Final Fantasy 15 Tech Details: Rain Effects & Fire Animations, Gameplay Was Possibly From PS4 Version

Along with some gameplay details as well.

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final fantasy 15

Earlier today Square Enix live streamed an eight minute demo of Final Fantasy 15. Although the demo showcased some new gameplay mechanics, the developers also revealed a bit about the technology they have used in the game. The rain effects have intricate details so the surface under objects  get wet and when the sun comes out it dynamically dries up.

The demonstration took place in the same location as that shown in the E3 trailer so it was not set in Duscae. The game will have a full day night cycle along with dynamic lighting effects. The fire animations are dependent on the shape of the gameplay. So, dynamic fire effects which will change according to the enemy you will counter. It will be interesting to see they will also consider dependency of the armor material to make it more dynamic. This is not the final graphical detail as they are continuously fine tuning it.

Furthermore, the game will also have dungeons that can be explored. The car can be driven by Noctis or you can leave it on auto and Noctis’ friends will drive for you. You will be able to fight the Adamantoise but it will take a long time. The demo was also possibly running on the PS4 as indicated by a NeoGaf user. You can check the stream at 22:15 which shows a representative getting hold of a DualShock 4 controller just before the demo begins. So it’s very much possible that the demo was from the PS4 build although we cannot confirm it yet.

Final Fantasy 15  does not have a release date yet but hopefully it will be out sometime in 2015. For more on the game check out our hub page here.

Thanks, Neogaf.

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  • Starman

    Funny how anything you guys think is impressive , has to be on the PS4 , …what happen to you GB ? you’ve changed , and not for the better …

    • Probably from this observation, “You can check the stream at 22:15 which shows a representative getting hold of a DualShock 4 controller just before the demo begins.” While the PC is the most powerful gaming system, The PS4 is currently the most powerful console on the market and with the changeover to the next generation of consoles, that seems to be the main focus these days. It doesn’t really make them bias.

    • Starman

      Not ! you’re wrong …. he was just coming from playing “FF TYPE O” so not sure what you’re trying to say , that showed no indication of play on a PS4 …pay closer attention , to the video …because according to SQUARE , the game has been being developed with YEBIS 2 and DIRECT X and PS4 isn’t compatible with either …

    • The article refers to play possibly on the PS4 based upon the observation of a representative holding a dualshock 4 control just before the demo begins. That doesn’t make me wrong. That makes it an observation by the writer. Hence, why he titles it the way he does. I pointed out HIS observations and HIS conclusions based upon them. Go get a cup of Java and chill.

    • Starman

      All was good , until you patronized me …about the Java…. I was gonna say , “fair enough” now I want to say something else but , I won’t stoop as low as you tried to . have a nice day , young man …

    • -Insert Lord of the Rings music- Coffee, the patronizing drink. I read the article. I didn’t make the observation. The writer did. I don’t know why you think this is a “me vs. you” thing. I’m pointing out the writer’s observations and his conclusions. And just as a personal observation, coffee is the ultimate drink. Bacon is a close second. Tea is third for me.

    • Starman

      You made it about you and me , with the patronizing comment , it wasn’t necessary … that’s all I’m saying ….Anyway , happy gaming bro ..

    • Coffee is a drink of peace. It is the ultimate equalizer. You shouldn’t disrespect the drink. I will not tell the Java lords. Happy gaming to you as well. I will sprinkle some coffee grounds to ward off any evil spirits that may have come from this altercation.

      I suggest you do the same with your steeping ball (that sounds awkward).

    • drjonesjnr

      Sorry but I’m more a fan of tea

    • GUN®

      “The Division was demoed on the PS4 , until both DEV’s said they were always demoed on the XBOX ONE”

      I would like to see the proof that The Division’s reveal gameplay was running on X1 even though he was clearly controlling it with a PS4 controller. Go on, prove it.

    • bardock5151
      challenge accepted and won. What’s next? Both CD Projekt and massive are primarily PC developers, meaning they use DX and with that the most logical platform they would show it on aside from PC would be Xbox not Playstation. In both cases the game has been shown on Xbox and he is right that immediately after that fact was revealed praise stopped even though initially people were speechless.

