Final Fantasy 15 PS4 vs Xbox One Head To Head Graphics Comparison Showcase Little Difference

Square Enix has done a decent job on all platforms for Final Fantasy 15.

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There is no doubt that Final Fantasy 15 looks pretty amazing on the PlayStation 4 Pro and is perhaps the ideal way to experience this year’s best role playing game. However, where does this leave the base PS4 and Xbox One players who undoubtedly forms the majority of the consumer base that are going to play Final Fantasy 15? If the pre-release demos of Final Fantasy 15 were anything to go by, the performance on both consoles along with image quality was a big concern. None of the consoles were able to achieve a consistent 30 frames per second, specially the Xbox One which also struggled with sub-HD image quality.

Fortunately, the final versions of both the PS4 and Xbox One have been optimized to run at an almost locked 30 frames per second with a dynamic resolution in place. As is the norm for the last several years, the PlayStation 4 once again takes the lead here with a better resolution overall. The PS4 version runs with a dynamic resolution up to 1080p whereas the Xbox One runs up to 900p. Fortunately, the use of a temporal anti-aliasing solution manages to avoid the blurry look and feel that comes along with a sub-HD resolution. We have seen its implementation in games like as DOOM and it does a fantastic job for games that are running under 1080p resolution.

Other than the resolution differences, there isn’t much of a difference between the two platforms. Both suffer from texture streaming issues which results into pop in, but it’s limited and does not detract the player from the experience. Core assets are largely the same however we did manage to find a couple of instances where the shadows were rendered a bit late on the Xbox One. We are not sure whether this is an issue on the base PlayStation 4 but it was something that we witnessed on the Xbox One.

Other graphical assets such as texture quality, draw distance, post processing effects, volumetric and alpha effects and even screen space and water reflection quality remain largely the same on both versions. It seems that Square Enix, after months of optimization, finally managed to find the right balance for Final Fantasy 15 on both consoles and it works well within the confines of each hardware’s limitations. In the end, whichever platform you play on, Final Fantasy 15 provides a decent experience in terms of performance. Image quality wise, the PS4 Pro is where you need to play the game on. The base PS4 version has a better image quality than the Xbox One but you would need to place them side by side to see the differences.

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  • Rafoca

    Performance wise Xbox has the edge

    • J.j. Barrington

      Only the Xbox faithful ever say that. Not quite “nobody,” which is why I didn’t say that. Still, not far removed.

    • Rafoca

      Digital Foundry said this. Not me.

      Miss ya

    • J.j. Barrington


    • Rafoca

      “All of which leaves the base PlayStation 4 – the most important platform in terms of the size of its potential audience – right at the bottom of the pack. There is no way to avoid the stutter, it’s an ever-present ‘feature’.”

      What a nice feature to have. I bet you love this Sony exclusive content!

    • Nettrick Nowan

      I think it has already been mentioned that this game needs to be patched on all systems because of performance. And as some guy said on another site, the frame rate problems are being patched, the resolution disparity is not. And it looks absolutely beautiful on the PS4 especially after seeing the Xbox One version.

    • Rafoca

      That feature though…

    • J.j. Barrington

      You mean the incorrect frame-pacing, something that can be easily patched?

      And why didn’t you keep quoting?

      “Now, it may well be the case that this kind of jitter isn’t really an issue. The extent to which it is noticeable is seemingly quite a personal thing – but if you found it distracting in Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3, we found it to be much more intrusive here.”

      Too bad, Rafoca. But they were speaking of a specific, fixable problem. That’s different from, say, the Xbox 1 running the game at a lower resolution, isn’t it?

      Maybe try again?

    • Rafoca

      Oops. Someone just let the inner fanboy speak. The inner hater speak too.

      Come on, enjoy this feature. I’m sure it’s a nice exclusive to have.

      You know I love you!

    • J.j. Barrington

      You don’t have an inner fanboy; it’s completely on the outside.

  • crazy_black_man-

    “The base PS4 version has a better image quality than the Xbox One but you would need to place them side by side to see the differences.”

    The Xbox One looks muddy. This seems to be a common problem on Xbox One lately. Muddier looking graphics have been reported on many recent titles.

    • Rafoca

      But Xbox runs better, so it seems Square should downgrade PlayStation’s graphics to try to match Xbox’ performance.

      I’ve seen this before.

      “All of which leaves the base PlayStation 4 – the most important platform in terms of the size of its potential audience – right at the bottom of the pack. There is no way to avoid the stutter, it’s an ever-present ‘feature’.”

    • J.j. Barrington

      You can keep spamming this quote, but if you include the link, then people can easily see that’s not the whole picture.

    • Rafoca

      Relax. It’s just an exclusive feature to enjoy

    • J.j. Barrington

      What is that even supposed to mean?

    • Rafoca


      Any news if they are fixing PlayStation performance??

    • J.j. Barrington

      Sorry, but even mentioning THAT site gets your comment disregarded.

    • HyDrO

      Out of all your repeated comments over and over, only yours shouts fanboy at anyone who disagrees with you. Once the Scorpio comes out, the Xbox sales people will make much more sense. Until then, trying to talk up a 1.31 tflop Radeon GPU with low bandwidth 68gb/sec DDR3 (Xbox One) is like trying to market to people the same way MS talked up bad hardware to you. How about that cloud computing and tiny 32mb ESRAM that got you to hope and make a purchase just to be long forgotten? Anyway, you aren’t fooling anybody trying to convince them a 1.31 tflop Radeon with 68gb/sec DDR3 is better than a 1.84 tflop Radeon with 176gb/sec GDDR5. Since AMD/ATI makes both consoles it’s literally an arguement on if their low end hardware is better than their higher end hardware (in the PC community, you would be considered an idiot).

      MS needs to release the Scorpio so you at least have something more than talking to reinforce claims that Xbox graphics are better. It’s a POS system, everyone knows it. MS knows it, Phil Spencer knows it, you should know it. Don Mattrick was replaced by Phil spencer because of it, Phil Spencer is going the opposite direction with the Scorpio because of it. Why do you not know it? Can you not do math? Did they sell you so well on it that you now try to talk others into it as what was done to you? Xbox One is barely more powerful than the new Nintendo console, I mean FFS it is what it is.

    • Rafoca

      OMG. I will never read this wall post.

      Anyway, it seems you get offended. Chill out.

    • Tomaterrrx

      Your comment is hilarious. Wonder what you’ll be doing next year with your strange wall of specs when the Scorpio comes out.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Touchy? Dodgy? lol, hardly.


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