Forza Motorsport 6 on Scorpio Has Gone ‘Over Ultra Settings’, We Still Have Power Left To Tap- Turn 10

Well and truly a beast.

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The Xbox Scorpio’s reveal last week was was purely focused on its hardware- the specs that drive the machine under the hood and make it the ‘beast’ that Microsoft has promised it will be. In all of this, no new game running on the hardware was shown- but one older game was, as Microsoft showed off Turn 10’s 2015 game Forza Motorsport 6 running on Scorpio to demonstrate not only what kind of visual targets games will be able to hit on the system, but the extent of the system’s deep resources.

Now, Turn 10 has spoken a bit more about getting Forza 6 to run on Scorpio, noting that they were able to go even above and beyond the Ultra settings on Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, the free to play PC variant of Forza 6 that came out last year.

“The crazy story here is that we’ve gone over our PC ultra settings and for everything that’s GPU-related, we’ve been able to max it – and that’s what we’re running at, 88 per cent,” Turn 10’s Software Architect Chris Tector said to Eurogamer. “This is rendering the player LOD for every car, so you won’t see a single LOD pop. [It’s the] top-level model you’d see in race, one below what you see in Autovista, the model you usually only see for the player. And then we balance out LODs across the scene. It’s a disgusting abuse of GPU power is what it is, right?

“It’s horrible but we can do it and we still have the power left over. The awesome part about the whole story [is] that we can spend all this time heading into the future. Instead of saying how are we going to wrestle to get the performance on this, we’re actually saying we can make this quality trade-off or this quality trade-off and spend that time iterating heading towards much better image quality – so instead of stressing about getting to a final resolution for titles or a final frame-rate, we can really drive it all into quality.”

All of which is to say- the Scorpio appears to be exemplarily designed for what it is. It is unlikely that games targeted for its native level of power may have been able to hit 4K consistently, for instance- but in running Xbox One levels of games, its absurd abundance of hardware power and specs means that games will always look far better than they otherwise might have.

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  • Edward Turvey

    We didn’t push the PC version as hard as we could have.

    • C. Hoffer

      Based on the way he is ‘speaking’, they never really optimized the game engine for a forward moving target detail or thought about improving things beyond a simple closed loop track with very finite resources showing on screen.
      If they had been thinking outside their limited scope, the PC version Ultra would absolutely crush anything Scorpio could do and he would be definitely NOT be talking about their ‘abuse’ of GPU power to display every game asset on screen at ‘Ultra’ using brute force.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Do you have any comparison shots of other PC games that looks better than forza apex at ultra settings?

      Because saying things like “they did not optimize for PC” wouldn’t make any sense if no other PC racers did what you are berating them for.

      Anyway it’s good that they’re able to do what they said and still have headroom to do more. It is something to be celebrated not drag through the mud like you guys are doing.

    • Riggybro

      Fair enough.

      It’s just confusing as a PC gamer because it is basically saying based on that single benchmark Scorpio pretty much beats all GPUs on the market (except for $1200 Titan Xp). Which is absolutely ludicrous. Why would AMD do that to themselves? Is Scorpio that much of a revolution that it will completely overturn technology for the last two years and then the next couple of years going forward?!

      Can you understand the suspicion…? It seems a bit… unbelievable. Kinda like the Mark Cerny 16 bit quote…

      But hey. If it’s that good then no need to buy any AMD CPUs or GPUs for the next couple of years because Scorpio is better and cheaper… thanks Microsoft!

    • Mark

      I was thinking about this today, like you know AMD and Nvidia is watching Scorpio and its acceptance. But u know, most PC gamers aren’t gonna leave PC platform just for Scorpio…..I don’t think AMD and Nvidia have anything to worry about

    • Riggybro

      I don’t think existing PC gamers with tech from the last couple of years would jump ship but think of it this way –

      If Scorpio is the miracle that is implied (i.e. – a GPU beater) then many future customers would think why bother buying AMD parts to build a new PC? You can get a Scorpio for MUCH cheaper.

