cared that much about mods, I’d game on a PC.

    • John Scott

      Some people want the convenience of playing games on a games console. The mods already seem to exist for the PS4, it is just an ego issue at Sony preventing us from using them.

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      Or perhaps it is bethesdcant witholding then until they have made enough money on the dlc’s.

      Waited until the very last day of May for xbox (probably had to release them by then due to agreements with microsoft).

      Since then I am sure they have seen a dramatic drop off of dlc sales on the xbox, and PC probably had little to no dlc’s purchased that were settlement based (3 of them now).

      So after losing significant revenue from mods on xbox in may they decided hey if we give mods to PS4 users in June they will have no reason to buy our vault-tec dlc in July!

      Once they have made enough money from the dlc’s, then the mods will suddenly come out on PS4.

      SERIOUSLY, lets look at the two known ‘major’ problems.

      Audio format, okay so I won’t have changed or new audio for mods, well that is fine b/c a lot of them have no sound added, and are great mods to start with (from character mods, to new settlement objects, build your own settlements anywhere, ect.

      Size, okay so currently get nearly 1 gig less space, BUT STILL get 900MB’s of space which would allow for plenty of mods to be run.

      Okay, now think about that.

      They could have mods running, especially settlement item mods (got my eye on an 200MB one myself) but if they did other than season pass holders why would anyone buy the dlc’s that simply add ‘new’ items (already in the game seen at the start or around the map) into the game and call it a dlc?

      When they could get BETTER, MORE content based mods that give the same objects.

  • kee1haul

    Sony for the players eh? They won’t allow bigger file sizes, audio file support and a host of other factors.

  • Peter

    I mainly play Fallout 4 on the Xbox One and can say that mods are great on the console, except from when they crash your game. It seems that Sony are at fault here due to a lack of communication between them and Bethesda. Their slogan ‘this is for the players’ is complete hot air! By imposing restricted file sizes, proprietary audio formats etc, is a poke in the eye for PS4 customers. I think that the power of having ‘the best console on the market’ has got to Sony’s head thus impeding on making rational decisions. There is a saying of what goes up must come down. Does this sound familiar?

  • Joshua Pabelick

    I’d say i care but honestly mods don’t really interest me at all other than the possible addition of new furniture.

  • Steve Costa

    I knew i shouldn’t have switched from Xbox to Playstation…

    • justerthought

      lol ur sorry u switched as if the sole benefit of PS4 was tied up in mods. Grow up and stop throwing ur dummy out the pram. Your acting like a drama queen.

    • Steve Costa

      I am sorry i switched for numerous reasons, not solely because of Mods on PS4..Drama Queen ?.. Please I made 1 comment..

    • Steve Costa

      I am sorry I switched for numerous reasons, not only because of mods on PS4,; free games suck compared to Xbox, media center in PS4 is a joke you need a 3rd party app to make it workable.. no proper racing games .. etc..

      Good enough for you ?

      You wanna be a fanboy go ahead no need to get all pissy if someone does not like the same thing you do.

      And I dont know what “throwing a dummy out the pram means”

  • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

    After this fiasco with Fallout 4 I will NOT be purchasing Skyrim nor any other bethesda games. I am going to boycott them, enough is enough! They have been pooping on Playstation for years, they want the money, but they don’t want to work for it. Time for playstation users to boycott bethesda!

    • Matt Carey

      Are you high, or stupid?

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      The only way to get change is to make your voice heard. As long as people are dumping money into broken bethesdcant games they will keep doing what they are doing. As soon as playstation users wise up and stop supporting them via not buying their games anymore they will be heard, LOUDLY.

      Suddenly bethesdcant will have a flawless running game on playstation, millions upon millions of dollars to be had and they are robbing playstation users right now.

    • Guy Dudebro

      I will never buy another Bethesda-made game.

    • Captain Phillips

      i think its sony thats preventing the mods.

      you know sony…

  • Phillip Wears

    It’s funny because they did this exact same non-answer thing (most of the time it actually being zero communication for months at a time) when it came to Skyrim on the PS3. Honestly, the modders deserve more respect than Bethesda seeing as how modders get the games to work better than paid developers.


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