Further Indication That Xbox One Slim May Be Under Production

Several more job listings emerge for Xbox engineers.

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Yesterday, several job listings emerged to indicate that Microsoft be working on a slim version of its Xbox One console. Other listing haves since emerged to further substantiate the existence or at least the development of the Xbox One Slim.

A listing for an Xbox Power Supply Design Verification Engineer outlines duties which include “design verification and qualification of the Xbox power supply at the component, and system levels.” One of the qualifications includes, “Experience in hardware prototype bring-up, debug, fault detection, failure analysis, and yield improvement.”

Another listing for an Xbox CAD Librarian has a role whose “primary focal point for leading library development activities, working very close to electrical engineers, DFM, DFT, and component engineers to ensure high reliability of the library.” Furthermore, the candidate will be “responsible for developing and maintaining the CAD library including create PCB and schematic symbols and managing CAD data in the PLM system.”

If you look closely at the qualifications, you’ll find that Microsoft is looking for “Knowledge of high volume consumer electronics design and manufacturing is desired” and that “design for assembly is a plus.” You’ll also need to be able to travel both across the country and abroad obviously.

Finally, there’s a requirement for an Xbox System Engineer which requires skills maintaining multiple products and managing issues across multiple teams. Some of the requirements include, “Skills in hardware and software engineering such as USB, SATA and PCIe both at the protocol and signal level verification, voltage regulation, embedded software or digital signal processing” and “Experience in testing consumer electronics at the platform, product line, product, sub-assembly and component levels.”

The emphasis on “testing” is our own but whichever way you look at it, something’s got to give. This isn’t to say that an Xbox One Slim will be announced in the next month or so. In fact, even when rumours of the Xbox 360 Slim first emerged, it still took roughly 2 years before Microsoft actually announced the same. This could be the case for the Xbox One Slim as well.

Take this all with a grain of salt as usual and let us know whether you’d be interested in an Xbox One Slim in the coming few years.

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  • Vance

    it could simply mean they’re working on a new inhouse peripheral. gamingbolt/ravi Sinha I think you are reaching, trying to find a reason for these new xbox division job ads. this is the second or 3rd posting about Microsoft making an Xbox One Slim. but I think this article took the cake when he went as far as saying Microsoft did the same wit the xbox 360 slim by hiring hardware engineers.
    well if I remember correctly the xbox 360 slim was announced in 2010 the Kinect 1 was also released in 2010

    • Not to mention ripping off the work of thegamescabin without giving credit…

  • shredenvain

    I agree Vance. Shrinking the APU die down to 20 nm doesn’t mean the systems case will be shrunk or changed. They would save money with a die shrink once the process has been refined allowing them to make more profit. The 360 had 2 die shrinks and was changed to an APU without any change to the actual case.

  • Guest

    It’s the Xbox Two, MS knows all to well what the Xbox One has become. Plus you don’t have to hire new electrical enigeers for a die shrink as the circuitry remains the same if it were for an Xbox One slim. The system engineer requiring to maintain multiple products means that they are going to tier their hardware. This is for a new architecture that will remain compatible with the Xbox One software.
    It’s basically all PC architecture running Windows for them, so this isn’t far fetched.

  • dapaintrain

    From what sony and ms announced prior it took 5 years to develop new consoles so odds are we will see people starting to get hired to work on the next generation now.

    Both companies have claimed that they don’t see the ps4 / xb1 gen lasting as long as the ps3 and 360 gen did.

  • Omar

    If they can maintain the XB1’s quiet and cool status, I’m good with them scaling down. My XB1 runs a minimum of 6 hours a day, every single day and it never gets hot or make any noise. And I don’t mean the tv sound drowns it out; I can mute it and still not hear the system running. I prefer cool and quiet to small. Its not like the size is an inconvenience for me.


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