FTC Slams Deceptive and Shady Xbox One Marketing

I’m glad the FTC fished this out.

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The Xbox one may have come a long way since its launch, but back when it was still suffering from the disastrous reveal at E3 2013, it was trying to get all the good publicity that it could get. YouTube group Machinima came up with a program for just that- make a positive video about the Xbox One, get paid extra. And of course, don’t talk about this program, because NDAs.

It was shady and underhanded, and apparently, the Federal Trade Commission in the United States thinks so too. Slamming Machinima for deceptive marketing, done without full disclosure, they released a statement pointing out that a settlement had been reached that would prevent Machinima from pulling something like this ever again.

“In numerous instances, Respondent has failed to disclose, or disclose adequately, that the individuals who posted the reviews were compensated in connection with their endorsements,” wrote the FTC. “This fact would be material to consumers in their purchasing decisions regarding Xbox One and the Launch Titles. The failure to disclose this fact, in light of the representations made, was, and is, a deceptive practice.”

Yeesh. I mean, under Spencer, the Xbox division seems to be a different entity entirely, but yikes, guys.

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  • lagann

    Ms sucks at marketing. Im still in the opinion that even with Spencer, their marketing team needs to go.

  • Psionicinversion

    Maybe the FTC should go ask why does the ign team get free ps4s from Sony for being heavily biased and throwing the xbox under the bus



    • Starman

      and tv’s monitors , they did the whole news room / office over for them …

    • DarkSeptember

      That’s right , try to shift the argument away from Microsoft , when the whole article is about Microsoft…I guess some people (you) cannot accept that their favourite multi-billion corporation can do no wrong.


    The FTC should investigate Gamestop cause ever time i walk into that store the cashiers are always trying to force a PS4 down my throat i keep telling them that i already have a Xbox One i’m good

  • Starman

    no one belives this crap anymore , every time xb1 makes a new positive mark , sony sends out the damage control to sabotage ..lol it’s a joke , but sony doesn’t need to be investigated , they have run the most crooked campaigns in the history of gaming …”psn now” anyone ..lolgive me a break….

    • DarkSeptember

      Oh dear Starman , you really are the biggest Xbox joke. There are plenty of people out there laughing at your insecurities. Maybe you need to seek help.

  • Starman

    air-play and exposure on someone else stage or platform , cost money …

    for exposure , advertisement and marketing … not reviews etc etc .. that didn’t happen , but if we backtrack sony’s history .. oh boy the cow dung will fall everywhere .. gtfo ..ftc go suk a dic

    • DarkSeptember

      That entire comment made NO SENCE.Heres some advice , before you post a comment , make sure you read it first , otherwise you might come across as being a below average intelligence idiot…….


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