Fallout 4: Why A Multiplayer Component Could Ruin The Upcoming RPG

Bethesda’s new hire from team Destiny might indicate a multiplayer component for the next Fallout. But is it a good thing?

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A while back, I told you that “If Fallout 4 has multiplayer, we riot.” Well now we have a legitimate reason to ready our pointy sticks and loud speakers. Fallout is, and always has been, a decidedly single player experience. So I ask you, should you be concerned that a Bungie staff member has departed their studios and move on to join Bethesda Softworks? Well probably not.

Bungie gameplay designer, Josh Hamric, has moved on to become a senior systems designer for Bethesda. But new job title aside, what does that mean? Well Josh was previously a big name within Bungie for working on online games including Halo Reach and Destiny, and moving onto Bethesda he might be overseeing an already in place gameplay system.

I’ve said before that the online mechanic has a place in modern video gaming, there’s no real denying that. But in a game that’s all about seclusion and being the lone wanderer, do you really want some guy bouncing around a hub world, dancing and emote-ing? I sure as hell don’t. That’s not to say that multiplayer is bad, but just that it has its place, and that Fallout is not that place at all. It’s easy to see why The Elder Scrolls went multiplayer, but Fallout couldn’t pull that off in any meaningful way. Right?

Who knows. I imagine Bethesda are doing something spooky down in their dungeons and labs, I can only hope it’s for the best. With their first ever upcoming E3 press conference slated for this year, they can either break a lot of hearts or forge a stronger bond with gamers than ever before.

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  • Conor Hansen

    Not as part of Fallout 4. If it was a separate game that incorporated NV’s hardcore mode it could be good besides being almost identical to DayZ + radiation. But Fallout 4 should have all resources dedicated to single player only for sure.

  • Rustyrivet250 .

    That’s funny. You people still think fallout 4 is coming.

    • NL37

      Im guessing you dont think shenmue is coming either? :L

    • Jeremy Alexander

      Right, that’s why they spent millions on the license, went to court to defend it, and stated that they were going to make Fallout 4. They are not going to announce another Elder Scrolls and step on Zenimax feet while they are launching ESO on consoles and they have called their first ever E3 press event.

    • GotNews4Ya

      I am willing to guess that they announce Dishonored 2, Fallout 4, a Sequel to Wolfenstein and… a New Elder Scrolls coming out Late 2016 early 2017.. they don’t care about a console port of ESO… the new Elder Scrolls that is years out is not going to effect the popularity of ESO.

  • RunStopGo

    They could have hired him for shooting mechanics, right?

    • NL37

      Lord knows f3 needed it hahaha,
      vats was cool tho

  • jakdripr

    How about first off all, we actually wait for fallout 4 to be announced, then we wait for bethesda to announce multiplayer, then we wait to see if this mp is good or bad, before we worry about it ruining the entire experience.

    Personally I don’t think I’d want mp in my fallout, but you never know. I thought mp would ruin splinter cell pandora tomorrow as well and I was completely wrong. Implementation is everything, they might handle it in such a way that it adds a lot to the overall experience.

    But like I said, this is all pointless seeing as how the game itself hasn’t even been announced yet, much less a multiplayer component for the game.

  • Mojo Rising

    People seem to forget that Bethesda bought the rights to Wolfenstein in 2014. Who’s to say Josh Hamric is working on Fallout 4?

    Simmer down. We know absolutely nothing about what Bethesda is doing. Why all the worry?

  • Jeremy Alexander

    As long as I can play through the game in single player mode, I would love to bring a friend along for the next go through. I don’t want a MMORPG, but a little light co-op would make both Fallout and Elder Scrolls even better. This article is pointless though as Todd Howard has stated in almost every interview he has ever done that although he might consider limited co-op someday, that he sees Fallout and Elder Scrolls as single player only. Larger scale multiplayer versions would likely be done by companies like Zenimax along the lines of the much improved ESO.

  • Guest

    Not every game needs multiplayer!!!! More people =/= better!! MAYBE “co-op” but you can’t have a deep story with 100+ others running around doing the same stuff as you… Look at TES. Look at KOTOR. Multiplayer RUINED those games.

  • David Spracklen

    Maybe they could make dungeon instances; arenas or co-op maps that are multi-player – that would be ok. But leave the core game alone!

  • Chad Folk

    if it is going to be multiplayer maybe your friends can help with missions explore in on stuff like the computer playerstrade equipment money whatever between friends you know might be interesting that way

  • Will Bontemps

    I like the idea of a fallout setting like gta online. Everyone fending for themselves in the wasteland, WAR haha

    • Nation of Masturbation

      That would be equally as boring like DayZ.

  • Shathrax

    Multiplayer can mean many things but honestly a friends-only multiplayer aspect to this game would in my opinion really be a good thing as long as it doesn’t the game at it’s core. But yeah if ur talking about multiplayer on a larger scale i can only agree that i would be a very bad move.

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