Fallout 4 Will Be The Star of Bethesda’s E3 Conference, Industry Insider Teases

Is it really happening?

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13. Fallout 4

It seems strange that now is the time that groups like Bethesda and Nintendo decide to make a move on E3, especially given that some believe that there is a fading interest in the trade show. But I must admit that myself, and a great many others are looking forward to what Bethesda has to say that’s worth hosting their first ever E3 conference.

Speaking about the matter through their personal Twitter feed, the well known industry insider Shinobi602 said,”Fallout 3 gameplay debut: E3 2008. Release: October 2008. Fallout 4 gameplay debut: E3 2015.Release: ???Believe.” This could of course mean absolutely nothing and just be a Tweet with a personal prediction, but it could also be one of Shinobi’s inside lines that we’re yet to discover. As usual all industry insiders’ comments should be taken with a grain of salt unless it’s confirmed by the developers by themselves but Shinobi602 has a solid track record so far.

We all expected Bethesda to talk about ESO going free to play post purchase, but what if they actually are taking to the stage to talk about Fallout 4? It wouldn’t be difficult and the resulting explosion in interest would be instant.

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  • d0x360

    I am PRAYING fallout 4 isn’t announced just so I can laugh at this. For nearly 2 years now a story has been posted to this site every single week about fallout 4 and its imminent unveil.

    Its hilarious and sad. Chances are VERY high that Bethesda’s next game will be an elder scrolls title. Their first game on a new engine and a new gen of hardware is always elder scrolls.

    SO that means if we do see fallout first its bad news. It means it will be using that garbage gamebryo engine again…you know the one. Its full of horrible bugs and awful performance issues. Its the engine they have used since morrowind. Its the engine that is so poorly made skyrim barely ran on ps3 due to its split pool of ram.

    So pray for eldr scrolls. Pray because as i just said, if fallout comes first…its going to be a half added hot mess of a game running on ancient technology.

    • Strogg

      Your head is going to explode when it is Fallout 4 on the new engine lol. Calling it.

    • d0x360

      Reading comprehension my friend. I said the issue on ps3 was the split pool of ram which is only an issue because of the garbage engine.

      Try again you almost got it.

    • Damon Tarklin

      No, he was right. You did say that Fallout 4 would be on the gamebryo engine if it was announced first.

      There is no way they don’t announce Fallout 4 next. They probably just started working on the next elder scrolls like 2 years ago.

    • d0x360

      Fallout 4 has nothing to do with gamebryo performance on the ps3.

      I also stand by fallout 4 using gamebryo again if its announced before the next elder scrolls title.

      Regardless you both need to learn how to read.

    • Damon Tarklin

      He didn’t say anything about the ps3 performance.

      More importantly, why would you want them to skip over Fallout 4 and go straight to another Elder Scrolls game?

      Anyway, it doesn’t make much sense that they would use the gamebryo engine again when the parent company owns Id Tech 5.

    • d0x360

      He in fact did. There was an entire other paragraph where he did went on and on about the ps3 which he has since deleted so I apologize for saying you need to learn how to read. Its not your fault he deleted a large portion of his comment and since I replied through email I didn’t see it until your second comment which caused me to load the actual page

      As for idtech…it doesn’t work for open world games all that well as evident by rage and its texture issues and since carmack is gone there is nobody to fix it. Mega textures are a great idea but its still about 10 years early. Until you can fit an entire game world into vram you are going to have streaming issues. It was a dead end which is why no other engine uses it.

    • Damon Tarklin

      I see. Thank you for informing me on that.

      I think the texture pop-in issues had more to do with the ram limitations of last generation’s hardware. They won’t need to do as many tricks with the engine with the Ps4 and Xbox One.

      They just got the head R&D graphics engineer from Crytek (Tiago Sousa) to continue work on Id Tech 5 & 6. So the parent company is dedicated to that engine.

    • d0x360

      It definitely had a lot to do with the last gen hardware but by its very nature the bigger a game gets and the higher quality assets it uses that same limitation will be hit on new hardware.