    • GUN®

      I knew your link wouldn’t be able to prove anything even before I clicked it. That article is from a month ago and talks about how the division is running on the x1 NOW not at e3 2013. And if was running on an x1 at e3 2013 why was he playing it with a ps4 controller? It’s obvious the e3 2013 was running on either PC or a ps4 dev kit but since Microsoft bought a deal with massive games all they do is praise the x1 version.

    • bardock5151

      Either way I’m pointing out its not on ps4 especially not back at e3 2013. Remember when everyone thought all those demo’s and gameplay trailers of watchdogs was running on ps4? Then the actually showed the ps4 version near release and it looked absolutely nothing like reveal.

      Please don’t tell me you actually believe holding a controller means they are actually playing the game? Look at e3 2014 at the Xbox division segment and funnily enough plays out pretty much the same way as the year before. Wanna know why? PC 😮
      People have got to stop believing that just because they are holding a controller it must mean they are actually playing it. Its a marketing tactic that obviously still hooks some people.

    • GUN®

      No, not either way, I asked for proof that it was played on XBOX ONE, I never said it was on PS4 only that they wouldn’t use a PS4 controller on an XBOX ONE.

      “Remember when everyone thought all those demo’s and gameplay trailers of watchdogs was running on ps4?”

      PC version also looked nothing like the reveal in the case of Watch Dogs.

    • bardock5151

      You implied it was played on the ps4 by bringing up the dual shock reference. “he was clearly controlling it with a PS4 controller” says to me you believed it was ps4 gameplay. I can prove the only console version shown is from Xbox, what’s left is logic that dictates any other version shown was PC.
      Watch dogs technically didn’t get a downgrade on PC only hidden. They had to make the marketed version look as good as possible.

    • GUN®

      “And if was running on an x1 at e3 2013 why was he playing it with a ps4 controller?”

      And I said that because Starman was saying it was running on an Xbox One, not PC. I know games running on PC can be demoed all the time with either PS4 or X1 controllers but don’t tell me games running on X1 get demoed with PS4 controllers.

      “I would like to see the proof that The Division’s reveal gameplay was running on X1”

      That is my original comment, that is my challenge, I didn’t ask about PC, nobody has proven Starman’s claim, he himself has ignored it because he knows it was a lie, everything else you have been saying is not relevant to my comment. I KNOW it was running on PC.

    • MrSec84 .

      You’re wrong. PS4 has an AMD 7000 series GPU, just like Xbox One, 7000 series GPUs handle DX just fine, as well as Yebis 2.

      Yebis never said PS4 can’t handle Y2, all they said was that the kind of memory architecture is irrelevant because Y2 is handled by the GPU.

      As for the whole business of what the demo was running on, DS4 is the only controller shown in the demo, the guy sits down and picks up the DS4 to play the FFXV demo, pretty obvious really.
      Maybe the demo was running on a PC, but considering that PS4 is the lead platform for this game it seems more likely a PS4 dev kit was in use.

    • Psionicinversion

      ummm actually PS4 CANNOT use DX because the OS isnt windows. all the dx features apart from 11.3/12 are already in opengl though so ps4 can use it and is technically much faster than DX hopefully dx12 will address that and thats the reason why its being built. DX will hinder the x1 and future consoles whereas opengl just gets faster so they need to counter act it

    • bardock5151

      PS4 as lead? Source? Here’s mine.

      “So FF15 is now a PS4 and Xbox One title, but Nomura is quick to point out that he’s favoring no console over the other. “Previously we proceeded with development based on the capabilities of consoles like the PS3,” he said. “Now, though, we’re developing on DirectX 11, not based on the PS4 or the Xbox One. This lets us develop full-spec without worrying about individual platforms, then port it to each console in the most appropriate way. As a result, the original FF15 runs on a pretty high-spec PC, and how close a console gets to this original depends on its specs. The idea is to keep our options open; if a console comes out in the future that can recreate the original, we can handle that. It’s the opposite approach from your typical ‘multiplatform’ project which bases itself on the specs of a single console”

    • Starman

      PS4 controller is not yet compatible with PC …lol

    • Mark

      Man, u know, people r really sleeping on these systems. I’m reading up alot on new rendering techniques using Compute that both Xbox One and PS4 will be using. Resolution who?

    • rollingmol

      They used a dualshock 4
      and…Japanese“実機デモ”means demo on console

  • I’m adding this on to my List

  • bardock5151

    Damn DirectX 11 actually seeing some love, too bad it wont last much longer with 12 on the way.


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