Former Sony Dev: Xbox One Scorpio And PS4 NEO Will Bring In Extra TCR And Scale-able Game Requirements

What challenges face those developing for multiple SKUs?

Posted By | On 27th, May. 2016 Under News

Xbox One PS4

Kenny Linder, a former employee of shuttered Sony UK studio Bigbig, has spoken a bit about the challenges of developing for multiple Xbox One SKUs. This comes off of Microsoft’s rumoured plans for multiple Xbox One SKUs, with the 4K output touting Scorpio apparently out in 2017.

Speaking about developing for the new Xbox One and PS4 despite their similar architectures, Linder said that it was a bigger issue on the QA side. “Yep, that will be where the main issues will lie. Additional TCRs and testing requirements.” More testing is something that is expected for multiple SKUs but TCR (Technical Certification Requirement) may be a big issue for game developers. Given Sony’s possible stance on games that need to be shipped both on the base PS4 and NEO at the same time, getting games certified will take much longer than the usual process of getting certified for only a single SKU.

However Linder believes that upgradeable consoles isn’t necessarily bad. When some one pointed out that working on multiple SKUs of one console could be a terrible idea, Linder noted that, “It’s no different to working on PC or mobile.”

Linder also stated that mobile development is probably a better example for comparison, especially given the number of different “fixed” platforms for iPhone. “Android sucks because there are so many versions. iPhone is a better example as its multiple FIXED platforms. Developers will have to have scalable games, where I imagine (if they’re smart and sensible) they will build for base, then to extra little bits and pieces for the more powerful version,” Linder said.

It will be interesting to see how developers will adapt themselves to what is possibly a new era for console gaming. Iterative hardware is certainly an interesting initiative, unless and until developers push out unoptimized code for the base SKU.

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  • Daniel Lawson

    I wonder if they will work up to a certain point and then split up development of each game… UWP could be a huge benefit for working with the Scorpio

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  • Logan5

    I’m definitely in favor of upgrading the consoles more often. One question I have, however, is how they will handle multiplayer between different versions, particularly with shooters. If one player can see the other more clearly at a distance, for example, due to higher resolution, or can react quicker because of a smoother frame rate, wouldn’t that cause issues? In the PC world, this is just accepted. The more powerful system has the advantage and rather than whine about it, you just pay to upgrade or deal with it. With only two fixed variations of the console, however (and no way to further upgrade it even if desired), it seems this will be more of an issue.

    • Ivan Santana

      You already answered the question . Buy a new one or deal with it . If it’s not a problem with PCs will not be a problem with consoles .

    • sampson3121

      people will just buy a pc. why bother with consoles now?

    • Fweds

      Wait for E3.

    • Mark

      Good questions. If we have the ability to go to 60fps on say The Division, and launch consoles cannot……when it comes to PVP, then what?

  • Riggybro

    I remember when the argument was that PC gaming was more expensive than console gaming because of hardware upgrades/initial cost. PC gamers would reply in the long term with much cheaper games, no subscriptions etc it worked out about the same.

    Now console owners get BOTH the expensive upgrades AND the more expensive games. Congrats!

    • PixelOmen

      Games aren’t really all that more expensive, especially if you buy physical, and the digital flash sales (at least Sony’s) are actually getting pretty good.

      As for the “expensive upgrades”, the difference is that all games will run decently on the original consoles (according to the rumors), you can’t really say the same for outdated GPUs. If you were to try to run Doom with the equivalent of a PS4 GPU on a PC, you’d get like 10fps.

    • SGTBuzzyBean

      nope you’d simply run it at console quality.

    • PixelOmen

      Nope, it doesn’t even meet the min requirements. (Just below a 7870 with a 1.6ghz 8 core cpu).

      Not to mention the PS4 version looks better than the lowest PC settings and runs at a locked 60fps. The min PC requirements would need the lowest settings and probably wouldn’t even run at 60fps.

    • SGTBuzzyBean

      sigh im using a r9 270x and still run games better than the ps4. the 8800gt still destroys the 360/ps3. you dont need to run a game at max just to be on par with consoles. that’s the reason why misinformed console gamers STILL believe you need to constantly upgrade hardware.

    • PixelOmen

      Huh? Did you just ignore what I just said so you could posture? I never said anything about running anything at max. Try reading next time.

      And for the record, I’ve been playing both PC and console games for over 25 years.

    • SGTBuzzyBean

      my point is gpus can last a while

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Scorpio Power will be intoxicating!

    • XbotMK1

      Held back by the Xbox One.

    • elnino

      now these frauds are excited for Scorpio but they said Neo would split the userbase and create confusion

    • Fweds


    • Fweds

      Let’s just hope the underpowered Neo doesn’t hold back the more powerful Scorpio in multi format games.

      See what I did there “XbotMK1” boring wasn’t it but now you know how you have constantly sounded over the last 2 years.

      You and the other Sony lapdogs are soon to be dinosaurs of internet Xbox trolling, just think no more 1080p for you to get excited over !!! what are you going to do other than what you have attempted to do here with your negativism.

      Come in “XbotMK1” your time is up.

    • justerthought

      It’s a bit early for all you xbots to be crawling out from under the leave of shame and shouting your mouths off before you have the full facts. Let’s wait and see.

      I’m actually excited about both consoles. If the Scorpio is as powerful as the rumour. I might buy one. But have you considered that Sony might be pulling another sting to dupe MS like they did with PS4.

      When Sony announced the PS4 it was far more powerful and cheaper than people expected. MS were totally thrown and came to market with a weaker and more expensive console.

      The PS4 Neo rumours that are being leaked from various places could be just misinformation because Sony is keeping very quiet. They may hit MS with another sting and announce a far more powerful PS4 Neo at E3. Sony will definitely try to do it again so they can maintain the lead. MS will be desperately trying to gauge where Sony are coming from.

    • Fweds

      MS will simply not give out details of Scorpio at E3, Sony go last as usual so MS not announcing details will put them in a position to counter any Sony announcement and Sony will be left in the dark as to what MS really have.

      Other than a slim announcement Expect MS at E3 to announce “Exciting new hardware will be revealed at Gamescom in August” effectively killing Sony’s rumoured console launch for October if it’s not more powerful than Scorpio.

      “When Sony announced the PS4 it was far more powerful and cheaper than people expected. MS were totally thrown and came to market with a weaker and more expensive console.”
      You mean when Sony announced their Underpowered console trying to get in first,you know the same console that is about to be dumped on by their new machine.

    • Michael

      Silly pony. Don’t get scared now…lol

    • Mr Xrat

      At $699. Which probably won’t happen after the massive hit they took on the failed Nokia deal. So, it’ll be something for $399 that’ll be a year late and have no games. What a shame.

  • Fweds

    E3 Website Adds Xbox One VR Filter.

    Ooh what could it be ?.

  • Mark


  • Riggybro

    Sony has its own OS and exclusives but-

    At what point in the future will MS just say we have basically created a Windows 10 PC box and quit with the “Xbox” thing?



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