      It seems strange that AMD would jeopardise their “bread and butter” this way.
      Hence why that benchmark makes me either sceptical OR the whole tech market is about to be overturned…(!)

      Need to see a 3rd party Scorpio benchmark!

      Scorpio looks great though. Not disputing that. Just that benchmark…

    • bardock5151

      “You can get a Scorpio for MUCH cheaper.” Yeah, still all AMD tech. AMD still making a lot of money from the console.

    • Rebelox

      Microsoft bought AMD as a company..

    • Mark

      Yeah but PC gamers will have to join a walled garden of sorts; having to pay for online, little to no graphics and frame rate settings options, and all the great benefits on PC that console doesn’t have….they won’t migrate man, not in any big way. But if they did, then dam, things would change for AMD and Nvidia ahaha

    • No_CARRIER

      Scorpio and consoles in general can’t be compared to computer performance based solely on hardware. At the end of the day this isn’t a CPU and GPU, and some RAM. It’s a single SOC with the CPU/GPU/audio processor, etc. all combined into a single chip with 12 separate 1GB DDR5 modules to provide a super high speed 326GB/sec, 384-bit memory interface. The hardware architecture is just highly optimized for gaming and not much else.

      This means developers can optimize their games and engines for this single architecture. So that 6 teraflop performance goes a lot further in a console than it would on a PC gaming rig.

      In the PC world developers need to build for any number of different hardware combinations and even account for software overhead. Which makes it impossible to be as optimized as on a console. You can get close, but there’s always going to be a battle of optimizations from not only the software developer (patches and updates), but also the GPU manufacturer (what driver version is the user running?), and of course Microsoft (what version of DirectX is the user running?). And what software overhead does the user have running on their PC.

      Does this mean the PC Master Race has lost? Of course not, by the time Scorpio hits the shelves and has been in the market for a short while, PC Master Race will provide way more power at a much cheaper price – as it always does.


    • Riggybro

      Thank you, I am definitely aware of this.

      I am pointing out rather the extent of the difference.

      The benchmark indicates it is not the normal “it performs like a mid-range PC with a last gen GPU” type of console release.

      If you look up PC Forza benchmarks 4K 60 fps at ultra settings (and factor in using only 88% of the GPU) that is NOT equivalent to a gtx 1070.
      It is much much higher.

      Yes I am aware it is a tech demo in controlled circumstances – hence why I am saying it is a little too unbelievable.
      We really need a 3rd party benchmark.

    • JuneMas

      AMD makes the APU’s of both the PS4 systems and all the iterations of the X1. Consoles never impeded companies from making yearly GPU updates.

    • Mark

      Yessir. PC gamers love the openness of PC, and not having to pay for yearly online subscriptions, not to mention being able to tweak game settings

    • Luke Skywalker

      hmm, in all honesty I think you’ve hyperbolized what they’ve said. in no way did they say scorpio “beats all GPUs on the market”. all they’ve said is that scorpio allowed them to turn up the settings all the way up to 11 based on how their game engine is designed and the features it supports when paired with the console.

    • Riggybro

      I was not basing it on the words they have said.
      I was basing it on the benchmarks.

      4K at 60fps on Forza with A LOT of overhead remaining beats most GPUs on the market.

      Based on available tech this is phenomenal – essentially a miracle for a 6 TF 480.
      Because of this it is causing some suspicion.

      Think of it this way –
      Microsoft release a Scorpio benchmark of Battlefield 1 running on ultra at 4K 60 fps with only 80% GPU usage….
      WHAAAT?! We would say..
      That beats a 1080 ti!

    • Luke Skywalker

      Oh ok. But it’s just for their engine, not all engines are created equal.

    • C. Hoffer

      What is left on the table is that their ’11’ in their tiny track environment is a ‘4’ in an open world one. I think its great they are doing well with Forza and have more potential to use. I think it’s terrible they way things are being spun without regard to the Forza engine design and the tiny environment is works on.

