Forza Motorsport 6 Celebrates A Legacy of Innovation In New TV Ad

‘It has all led to this.’

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Once, long ago, Sony and Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo franchise was the racing sim top dog, with each new installment an event, each new entry pushing the genre and the medium forward. But then, in the lack of any meaningful competition, they began to grow complacent, the series grew stagnant, and along came Turn 10 and Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport series, which completely took the genre by storm. Forza was everything Gran Turismo was not- cool, fun, fresh, accessible, and each new entry pushed the envelope.

It is that legacy of innovation that Microsoft and Turn 10 are celebrating in Forza’s newest TV ad- that legacy of innovation. And they are not just celebrating their own advancements and accomplishments, either- the history of the entire racing genre is traced here (in a manner of speaking).

The ad will air during the weekend’s telecast of the Formula One Italian Grand Prix, but you can see it here now.

Forza Motorsport 6 launches on the Xbox One later this month.

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  • XbotMK1

    LOL Another day and another garbage Gamingbolt article. Pramath is shilling for Microsoft and spreading lies. Look no further. This is a prime example of news media corruption and bias. You can praise Forza without lying about Gran Turismo but you chose to lie and talk sh*t which proves this article is bias towards Forza. I sure hope Microsoft gave you a pretty penny for this article.

    Gamingbolt: “Sony and Polyphony Digital became complacent and Gran Turismo stagnated”

    Another Gamingbolt lie. All you’re doing is trying to use “complacency” as an excuse to justify Forza’s existence. You’re just spinning the fact that Forza is a blatant rip off of Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo 1 and 2 were PS1 games, and Gran Turismo 3 and 4 were PS2 games. Polyphony Digital did amazing work with the hardware they had. Every entry innovated and the games were legendary and critically acclaimed. Every racing sim today rips off Gran Turismo.

    Then along came Forza and nobody gave a sh*t about it because it was nothing more than a rip off of Gran Turismo with less cars, less tracks, and less realistic driving. Then along came the Xbox 360 and with it, the growing cancer of Xbox fanboys who were jealous of Gran Turismo, so the hate campaign against Gran Turismo started at Gran Turismo 5. Xbox fanboy shills infected every news site, every forum, with their constant bashing of Gran Turismo. It’s still going on today. You say Gran Turismo stagnated but gave no examples. Please tell the class why Forza is just now getting night races and weather, something Gran Turismo 5 did years ago on the PS3. Dumb*ss!

    Gamingbolt: “Forza was everything Gran Turismo was not- cool, fun, fresh, accessible, and each new entry pushed the envelope.”

    WOW Dude. You went full on fanboy there. Lets filter your bullsh*t:

    – Cool, there was nothing original in Forza that made it “cool”. Forza is a racing game and a rip off of Gran Turismo. We already established this.

    – Fun, yeah, guess what made Forza fun? By ripping off Gran Turismo you dumb*ss.

    – Fresh. The only thing fresh about Forza were minor differences like different tracks from Gran Turismo or maybe some cars that Gran Turismo didn’t include. But the main concept for the game was stolen from Gran Turismo.

    – “Accessible”, is another word for “casual” or “arcade”. Once again Forza is an arcadey racer. It’s not as realistic as Gran Turismo. That is why some people may like Forza.

    – Pushed the envelope. Nope, Forza has turned into a yearly rehashed cash grab. Forza 5 had less content than Forza 4. The only thing new ih Forza 6 is baked weather effects on 7 tracks. PATHETIC! Forza is much younger than Gran Turismo and yet there has been 6 Forza Motorsport games and two Horizon games. Each instalment of Gran Turismo has more content than any Forza game. Who is the complacent one really? Dumb*ss!

    Your article is so dumb that you contradicted yourself. You’re basically hating on Gran Turismo for staying true to being a proper sim while praising Forza for ripping off Gran Turismo, except Forza has less content and is more of an arcade racer. Get off the internet Pramath.

    • freekface

      Another day and another “XbotMK1” Post trying to limit the damage because it’s negative for the PlayStation, do you really think anyone is going to read your book length post, seriously?.

      Listen pal, the days when all the sites sucked up to Sony and the PS4 are over and you need to stop patrolling every site for any articles that don’t favour Sony or the PS4.

    • XbotMK1

      Nope, this isn’t about the PS4. The problem I have is the corrupt, dishonest, media bias from Gamingbolt and constant Xbox One damage control shilling.

      Why did Pramath bring up Gran Turismo? This article is nothing more than dishonest garbage trying to get people to buy Xbox Ones by spreading missinformation about Gran Turismo.

      Funny how you say, “The days when all the sites sucked up to Sony and the PS4 are over”

      Most news site I’ve seen over the past two years haven’t been sucking up to Sony or the PS4. Most news sites I’ve seen have been sucking up to Microsoft and covering up Microsoft’s shady practices, lying about the cloud, hyping up Microsoft’s proprietary API, telling you resolution doesn’t matter, then telling you resolution does matter, acting like exclusives only count during the holidays, and desperately trying to sell Xbox Ones. Guess who has been doing this the past year? Gamingbolt.

