Gamestop Mortal Kombat Pre-Order Commercial Gets Them Every Time – Plus All Other Pre-Order Bonuses Listed

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We already know about the pre-order bonuses for Mortal Kombat as well as the Collector’s/Tournament Edition contents but here is a new video to promote the Gamestop pre-order bonus which is Scorpion’s Classic Costume with Fatality and all.  Check out the humorous video above otherwise I have failed as a headline writer.  Mortal Kombat will be out April 19th for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  There is of course the PS3 of Mortal Kombat gets the exclusive Kratos character (<Kratos Gameplay) from God of War which will be in all PS3 copies, but what does the Xbox 360 get? — Nothing or something freaking awesome! – we will find out soon enough.  The pre-order bonuses are as follows:


  • “Klassic” Scorpion Playable Character Skin
  • Original Scorpion Fatality






Best Buy

  • “Klassic” Sub-Zero Playable Character Skin
  • Original Sub-Zero Fatality



  • “Klassic” Reptile Playable Character Skin
  • Original Reptile Fatality

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  • LMAO wow, who knew Scorpion had game?
    Damn shame too, its a dog eat dog world. If he didn’t flamethrower her face off she would have taken a bite out of his with them big ass ugly teeth.

    • tareq salah

      you beat me to it :p
      he probably knew about it and she fell for it 😛

  • doub7

    So basically u can get the same character in whatever color u want…lol. Its cool that they r bringin back thr original fatalities tho. Would have 2 go w/ Scorpion.

  • doub7

    OK, now I may have 2 reconsider. Thanks 4 the vid, that rocked.

    • tareq salah

      plus the old school scorpion fatality is actually better than the one they put in this game. that skull fire is classic.

  • woodysroundup

    I know when I preordered GoW3, I got the extra character skin right then and there, but had to wait till the game was out to download it.

    When I got Red Dead Redemption at gamestop, the assassin’s suit code was attached to the box.

    I paid off my MK order at gamestop and received nothing.

    Pretty sure they are just early unlock codes. Or at least I hope they are and we don’t have to pay to unlock them. They are on the disc already for sure.

  • doub7

    They have done an amazing job w/ this mortal kombat. Finally got a chance 2 dl & play the demo 2day. I think it is the game we have always wanted. The xray moves r my favorite addition by far.

    • the graphics are good too but I think we all knew that was coming after seeing MK vs. DC universe

  • doub7

    Woody these days most gamestop codes u receive when u pick up the game & they r printed on the receipt. Just always make sure u check & ask cuz more often than not they 4get. I have 2 walk back in the store all the time 2 get my codes.

    • yea, and sometimes the employees do it on purpose so that you pay but they get the unlock code for themselves. Trust me, I know a few people who’ve worked there and they get away with it. It’s messed up but that’s why I don’t shop there.


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