    • kreator

      quote from digital foundry article”From what I’ve seen so far, there is some evidence that Scorpio’s true 4K performance could pose a challenge to the likes of Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and AMD’s Fury X-class hardware. I’ve seen Microsoft’s new console running a Forza Motorsport 6-level experience locked to 4K60 on the equivalent to PC’s ultra settings – cranking up the quality presets to obscene levels was one of the first things developer Turn 10 did when confronted with the sheer amount of headroom it had left after a straight Xbox One port. Out of interest, we tested Forza 6 Apex with similar settings at 4K on GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080. Frames were dropped on GTX 1060 (and a lot of them when wet weather conditions kicked in), while GTX 1070 held firm with only the most intense wet weather conditions causing performance dips. Only GTX 1080 held completely solid in all test cases. It’s only one data point, and the extent to which the code is comparable at all is debatable, but it certainly doesn’t harm Scorpio’s credentials: Forza 6 Apex received plenty of praise for the quality of its PC port.”That excerpt is directly from one of the articles. So Scorpio runs Forza better then the 1070 a 400 dollar graphics card completely unoptimized!

    • Riggybro

      Based on his whole comment it runs better than a 1070.

      He is saying a 1080 is a match however then he drops the “Scorpio only using 88% of GPU” bomb.

      So that’s more like a $600 plus GPU.

      Which to be honest… sounds like marketing speak.

    • kreator

      So now DF was also paid to market the Scorpio?? Do tell, do tell

    • Riggybro

      Not the conclusion I would jump to but each to their own.

    • C. Hoffer

      There should be no confusion as a PC gamer.
      Simple logic – If GPU performance in a console matches or exceeds a high end video card worth 3x what the whole console does then there can only be a few reasons.
      1. The console is using very advanced NEW hardware and very engine (software) optimized while compared against a much older (despite expense) PC card.
      2. The PC platform is very poorly done and has substantial overhead/lack of optimization.
      3. The scope of the game/engine is extremely small and as such the devs optimized it so much for the restrictive console environment that it is actually performance limited on the more powerful hardware. This is typically done by limiting resolutions or textures or providing very small environments (e.g. race tracks).

      There simply is no ‘extra’ wins that the PC unit can draw faster as the items don’t exist beyond the wall of the track or sky bubble you drive in.

    • C. Hoffer

      Have you actually SEEN Forza 6? The cars look fantastic!…and that’s about it.
      The buildings on the edge of the race tracks look pretty good but are less than fantastic. The amount of items they need to draw on screen on any of those tracks or the neighboring visuals that pass adjacent to the track is severely limited in scope.

      If you want me to say their engine is ‘great’ then have them do a drive anywhere world using the same engine. I don’t mean more racing through portions of cities but more open stuff like jungles/overland without walls, mountain passes and buildings to obstruct views and then we’ll talk. As of right now, its a great race TRACK. Note the emphasis on the closed loop word ‘track’.

    • Robenajmontes

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    • Living While Alive


    • MickaelSuarez

      Apex is an unoptimized crappy f2p, Horizon 3 is a crappy port.

      It show us how skilless they are in pc gaming.

    • Living While Alive


    • C. Hoffer

      If my statements were incorrect then they wouldn’t be have been able to turn up the graphics to ’11’ and outperform dedicated video cards that are worth as much as the whole console. ROFL

    • Edward Turvey

      Clearly not wrong as there are far more powerful GPUs than the one found in the Scorpio. Turn 10 could have easily pushed the visuals further on PC and chose not too.

    • Living While Alive

      Wrong again.

      Links/references available per request

      DF ran 3 different PC setups @ 4k 60fps natively, ultra settings along side Scorpio.

      That’s how DF came to their analysis that the Scorpio’s PC equivalent is a GTX1080.

