Game Developer Explains PS3/360 Difference In The Best Possible Way

The age old question probably settled for good.

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We recently got a chance to interview Hilmar Dietrich, Head of Programming, Noumena Studios and we discussed about their upcoming game: The Dark Eye Demonicon.  The game is multiplatform, releasing on PC as well as on consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Normally, developing on various platforms gives developers the knowledge of understanding the pros and cons of each hardware.

When we asked Hilmar whether they found any advantages for the PS3 over the 360 and vice versa, he replied in perhaps the best way possible.

Both consoles have their advantages and disadvantages. On PS3 we use the always existing hard drive to minimise the loading times which will lead to a smoother gameplay experience. On the other hand is the better graphic chip in 360. We could render some of the effects in higher quality because we are not forced to calculate many things in half precision. We try our best to get best out of both platforms but at the end their will be some slight differences,” he explained.

He also explained why development was easier for them on the PC and challenging on the consoles. “On PC we have a special user interface for all gamers who want to play with mouse and keyboard. All other gameplay features were identical to the PC version, so all gamers will have the same experience when they play Demonicon. The visual quality is very close to the PC version because we are not forced to switch off effects or to reduce dramatically the quality,” he said.

“The development of the console version was a tough experience for our team, because we were developing only PC-games in the past. Our partner studio Gaming Minds (Port Royale-series, Patrician-series) helped us a lot with their experience so that we can release a fantastic looking version for both consoles.”

The Dark Eye Demonicon is published by Kalypose Media and will see a release in 2013. And you should keep an eye out for it. It is shaping up to be solid game. You can read our full interview here.

What do you guys think about Hilmar’s comments? Do you agree with him? Do you disgaree with him? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • WoW not another back water developer not knowing that to take full advantage of the PS3’s GPU 550 MHz NVIDIA RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’ in post processing is to throw all post processing on the CPU 3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine with 1 PPE & 6 SPEs making the GPU much more powerful then an
    500 MHz ATI Xenos….

    • Zach


    • Ari Martell

      There wasn’t a mention of RAM made, so apparently it isn’t a big enough deal to matter. But then again, you obviously know more than the developers.

    • Shagohod

      Oh look, another PauperStation fanboy that thinks he knows what he is talking about. Sony overhype and underdeliver and you fell for it, like the rest of the dumb PS community. Cell is a joke and that’s why the ENTIRE tech industry has dropped support for it and developers will NEVER take the long road for it, even when they are forced to like the Sony first parties.
      The PS3 is a joke! That ‘s why 95+% of the time it receives the inferior ports.
      Inferior go nuts to program for Cell CPU, inferior GPU, inferior split memory architecture that bottlenecks all over the place without an eDRAM buffer, yeah awesome. /s
      Those handful of exclusives won’t save PlayStation as last year and this year they all sold terribly and MS already has more first party studios than Sony has now and showed the biggest gen over gen growth in gaming history.
      With the Xbox brand being integrated into phones and PC’s and the widepread media, Sony is, especially conisdering their current situation, NEVER going to win this, EVER!

    • dardo

      wow this kid loves licking microsoft ax

    • Kayoss860

      WOW another Xbox fanboy bash on Sony without know the details. Let put is this way… Why do developers develope games on the xbox360 and porting it to the Sony?? Because you cant develope games on Sony at its full potential and port it to the xbox360. Why? because its a lot harder to do. for example, Final Fantasy 13 was developed on the PS3 and ported to the xbox360. Even Square Enix said it was a tough task because of capacity size of the DVD and system differences. The finish product was less then stellar on the xbox 360. If Sony is so crappy… i can place a safe bet that by visual and performances on exclusive Sony games vs exclusive xbox games… Sony games will win out every time. You look at games like Heavy Rain, GOW 3, uncharted 3, etc… its a visual and performance master piece when it compared to xbox exclusives. I have to admit Halo 4 is an awesome game but the graphic and performances that is displayed in that game was already seen in some of Sony older releases (heavy rain). Its the fact that developers dont want to take the time to full explore PS3 architech. If they are not lazy they can achieve games like GOW 3 visual. When the last of us and beyond two souls are release, these games will make GOW 3 look last gen.

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      Shagohod. Stop insulting Sony all over this site just because you are a jealous, unintelligent fanboy. They’re the best publisher in the industry and their hardware is way better than Microsoft’s or Nintendo’s.

      Microsoft has more studios than Sony? I’m guessing every one of them is focused on Kinect games right now, huh? Sony has a hell of a lot more quality studios than Microsoft, that’s for damn sure. Microsoft is the most greedy company in the game industry, right above Activision and Capcom. You have to pay a monthly fee to use your console’s web browser, to use Netflix, to play your games online? That’s disgusting and shameful. Enjoy giving Microsoft your lunch money as they cancel wonderful-sounding projects like that Perfect Dark sequel for more Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable and crappy Kinect games(likely 80% of the exclusives the next Xbox will get next generation). The PS3 is the #1 platform for Netflix development because Sony isn’t a greedy, stuck-up company that prevents their users from accessing applications like that to try to bully them into paying a monthly fee.

      Microsoft might just be the worst thing to ever happen to the game industry, at least when they started up the Xbox brand. I loved the original Xbox, but that was clearly just their “market penetration phase” console and the 360 is their “milk our customers who are susceptible to advertising dry” phase, aka their true colors that you can expect to continue to see for the rest of the Xbox brand’s existence.

      With Sony’s acquisition of Gaikai I guarantee you that their Playstation offerings on mobile devices will outshine Microsoft’s by miles, same with their PC cloud-gaming offerings. It’s not about “winning,” you imbecile, it’s about providing their customers with the best possible experience. Sony is undoubtedly above the competition in that regard, with Nintendo’s hardware and software being mediocre and Microsoft being so greedy and having a bad selection of software as well. You should hop off Microsoft’s dick ASAP, if you don’t want people to look down on you.

  • ariessiren

    yeah i wouldnt take this guys word for nothing. thats like saying a guy from ITT tech giving advise on apple software. no one would take him seriously because he went to itt tech vs a real university. yeah no

  • PS3 is much better


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