God of War 3 visuals will blow Uncharted 2 out of the water

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It’s been over four years since this generation of gaming has begun. Xbox 360 started this race in 2005, a year ahead of PlayStation 3 and Wii. But after so many months, it’s safe that the best looking games all belong to the PlayStation 3 so far. One of the most recent exclusives Uncharted 2 set new standards in video game visuals and is easily one of the best looking if not the best looking game out there. But judging how Santa Monica’s God of War 3 is shaping up, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will be losing the elite trophy of best visuals by this March.

Let’s compare some of the screenshots from both of the games. It’s pretty difficult to compare both the game since they belong to different genre, however I will do my best to collect some finer points from the HD screens below:

Click the images to see in full screen.

Comparison One

This one is a close up of Kratos and Nathan Drake. As you can see, Kratos’s skin is wrinkled and the details are so immaculate. You can also see the small details like the armor shining and the stitches on his right eye. Nathan Drake on the other hand is obviously much younger than Kratos is, so no wrinkles for him, but it’s quite easy to make out that Nathan Drake pales in a comparison to Kratos in terms of visuals.

Comparison 2

This one pits the two in a situation where they are facing an enemy. It was a lot of fun to see Nathan Drake taking down enemies in sensational style, but if you take a closer look at the enemy (specially his hands) are less detailed and as compared to the guy who is going to get his head ripped off by Kratos.

Comparison 3

Uncharted 2 featured some of the best look environments; But God of War 3 will take it a step ahead with stunning vistas. Both of them are art works and are not actually in game screen shots, but it gives you a fair idea on the environments in both of the games. To be honest, this one will be close.

Comparison 4

We again take a close up shot of both the protagonists, but in a scenario where they are going to attack someone. Once again Kratos wins hands down. Take a look at his facial expression, the skin tone and the lighting effects on him. Nathan Drake, though beautifully modeled comes very close, but not close enough.

If you think that is not enough, check the scans below. It was posted by someone over at Game Trailers forums. Its low quality, but enough to give you an idea on what I am talking about.

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  • LBDz

    Joe you said…

    “In a best-case scenario you get edge-smoothing that is beyond the effect of 16x multi-sampling anti-aliasing, effectively delivering an effect better than the capabilities of high-end GPUs (( without crippling performance” ))

    This is what i said to you joe in the links above showing that the PS3 can do something more than what a PC can do IE (( edge-smoothing that is beyond the effect of 16x multi-sampling anti-aliasing )) while 360 is STUCK at 4xMSAA. This means that PS3 can give better looking edge techniques than 16xMSAA.

    That alone shows the PS3 can do better graphics than 360 thanks to the new tech found in the SPU’s. Also i said that it will not effect game play as explained by the developers for Saboteur and Naughty Dog’s lead designer and writer, Neil Druckmann. NOW UNCHARTED 2 proves this is correct. As this new technique can be uses without crippling performance.

    Also about the X-Engine tools.

    The X-Engine is a game engine built around Microsoft’s XNA project. It is designed to make implementation of many common tasks easy, as well as expand upon this with some more advanced features. It is designed to make all of this easy with a very modular system, where different components can be added and removed as required. The X-Engine built from the ground up in C# using XNA, and is compatible with both Windows and Xbox 360. The X-Engine is built on XNA Framework 2.0, and will be updated to XNA Framework 3.0 when the final version is released. IE why do you think that at CES 2010 MS said that 360 games could work on PC’s in the near future. If you want more info on x-engine look up the above on your Google.lol.

    What about the screenshots.? Yep your right, they are from the PC at the highest Spec settings. Now the reason i done them screenshots, and the reason they were done from my PC is too show you that games like L4D2 are MUCH better on PC than the 360 console version. So why play L4D2, ect on a 360 console when you can have better graphics on the PC, thats running better FPS than the 360.

    The 360 needs to up it’s consoles Graphics as clearing shown in their exclusive games. People can say what they like, but the 360 and PS3 were sold as NET GEN CONSOLES PLAYING NEXT GEN GRAPHICS. Yet the 360 has NOT given any good graphics since -2008, that could compete with the PS3’s exclusive games. This is why HALO REACH is using a NEW ENGINE to try and get these graphics i talk about, now Joe once this game gets released, listen to what engine they used. Its not UNREAL put it that way. lol.

    I think we have all played Call Of Duty 4. Well heres my point on WHY MS needs to up it’s graphics. These COD4 Screenshots are taken from my PC @ 1080p ( Plasma TV ) The screenshots are from a game that was released in November 2007, on both PC and Console, and yet theres not one game on the 360 that has better graphics as i’m showing you in links to date. Now on the PS3 Killzone 2 makes these COD4 screenshots look silly. Now Uncharted 2 is making KZ2 look silly, which shows PS3 is always pushing forward in the gaming graphics / gameplay while 360 is stuck in the past hoping NATAL will work instead.

