Fallout 4: The Survivor 2299 Is Back But Not Related to the Game

Rather, a new mod has emerged for New Vegas.

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Fallout Online

The Survivor 2299 is enough to evoke reactions of anger and crushed dreams. It was a fake teaser site devoted to Fallout 4 but had nothing to do with the franchise. When Bethesda’s Pete Hines came out and outright called it a fake, dreams were dashed.

But now The Survivor 2299 is coming back and seemingly as a mod for Fallout 3. This was pointed out by a user on Reddit and the original site creator chimed in to offer his take.

“Don’t worry it’s nothing related to Fallout 4. We’re using it for the mod. Don’t get fooled twice. I didn’t release TS2299 fan-fiction yet because we’re making this mod and I don’t want to spoil the fun. Finally we resolved all LOD and Height map related bugs in geck (sort of – there’s still some issues with textures in interiors) so developing is much faster.”

But the question is: Will this be another fake-out? And will we ever get information on Fallout 4? Stay tuned.

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  • TheGoldenJew

    Fallout 3 was the best game. Hopefully Fallout 4 will not loose the touch and feel that fallout 3 had. Especially with the transition to next gen, and if they decide to use a new engine. Keep VATS, just upgrade th graphics, make is 60fps, better physics, and a better aiming system like new Vegas. And fix the quirky 3rd person camera. Other than that, just keep the 50/60’s style future theme like fallout 3/new Vegas and i will buy whatever Bethesda produces!!!

    • JD

      Ever hear about Tale of Two Wastelands? Check that out 🙂

    • GermanDude

      You’re right Fallout 3 is one of the best games. New Vegas uses better or real Iron-Sights, but you can play Fallout 3 with Iron-Sights too, you have to search the Mod with the same name. I’m pretty sure that they will use the “Creation Engine” from Skyrim for Fallout 4, but an improved version. I Hope the story and atmosphere is like Fallout 3, New Vegas i great too, but in my opinion Fallout 3 is the better game.

  • A Nony Mouse

    Hopefully fallout 4 will be amazing like fallout 3 and new vegas. OT: I

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