Fallout 4 Set in Boston a Major Concern?

Looking at how the new location could be a detriment.

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Fallout Online

We’ve never really thought about it since it was leaked that Fallout 4 exists and will be taking place in – or at least featuring – the city of Boston since it was the first confirmation we’d ever received of the game. Nonetheless, now that our excitement has finally died down, what problems could arise from setting the game in Boston?

For one, it lacks a lot of the exotic locales that defined games like Fallout: New Vegas. There is the idea that it will involve some version of The Minutemen trying to take on a more powerful authority, leading to a wacky rendition of the American Revolution. This being Fallout though, it will be purely satirical and parody the obsession with patriotism in a post-nuclear world.

Of course, Boston could also just turn out to be a really boring place altogether. Nonetheless, what are concerns about Fallout 4 being set in Boston? Let us know below.

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  • gloomyharvester

    Boston could be a really great location for a Fallout game. Not only do they have all of the Revolutionary War historic locations and buildings, but they’ve got a subway system and an entire underground freeway system to play with. The USS Constitution, Fenway Park, Harvard, M.I.T. (where they make big lasers). Depending on how far outside the city it goes, cross the bay to Cape Cod, Lexington and Concord, Minuteman Park. I’m looking forward to this game more than I was New Vegas, and I live in Las Vegas. Boston seems less sprawling and more focused to me.

  • Mr. Boston

    This was obviously written by somebody not familiar with the great city of Boston. The city is full of “exotic locals” much more so then some lame west coast location with very little historical significance.

  • Deric Anthony

    I agree Boston could be a sweet location, I made a website where you can discuss the latest Fallout News. Please check it out http://www.falloutnews.com

  • Rob

    You say nonetheless too much

    • d0x360

      Indeed; One should never use a word like nonetheless twice in a single article. No I’m not joking.

  • d0x360

    I’m.sorry but whatabout vegas is exotic? Its a fictional game therefore they can add or modify anything they want to create compelling landmarks and areas to explore.

  • chris9465

    Fenway park old iron sides paul revere’s ride( can see a related quest to the famous ride)MIT harvard the under ground big dig ie metro tunnels fall out 3 boston harbor….hub of future military weapons (look it up natick labs right out side boston) these are just a few palces that are better than anything in new vagas? Really could’nt believe you went there? Boston/NY DLC

  • Heretic

    Bah, Boston Has PLENTY of Great places to visit. And New Vegas was nearly empty. Sad that they wasted some good Ideas on a Boring game,

  • Jada

    Dude take your lack of knowledge about anything Boston or Fallout to that Christian Gaming website were the guy just repeats the same deal over and over again with his opinions sprinkled all throughout the article….tell me Wtf was exotic about New Vegas….? I know I know dirt and cacti… Lol. Fallout has always been about the desolation of the Nation, people joining forces to continue some semblance of the life they had, and the fallout of the Bomb that was dropped. Also, unless the have a Fallout Book (which I have no clue if they do) Fallout lore can be created to make the location exotic. FO3 was fun because of all the history that was involved in the story, NV was fun because of the depth of the story and amount of things you could do….however if you never played Hardcore you are truly missing out.

    New Orleans and it’s severe weather could be a good location, Texas and a story revolving around Fallout like Wild West would be awesome, Ohio, Illinois Alaska ( a story following up “Operation Anchorage” from Fallout 3) are all good locations as long as the lore of the Fallout Universe remains intact and they create an interesting story Fallout will be fine.

    And by the way when has a Nuclear blasted city ever been exotic…? Lonesome Road was about as exotic as you can get when it comes to Fallout and that place was messed up.

    Please stop looking at Fallout like it’s a GTA clone. The Fallout universe is much deeper and a lot more interesting than all the GTA story lines.

  • Liam.

    Boston seems great but I really hope if they set it there, it has the dark, damp, gritty feeling that Fallout 3 had. In New Vegas, it felt too… not apocalyptic (YES I KNOW IT WAS IN VEGAS!!). I really hope Fallout 4 can bring the apocalyptic feel back!

