Gears of War 3′s Visual Evolution Is Phenomenal: A Screenshot Comparison

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The images above are from Gears of War 3 and the ones below are from Gears of War 2.



Gears of War 3 is one of the major games releasing for the Xbox 360 later this year and it is a pretty important title for the system. Considering how Epic Games is really pushing the envelope for visuals in video games, we decided to check how Gears of War 3 has evolved compared to it’s predecessor. And the results are there for your viewing.
What do you think? Does Gears of War 3 will look even better than this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • you’re kidding right? Half of these screens look equal to, or less than Gears 2. You just sound like a fanboy trying to build up the hype

  • where did you complie the images from?

    because surely the first image is clearly not in-game real time but hi res rendering.

    In another words…bullshot!

    I remember seeing so many bullshots for Unreal Tournament 3. This is doing the same.

    The last picture with Gears of War 2. I don’t remember that enemy and it doesn’t look like those Teron Guards. Also the image is bullshot because it has Bokeh style to it in the background.

    Whether way great improvement in terms of visuals for outdated Unreal Engine 3.

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  • Damn they are really pushing the 360 , looks even better than Crysis 2 ! amazing

  • The above poster is right, you got bullshots mixed in and against ingame screen shots. I loved Gears 1, hated Gears 2 with a passion. Hoping Gears 3 brings it back again, but yeah, the difference is more subtal and more lighting then massive improvements.

  • horrible comparison DX

  • Very kickass

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  • This is the dumbest comparison ever. The last shot was taken in spectator mode in multiplayer for Gears 2 while the Gears 3 one is a professional, focused shot.

  • It really doesn’t look much better.

  • meh…over it
    Too many other tight franchises emerging and I can’t forgive the rubbish MP experience from last time. BTW I’m not a hater, I bought the other two and wait for the day that they do something new & wonderfull with the remarkable engine and talented crew that isn’t Gears….

  • cj

    Here’s a ingame Gears Of War 3 image

  • Well… Don’t think it’s too much of a difference to be honest. Looks good considering it’s on Xbox360, but I think this just shows that we need new consoles. While the PS3 still have some punch left, the 360 is just being left behind.

  • While the Gears 3 images look slightly sharper it wouldn’t matter during actual game play because I would never notice.

  • I thought gears 2 was a good looking game and from what i’ve seen of gears 3 it looks good, but I would not call the graphics a huge step up from the second installment. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that they wrap up the story well, and the game is great to play in single and multiplayer mode.

  • Phenomenal……………………..WHERE? It looks the same! The only thing about it is that it just looks more colorful, anyone can see that.
    That’s not to say it look bad, Gears never looked bad, but it is not this leaps and bound look like some of these delusional 360 fanboys and hyping it up to be, took off the nerd goggles, the shit looks the same, just look at Dom…he looks the fuckin’ same, just not he has better flesh tones rather than looking like he had a chemical peel.

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  • tareq salah

    lol i agree, somehow some of the gow 2 images are better.


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