      The 3 different PC setups that DF ran(GPU only DF didn’t specify CPU yet)were:

      GTX1060 (4.4TF); GTX1070(6.5TF); GTX1080(9.0TF)

      There’s no reason to test any further than a GTX1080.

      I mean my God man it’s a 9TF GPU card. Smh

      DF found an acceptable range for comparison and that’s all we need.

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    There are a lot of stupid people posting here. PCs will never be completely optimized as consoles. There are too many configurations to focus on. Impossible. yet console is one particular feature set that all devs can have laser like focus. Scorpio is a beast.

    • Mark


  • Luke Skywalker

    I think this means going forward a lot of features will be added to forza. I wonder what playground games are going to do with all

    • Mark

      Yeah last time they had puddles, which was a very nice new feature

  • kee1haul

    The negative spin in the comments is unreal.

    • One The One

      PlayStation fanboys’ mental retardation is unreal.

    • C. Hoffer

      It happens. Forza devs are doing great things for Forza fans.
      Used as a representation of Scoprio and the rest of the gaming industry that has moved to large scale, open worlds with a goal of going where you want when you want but still getting the same level of ’11’ quality detail that Forza has….well that remains to be seen.
      It’s unfortunate that Scalebound was cancelled as that is about the only game that might have been able to demonstrate those limits more effectively. :/

    • kee1haul

      I wanted Scalebound.

  • Mr Xrat

    lol Forza is the last game you want to use to benchmark tech, and even then you can see the shortcuts they had to do in that screenshot to push the narrative.

    • Jagosix

      Well…. What game do you think should be the defacto standard testing for benchmarking a CONSOLE? Not a PC.

    • C. Hoffer

      Something that is open world and struggles with high resolutions and frame rates and has the ability to supply us with immensely detailed worlds. If Horizon was cross platform, I’d say use that. If Uncharted 4 was cross platform I’d say that would be ‘ok’ but not the best as it is still a structured environment. There is no currently available game that is high end for Xbox that can be used…sigh.

    • Edward Turvey

      Witcher 3

  • Living While Alive

    No one does research anymore.

    Links/references available per request!!

    1. The ForzaTech engine is the best performing engine out there on xbox and PC.

    2. When Turn10 was discussing this with Digital Foundry, he stated how “PC’s have a disgusting use of power”
    PC games are not optimized for PC because of the many, many different hardware iteration.

    That’s why, PC’s try to use brute strength(GTX1080/Fury X) to run games @ 4k 60fps natively or higher!

    3. Turn 10 took the PC version on Forza because Forza 6 on Xbox doesn’t have any 4k assets.

    Turn 10 then took the PC version and boost the GPU settings all the way to “ultra”. The highest PC equivalent settings (non- optimized)and still only used 88% of ScorpioScorpio’s power.

    Scorpio ran the PC version of Forza @ 4k 60fps natively with GPU settings locked to ultra!!!

    Meaning room for enhancements.

    Meaning, why Digital Foundry compared the Scorpio to a GTX1080, because the GTX1080 was the only graphics card to perform just like Scorpio.

    Meaning, no screen tears, frame rate drops, resolution dips etc.

    A GTX1080 is 10TF @ $1,500 by the way.

    Like I said links/references available per request.

    Don’t be mad when you’re proves wrong


    Xbox Scorpio=Native 4K 30fps-60fps vs
    PS4 PRO=Checkerboard rendering fake 4K 30fps

    • C. Hoffer

      those 360 games don’t look any better when running them on the One S and won’t look any better on the upcoming system. M$ needs to get some new stuff out there. And I don’t mean Halo 6 or Gears 5….ugh….
      Only thing I can look forward to is Andromeda and hope they have a bunch of it fixed and improved by the time Scorpio hits the ground.

    • Living While Alive

      Wrong again!!!

      ALL Xbox 360/One games will not only look better but play better too.

      1080p 60fps/4k 60fps natively.

      Links/ references available per request.


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