    Screenshots from my PC, CLICK on the pictures to full size them.






    KillZone 2 Screenshots from PS3. CLICK on pictures to full size them. Now these are not from my PC they are taken from dailygame.net





    Now look at how Uncharted 2 screenshots look. Click on pictures to full size them. Not from my PC but taken from psu.com







    As this shows PS3 is getting better, and better, so where are the 360 games that can compete with the COD4 PC Game as shown above, let alone the KZ2 or UC2 games.

    • Joe

      “NOW UNCHARTED 2 proves this is correct. As this new technique can be uses without crippling performance.”

      Uncharted 2 did NOT use the AA technique that Saboteur did lol. how does uncharted 2 prove thats correct when it has nothing to do with whats being discussed? also, Uncharted 2 features the lowest possible amout of anti-aliasing possible (aside from using the horrible Quincux method), only having 2x.

      in regards to x-engine, if this: http://www.codeplex.com/xengine : is the engine youre talking about, it was not a microsoft in-house engine, it was just some guy making it on his own using the XNA tools that developers can use to make 360 games. if you read the VERY FIRST paragraph from the page that YOU got your description of the X-Engine from, you would realise that the ONE guy who was making X-Engine has stopped work on it.

      and i quote: “I have decided to stop work on the X-Engine. Although a lot of progress has been made, the code is poorly written and not designed well. However, not all progress will be lost. The engine is the inspiration for my new project, the Innovation Engine. ”

      now tell me this LBDz – how can you say that microsoft need x-engine, when X-Engine is, by its creators own accord, ‘poorly written and not designed well’ and has never shown ANY promise of having incredible graphics or, well, anything? there are many better looking and functioning engines than X-Engine.

      Killzone 2 does not put those COD4 shots look silly. Killzone 2s lighting system was the only thing technically impressive about it. the texture work was horrible, the character models were very low poly, and the framerate was all over the place. then theres the fact that it seemingly cant handle even those graphics while providing instant reaction to user inputs, like running a game on settings the computer cant support.

      also, those Uncharted 2 shots are not actual in-game shots, they have had numerous post-processing effects added on. notice how theres not a single ‘jaggie’ in any of them? thats pretty amazing considering the fact that Uncharted 2 features only very basic anti-aliasing.

      there is nothing graphically on the PS3 that cannot be done on the 360.

  • grave

    wow this guy joe must get a paycheck from microsoft … this shit is crazy seeing this guy try to defend his poor xbox … i mean give it up dude, microsoft built a shotty ass system, with no potential hardware in it. .. look at it this way … the xbox is a cheap pc, it has its limits and they have been reached rather fast. the ps3 and cell will outlive the xbox 360 just as ps2 did the original xbox … shit i can’t find an xbox game on a shelf .. but theres plenty of ps2 games to go around. 5 years time it will be the same way ….

  • LBDz

    Remember when i said about GOW III runs at 60-FPS, well as i told everyone ( JOE ) lol. it is now getting talked about on the NET so will soon be made official. GOD III is going to run like Dante’s Inferno, like i said before hand. BUT !! the videos you have all seen and the Betas some people have played were NOT the finished product. More like 75%.

    They have added new lighting effects, new shadowing effects, more details have been added to the complete game, they have also used the NEW AA technology i have talked about, IE the game can look even better than having 16x MSAA, also the Quick Time events is like NOTHING you have EVER seen in gaming before.

    Now this is a game that will make people buy the PS3, It is that good, and people that said Uncharted 2 looks better, i can say this, NO-WAY does Uncharted 2 look as good as GOW III. When this game gets released you will all see just how far the PS3 has come.

    Also, Splinter cell conviction is a 360 exclusive, thats 100 %, but Splinter cell conviction has become a Multi-Platform franchise. YES it’s coming to the PS3 like i have said so many times before hand. It will be announced officially soon.

    • Joe

      where have you seen that they are using the technique used in Saboteur?? lol

      youre just making $hit up now hahahahaha.

      i have to ask – are you actually hip-hop gamer? im actually starting to think that you are, as he was always going on about X-Engine and how microsoft need to use it (without actually understanding what it is, like yourself) and he has just gone on about ‘inside information’ saying that Splinter Cell is coming back to the PS3, even though Ubisoft recently said that the Splinter Cell FRANCHISE is 360 exclusive for the foreseeeable future.

      oh god, you actually are hip hop gamer lol. it all makes sense now.