      Regardless, your comment is completely irrelevant to the fact that Gamingbolt has released another garbage article, now go f*ck yourself Gamingbolt shill. 🙂

    • freekface

      You seem to have serious learning difficulties or worse, does someone look after you who you could show your posts to before you post ?.

      Using multis like you do such as “Kinect” I’m beginning to wonder if you actually believe you are two people for real.

    • GamerJudge

      “Regardless, your comment is completely irrelevant” You always say that when a comment isn’t aligned with what you say.

      “fact that Gamingbolt has released another garbage article” That’s not a fact that’s your opinion.

    • XbotMK1

      So articles that lie and contradict itself, are not garbage?

      You’re defending Gamingbolt. Get lost GamerJudge. Stop supporting corruption, lies, and licking Microsoft’s crack.

    • GamerJudge

      Any article that says anything negative about anything PS related is a lie and the media is corrupt in your eyes but of course that’s only because you are a Sony Drone Corporate Slave Tool Hypocrite who constantly sucks off and damages control for Sony.
      Na I won’t be getting lost, sorry you don’t like being called out but you will deal with it.

    • XbotMK1

      Nope, there are many news articles that criticize Sony or PlayStation that I completely agree with.

      The sites I attack are the ones that lie and are blatantly being bias in their selective news reporting with click-bait and harbor Microsoft fanboy shills and trolls.

      I’m calling you and Gamingbolt out. Funny how you haven’t provided and facts or valid arguments to adress the points I made in my comment. Instead, you just went straight to attacking me. You just can’t handle the truth I stated in my comment.

      Stop defending Gamingbolt and Microsoft, GAMERFUDGE

    • GamerJudge

      You have provided neither facts or an argument that needs to be shut down. All you did was insult Gamingbolt, cry because they said something bad about the piece of plastic you worship like a god, and scream rip off just to try and make your long and boring rant relevant.
      I’ll say it again you are a Sony Drone Corporate Slave who worships a company, a piece of plastic like a god and will lie, misinform and what not to try and please your ego and a company who doesn’t give two sh*ts about you but your money and free propaganda. You and every other mindless drone out there from any camp are a cancer that should be cured.
      Gods day.

    • Terminator
    • Psionicinversion

      Hahaha whatever, the last 2 years they’ve been giving MS crap, especially IGN. Them you got dualshockers, gamespot etc all suck up to Sony so your just lying, which is no surprise from your past

    • GamerJudge

      Jesus you indeed are a Sony Drone Corporate Slave Tool.

    • XbotMK1

      So you failed to provide a valid argument again. Nope, this is a prime example of news media corruption and bias and I explained why in my comment. Read my entire comment first before getting mad and attacking me for telling you what you don’t want to hear.

    • Psionicinversion

      You having a laugh every Sony article wreaks of media bias

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Salty meltdown.
      We haven’t even asked for full DX12 to be used!!!

    • Tech junkie

      Let me just remind you your great gt 6 sold 2 million copies with a console base of 80 million. Forza 5 sold more with a console base of 14 million.

      I won’t mention Gt 5 was a ps2 game on Ps3

      I sim race on console and PC and actually race real cars. Forza has the most realistic feel of any console race game.

    • Anthony

      Forza is less reslistic than Gran Turismo. Forza 4 was an Xbox game on Xbox 360. Forza 5 was an Xbox 360 game on Xbox One. Gran Turismo is a sim. Forza is an arcade that coppied Gran Turismo game concept.

      GT6 is a last gen game and it sold 2.7 million coppies. Forza 5 sold 2 million coppies and it is a current gen game.

      I guess Xbox fanboys still feel the need to lie since Xbox One isn’t doing as well.

    • Psionicinversion

      2.7 million on a massive console base is pretty bad. GT7 is going be full of old cars that won’t be updated that’s why it sucks and I think a person who races real cars is going to have a better idea of which on is more realistic

    • Tech junkie

      Forza is not an arcade racer not even close. I race PC sims all the time. Forza has a better feel than any other console sim. I also used to actually race. My old track car was a highly modified 88 trans am. I raced everything on the track from old junk to heavily mod cars, to brand new high end street cars.

      Have you even played Forza. What about a sim besides GT.

      Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant it was a better seller given the install base. Last article I read GT only sold 2 million which is sad considering what the rest of the series sold. Game has gone in the tank. GT was my favorite series. GT5 was a huge let down for me. PS2 graphics on PS3 is not acceptable.

  • freekface

    The Forza 6 demo is amazing best graphics in a racing game yet and it’s all at 1080p and locked 60FPS, I don’t know how Turn 10 do it they must be one of the most talented dev teams on the planet.

  • archfiendx
    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      We never wanted a dynamic weather system for Forza 6. Remember that.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    Before Sony fans say.
    We agreed with pre-baking the lighting.
    We agreed with pre-baked rain and night racing.
    We haven’t asked for the DX12 version yet. This is still DX11 remember.
    We may ask for dynamic lighting and weather for the next version.
    Or we may agree and not want it then either.

  • freekface

    Very well made TV commercial for the game.

  • E.J457

    Garbage news site

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