Fallout 4 Voice Actor Never Knew He Was Working On The Game For A Year And A Half

And he’s not exactly happy about it, either.

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Can you imagine spending months, maybe even years, working on something important, a major product, but actually knowing what it is that you were working on? Because that seems to happen a lot in the video game world. Owing to the need for secrecy in an industry riddled with leaks, the actual nature of projects that voice actors are often working on is unknown to them.

This actually happened with Fallout 4 as well. Keythe Farley, a voice actor who worked on Fallout 4 as Kellogg, who players will remember as a fairly major character in the game, says that he never knew that he was working on the game through the year and a half that he spent working on the game.

“And yet that happens every day in the video game world,” Farley told reporters during a press conference on Friday. “I was a main character in Fallout 4, a character by the name of Kellogg, and I never knew, that I was working on Fallout 4 throughout the year and a half that I did vocal recording for that game. You show up, there’s a stack of scripts on a music stand with your lines only.”

This is actually one of the big sticking points for a lot of voice actors in the industry, the way that they are often treated as ancillary to a game’s overall development- and is one of the reasons that a lot of voice actors in the industry are going on strike.

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  • Lost My Way.

    If he knew what Fallout was he would of figured it out pretty quickly, so telling him it’s Fallout would of meant nothing to him anyway.

    He got paid to do a job and like all jobs he didn’t get to choose the terms and knew them when he signed up.

    • McShave07

      I can see his point. What if we were talking about movie voice actors.

      Imagine being paid $200 for an undetermined job. If it turned out it was a small straight to DVD animated film that only a few thousand people bought, no problem, but what if it turned out to be a massive Pixar production that earned a billion dollars at the box office?

      I can also see why in this case Bethesda did it. They kept this game well under wraps only revealing the game months before it’s release.

    • Lost My Way.

      Cry me a river.

      They are, for the most part, poor quality actors who should be grateful the industry even exists to employ them.

      This isn’t Tom Hanks working for Pixar, it’s a failed actor working in a secretive industry because that’s all their agent can get them.

      I’d understand if the quality was high but honestly voice acting is one area of gaming that hasn’t advanced as much as the rest.

      I obviously don’t know the ins and outs of the complaints they have but if it really is just not being told what project they’re on it’s utterly irrelevant to their job.

      If it’s working conditions and pay my tone would be much different ☭


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