  • Fallout fan

    Boston will be a great location! I have a feeling Bethesda is whipping us up another great game like fallout 3 xD.

  • Djones

    Boston bruins. Boston tea party. Cape cod is cool, go to the ruins of the Kennedy compound, filled with Kennedy ghouls.

  • The Spoony Bard

    How insightful! Christ…

  • Sean

    This a long read.Let you know up front. I believe it is worth the read if you have doubts and/or are merely interested in Boston as a possible fallout game location –

    Relevant info. pointing towards
    the commonwealth/Boston – it’s mentioned in New Vegas that Mr. House
    attended MIT/The Institute in his youth. The More research I do into Boston and the
    surrounding area(s) Has lead me to believe that it could make a
    great location for the next fallout game.

    Boston is one of the most Historically rich cities in America,it also has pretty
    and varied landscapes [ beautiful desolation in fallout of course 😉 ] A number of islands to explore ( 30 to be precise, within and around Boston harbor),Established in 1716, Boston Light, the oldest light station and second oldest lighthouse structure in the USA. A 251 acre (1 km²) park and conservation area named ‘Worlds End’… I mean c’mon! perfect name for the subject matter surrounding Fallout.

    What about Salem,Ma??? Imagine the type of quests they could have surrounding witch craft and/or cults that have formed after the great war. Salem,Massachusetts is also considered the birthplace of the U.S. national guard.

    I see a lot of fans mentioning Disneyland…Well, it just so happens that there is an abandoned themepark called ‘Wonderland’ that is believed to have been one of the inspirations for…You guessed it, Disneyland! – “Wonderland Amusement Park: operated from 1906 to 1911 in Revere, Massachusetts. included roller coasters, a reenactment of an urban conflagration, and various ethnic and technological attractions and is cited as a possible inspiration for Disneyland”.

    Then you have M.I.T. a.k.a. The Institute – Isolated within a protective encloser that houses technological marvels.The birthplace of sophisticated androids,So advanced that they are hard to distinguish from real flesh & blood Human beings. Then of course, you have Harvard,one of the most prestigious Universities in the united states of America.

    There are Metro systems,Fenway baseball park (aka
    the green monster) American revolutionary war sites. H.P. Lovecraft based a couple of his novels in Mass. and rural Boston ,”Lovecraft
    country” a fictitious area created/inspired by H.P. Lovecract the famous Horror author, embodies the north east of Massachusetts.The Dunwich building, the quest
    associated with it in fallout 3 & Point Lookout,is a nod to H.P. Lovecraft.

    Reservoir, Which is responsible for supplying the greater Boston area with fresh water, once was a valley before it was Purposely flooded Because of a lack of water resources in the local area.
    Lovecraft based two of his stories in this region, Notably ‘the dunwich
    horror’. Tragically, laying at the bottom of the reservoir are FOUR LOST
    TOWNS! IMO that would be really cool to dive and explore these towns
    In-game. All kinds of interesting things that they could create and put down there for us to explore. In addition, It was also ‘Quabbin Reservoir Precision Bombing and Gunnery Range’ used by former Army Air Force and later United States Air Force bomb and gunnery range. It was located in the bed of the Quabbin Reservoir before it was filled to capacity.

    Before everyone assumes that Boston will be a lame & uninteresting location, I recommend doing a bit more research first before prematurely & ignorantly not giving it a chance.
    Although I am from the NE coast of America, I have never been to Mass.and I didn’t think Boston was the best idea for a new Fallout game location until I thoroughly looked into it.

    I did some reading and researching and like I said above, there are plenty of potentially interesting locations the area provides. I am only scratching the surface as well. Keep in mind,the states surrounding Boston,Massachusetts offer some great DLC potential In my opinion – with Maine,Rhode Island,New York etc.

  • Nelson

    DO IT!


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