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Folks, it’s time again to vote for your favourite games of the year. This time we have close to 60 categories and there are tons of deserving games that have been nominated. So without any further delays, I present to you GamingBolt’s 2nd annual Game of the Year Nominations!

Note: Please click the links below to see the Nominations!

Best Sequel, Best Protagonist: Male, Best Antagonist: Male, Best Protagonist: Female, Best Antagonist: Female, Best Couple/Duo

Most Underachieved Game, Most Overachieved Game, Most Underrated Game, Most Overrated Game, Worst Game of the Year, Best Innovation of the Year

Best Downloadable Content, Best Environments/Art, Best Beta, Most Memorable Moment, Best Boss Fights, Most Difficult Game

Best Role Playing Game, Best First Person Shooter, Best Third Person Shooter, Best Action/Adventure Game, Best Sports Game, Best Racing Game

Best Open Sandbox Game, Best Survival Horror Game, Best Rhythm/Music Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Best Platformer, Best Strategy Game

Best Fighting Game, Best Indie Game, Best Developer, Best Publisher, Best Thing to Happen in 2010 for Video Games

Best Graphics, Best Sound, Best Voice Acting, Best Story, Best Cutscenes, Best Motion Capture, Best Lip Sync

PlayStation 3 Game of the Year, Xbox 360 Game of the Year, PSP Game of the Year,

PC Game of the Year, Wii Game of the Year, DS Game of the Year, Multiplatform Game of the Year,

Best PSN Game, Best XBL Game, Best Wiiware, Best Move Game, Best Kinect Game

Game of the Year 2010, Most Anticipated Game of 2011

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  • now that uncharted 3 has been announced I think that has to be added to most anticipated of 2011

    • I think Mass Effect 3 and Elder Scrolls 5 should be added to the most anticipated games of 2011 as well

  • Aw shit, this is so sickening to see. Everyone has voted for God of War III and Heavy Rain, while other games like Mass Effect 2 and SMG2 were much, much, much more deserving. It seems majority of the people who have voted here till now have been Sony fanboys.

  • This is actually seriously disgusting. God of War III is voted to the top for things it even failed in, above games which half of the voters haven’t even played. Sony fanboys most likely infest this place.

    Don’t get me wrong, GoWIII was a great game, but it most definitely shouldn’t be the highest in every category.

  • i think there is a mistake in best downloadable content red dead redemption has a dlc called undead nightmare not unreal nightmare

  • Where the hell is red dead redemption?

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  • Where the hell is Mass Effect 3 is the awaited games list? 😮

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  • Vanquish is the game of the year for 2010 for me!


    Marvel VS Capcm 3: Fate Of Two Worlds Is My Most Anticipated Game of 2011

  • Wow, you guys totally shafted Red Dead Redemption. I refuse to vote on anymore because so far, I’ve only seen it in two categories, “Most Overrated Game” and “Best DLC”. John Marston should be in “Best Male Protagonist”, Bonnie Macfarlane should be in “Best Female Protagonist”, it should get a nomination for “Best Environmental Art”, riding into Mexico should be on “Most Memorable Moment”, it should be in there for “Best Graphics”, “Best Sound”, “Best Story”, “Best Lip Syncing”, “Best Cutscenes” and it should DEFINITELY be in “Game of the Year”.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. You have almost completely written out one of the best games of the year and of all time. Why? Did the people making the nominations not LIKE it? Well, too bad. The fact that it wasn’t chosen over some of these other titles (Castlevania? REALLY?!) is an offense to all of video gaming. Good day, sir.

  • Astargatis

    Where is Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 in the category of best sports game?

    I don’t believe that ps3 games are overrated in any poll.God of war 3 and Heavy Rain are awesome games and they get what they deserve.Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker maybe is a bit underrated but i mostly agree with the rest.

  • @Matt: Well said!

  • J

    Innovation implies NEW … Mass Effect 2 carrying over saves from Mass Effect 1 is NOT NEW. Let’s see off the top of my head Ultima and Hero’s Quest come to mind they allowed this concept well before BioWare was a glimmer in anyones eyes. Don’t get me wrong Mass Effect 2 is fun but don’t claim shit is innovated when it does stuff that has already been done. Oh an Heavy Rain’s QTE 0.o are you shitting me never heard of Dragon’s Lair huh cause that is all that game was Dragon’s Lair on CRACK.

  • rak33n

    personally i believe that uncharted should get most anticipated of 2011 the game looks insane !

    • dh4645

      i agree, uncharted is second on my lest after killzone 3. also highly anticipated for me: infamous 2, gears of war 3, journey, duke nukem, la noire (maybe), the last guardian, pixeljunk shooter 2 (wish there was dlc for pjs 1 though) and portal 2.

  • tareq salah

    im calling it, uncharted 3 will win best game of 2011. no competition in sight


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