      Wolfenstein and doom are perfect games for idtech5 because they can hide the texture stream with corridors and the such. In an open world you can’t do that as easily.

      Also consider the original rage graphic data was over 30 gigs and that game didn’t have much to it. It was just an environment texture it didn’t really have interactive objects or lots of variety visually speaking.

      I was firmly in the camp of excitement when Bethesda bought Id all cause of that engine and using it for elder scrolls but then the game was released the limitations of the engine came to light and I was…unhappy.

      I’m just praying they make a new custom engine and ditch any legacy code from gamebryo because its awful and needs to die.

    • Damon Tarklin

      There is some debate on whether or not Skyrim’s “creation engine” is actually the same as gamebryo and the bugs are actually due to Bethesda Software and not the gamebryo engine supposedly.

      I personally don’t mind the “creation engine” whatever it is. That engine was much better than the engine for New Vegas, Fallout 3, and Oblivion.

      So if Fallout 4 is running on the Creation Engine I think I’m cool with that. That being said there still is no reason why they couldn’t have modified the Id Tech 5 engine in the past 3 years since Rage came out. Bethesda patented the “void engine” that was supposedly based on Id Tech 5.

    • d0x360

      Its definitely gamebryo. Bethesda did a massive amount of work to fix a lot of the issues but you can tell the core of the engine remains the same because it has the same issues it did since morrowind. Won’t physics, stiff animation (not enough keyframe support), AI issues, weird seemingly random bugs, memory leaks, the way it handles saving and loading, the save files have identical structure to morrowind and oblivion, the mod tools and file extentions are the same, there are more.

      The biggest issue for ps3 owners was the memory problems. The way the engine stores item and quest data was at the heart of all its performance issues as well as the main reason it randomly freezes on any platform.
      Bethesda has a ton of talent and so much money invested in their toolset for this engine that’s why they are resistant to change but I’m really hoping they just do it this time around. The game could feel and play so much better if they would build an engine that suits their needs.

      Gamebryo was fine for its era (OG xbox era) and it was perfect for the team at Bethesda but its time as long past.

      If they were to use it again I’m sure I’d love the game regardless but I’d love it knowing that there is so much more that could have been done with something more modern. I have to think they are going to change so they can take advantage of direct x 12, it would be a huge boon to a game like they make.

    • Damon Tarklin

      Yeah, I see. Although, it would be disappointing to see Fallout 4 come out on the creation engine it would be good enough. I really did LOVE that engine for Skyrim.

      If Fallout 4 runs on the same engine with high res textures at 1080p, upgraded physics, and effects it will look just fine.

    • d0x360

      It would likely look fine yes aside from animations unless they gut that system and replace it.

      The problem isn’t so much the visuals as it is the gameplay. An engine defines a game. Its the core of it and its tendrils shoot out and effect everything else. If it was just about a visual system we wouldn’t need new engines every couple of years we would just get the same ones tweaked to support newer visual technology.

      I have faith in them to move forward but like you if they dont and they keep the same engine I will still enjoy the game

    • joe

      1st game on next gen will be elder scrolls ya june 9th and skyrim ran bad on ps3 cuz of the ps3 memory pool not the engine it worked fine on xbox so yeah what were u saying?

    • spyro2060

      It’s almost as sad as the fact that you’re on this site every week regurgitating the same thing, “OMFG! You’ve been SPECULATING on a game!” You know at least what they speculate is varied compared to your copy paste comments saying the SAME DAMN THING! And at least unlike other sites they make it clear they’re only speculating rather than the click baiting BS of KPopStarz and TheFuseJoplin… Oh yeah but your like The Fuse Joplin because you’ve received some form of severe brain damage

  • Guest

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  • Lord Humungus

    “A Fallout sequel is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklyn

  • Ops31337

    May be making an intellectual leap with this but I believe a new Fallout game is what many gaming fans are waiting for before they purchase “next gen” hardware and Bethesda should look to get a piece of the up tick in sales before releasing the game.

    • Damon Tarklin

      They are waiting for a game on that level, but not necessarily Fallout 4. Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, Arkham Knight, all would do just fine.


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