Five Of The Strangest Skyrim Quests You Will Come Across

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It’s a crazy world out there, so you’d expect the realms of Skyrim to be equally rife with oddities. If the inhabitants and land topography aren’t bizarre enough, then there are plenty of strange tasks for you to jump into in the fifth Elder Scrolls epic. Read on dear readers for five quests in Skyrim that are true oddities. Naturally, this list is likely to contain huge spoilers.

Any quest involving Cicero

That weird guy who stalked you in the arena quest line of Oblivion is back, this time as a weird guy involved with the dark brotherhood. Though encountering him outside of Whiterun may make him seem like a helpless jester (albeit one who is apparently carrying his mother’s remains around in a cart), he is in fact the keeper of the elusive assassin order. Either way, he’s a little bit on the odd side, and any quest involving him is likely to be full of awkward moments.

A Night to Remember

What starts off as a friendly drinking contest over a staff soon turns ugly. An inebriated blackout later and the quest begins to discover exactly what the hell happened the night before. Between goats, a giant’s toe and a trashed temple, the whole quest plays out like a high fantasy version of the Hangover, and it’s just about weird enough to be awkward and enjoyable in equal amounts.

Innocence Lost

Joining the Dark Brotherhood was never going to be a particularly enjoyable task, but really? I was kind of expecting some demonic overlord to speak to me or a satanic cult ritual being the spark for this one, but I instead found myself conspiring with a little boy to kill his matron. Uncomfortable flashbacks to my own upbringing aside, the act of killing the leader of an orphanage at the whims of a kid is weird on a number of levels. I don’t care how mean she supposedly is, she’s called Grelod the Kind after all!

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  • Jon Galey

    1) she’s called grelod the kind as a mocking gesture, several people will comment on her being a bitch. 2) watch how she treats the kids before you kill her, she breaks down their spirits, says they will never be adopted and laughs at their misery. So killing her was no problem at all.

  • charles2029

    Love the A Night to Remember / Hangover comparison!

  • revan

    And yet the cannibalism quest doesn’t make this list?

    • OliviaMaxwell

      Seriously.. that cannibalism quest should be on this list. Take the one off about the Oculary and put that one on. Even though I agree about any quest with Cicero in it.. because he’s weird as hell, and the “The Mind of Madness” quest, “The Taste of Death” should most certainly should be on here. Sorry, minor fail.

  • Ivy Snowrunt

    Nice Dragon armor. I don’t meen to brag but I have the best amor in the game and no its not dragon armor. No its Derdrict armor, umm well i think thats how ya spell it I’m not real sure. ^-^

  • Skcopian

    They is a quest where I had to lure someone back to a cave where me and a bunch of cannibals were going to eat him (not to mention he was a priest). What did I do you may ask, gave them all arrows to the knee and daederic great swords to the kneck..

  • Venerable Wizard

    What, Clavicus Vile and his talking dog quest not odd enough.

  • Jayson

    The author of this article is a fucking tard, Greold is a piece of shit so fuck you.

  • metal123499

    you seriously need to replay these quests you got so many details wrong. Gruella the Kind is an ironic name, some adults say even so. they also note that the childeren are better off with her dead just to name one

    • grom

      no, you’re wrong there. it definitely is grelod the kind, not gruella

    • hey bro

      Sir, don’t be stupid you missed the point the point was that she was just a mean old hag who just needed to die ;)~

  • I just Piss off and killed the NPC after he told me to find his Goat , or what ever. The most stupid Quest EVER!!!

  • M

    You missed the best part of Mind of Madness. The guy who makes you go deal with the dead emperor’s myriad mental issues? That’s your old Oblivion character.

  • Rick Roll

    It seems to me that the writer of this article is either not a fan of TES, not a gamer or just a bad writer.

    The amount of misinformation displayed here is unsettling…

    • Rick Roll

      After rereading this terrible article, I’ve determined it’s all three.

  • hsjsj

    you idiot shes called Grelod the Kind for the reason of the quest in the quest she is supposed to be mean to the ORPHANS but be called nice and their mother smart one!

  • CaMeRoN :)

    ive found the dark brotherhood quest to be the best quest by far in skyrim i mean you get to kill the emperor and get betrayed etc. no other quest goes that deep it is just so wonderful and the fact that the queat really never ends considering the night mother can give you an unlimited amount of assassination targets just makes it so much better hats of to bethesda .


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