    • Joe

      “Furthermore, Stig Asmussen, the director of the game, revealed in an interview with Arabic gaming site N4GA that his title will have a variable frame rate from 30 to 60 frames per second depending on the amount of action on screen.”

      so much for “Remember when i said about GOW III runs at 60-FPS, well as i told everyone ( JOE ) lol. it is now getting talked about on the NET so will soon be made official.”, hey LBDz? lol

  • LBDz

    Joe, the 60 FPS is game-play, the variable frame rate from 30 to 60 FPS in cut-scenes, ( like Dante’s Inferno ) if the scene has loads on screen at once it will be around 30 FPS, if the Cut scene has little on screen it will be around 60 FPS. Just wait until it’s Official. Not long now.

    • Joe

      No, it is 60fps while walking around the environments just exploring, and 30fps when you start getting enemies on screen.

      the games director just came out and said this exact thing, how can you still disagree? lol. if you had played the demo, you would know this as it does the exact same thing in that, only it never reaches the full 60fps at all.

  • LBDz

    Stig Asmussen says many things, just like other directors do. But as you know, not all what they say is correct or real, which is why i said wait until it’s made official. Now the game does reach 60 FPS like Dante’s Inferno.; but wait until it’s made official to know the truth.

  • Joe

    yes, it will reach 60fps………when youre walking around exploring and enjoying the scenery. as soon as a few enemies hit the screen its hello 30fps.

  • LBDz

    PMSL !!

    Joe, directors of games say lots of things in interviews , but as everyone will tell you, not all they say is correct. Things change when directors say nothing would change.

    Now all i can say is wait until it is made Official, You will see that the game is 60 FPS ” Like Dante’s Inferno “

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  • LBDz

    Stig Asmussen says : GoW III uses 50% of the PS3’s power.

    Q = With God of War III we saw your studio make use of the real power of the PlayStation 3; do you think that it is possible to go even further with the team’s next title?

    A = Absolutely, we can do much more with it. I don’t know if we are even close to 50% of PlayStation 3’s power at this point.


    PS3 is only getting warmed up boyzzzz, Just wait for KillZone 3 ‘o)

  • nerds arguing over games.go outside besides to the gamestore. get a girlfriend, kiss a girl, do something else than argue over games. games were meant to be played, to be enjoyed, not to fight over. it’s entertainment not a “who can have a better argument”. you people are way to egocentric its disgusting. lets give you a studio. you program it, you design it you make the story, you direct it you do all the shit. “i cant do all that”. then shut the fuck up and play the games that were meant to be played not argued. if you cant make a game like these, then why do you belittle them? idiots. also, arguing over which system is better? what are you, pre-teens? seriously arguing over which system is better has gotta be even under the level of immature. id like a perfect reason why you argue and a perfect reason how it benefits you kids. explain how arguing benefits your lives when the topic is games. for you to argue about games and systems, you must play games and surf internet all day or all of your free time. nothing else. why can’t you go out to party with other people, go to the movies, hang out with your friends (not the internet ones), get a girlfriend, go travel? no, you play games so much you fucking memorize almost the whole game, memorize an article of a system’s specs and use it as an argument to someone else’s claim. that’s fucking sad.

    here’s my take on games.
    ever since graphics evolved, its been nothing but war about it. who has better, who can make better. as graphics got better, the gameplay/story, especially story, has gotten worse. theres some games or franchises that pop up here and there that outshine others. final fantasy died a long time ago. i think 9 or 10 was it. then it was all about scenery, graphics and gameplay, screw the story. franchises like these need to stop at its peek. metal gear solid should’ve stopped at 3 (though 4 surprised me), but people bitched and whined about how they wanna know what happened before and what happens next. most of the time they do it for the money, not cause they love you. they’re at work or at home swimming in their money while you dumbasses are fighting over which has better fucking graphics. castlevnania should have stopped at 4. then more shitty games come out, all about graphics. my library isn’t that big from ps1 to ps3, less than 100 altogether. i’ve rented because ive suspected shit. the few that pop up and focus on story while maintaining graphics (uncharted series, god of war, even mgs) are great breaks from the shitty games. i say break because im used to it. i still enjoy some nes, snes and early playstation games far better than games these days. simple gameplay. just a few buttons. not all this fucking shit just to look and move around, aim and strike.to strike on old games, was one button. ONE. some games today. its 2-4. dont get me started on armored core. even the first was a joke. i could care less what you have to say, cause right now when im done, im going out of the house, something you all should do at LEAST once a week. besides school or work. get a life, oh wait, that’s probably what ps home is to you.

  • Pixolator

    They’re both visually great games, I wouldn’t compare them one to another, and loved playing them both.


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