God of War PS4 Will Melt Even The ‘Hardest of Hearts’, Combat Under Heavy Development, And More Info

The game is going through a critical stage of development and will possibly have previous character mentions, combo customization and much more.

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God of War_01

God of War on PS4 promises to be a major departure from series norms so far- the game is ditching its fixed camera angle and funneled combat, and going for a more exploration based approach this time around, while series protagonist Kratos too is no longer a bag of rage fueled testosterone, and instead seems to be almost contemplative and introspective.

But just because the game has changed its camera angle and approach doesn’t mean that it will lose the focus on satisfying combat that the series is known for- as a matter of fact, speaking on Twitter, God of War director Cory Barlog said that the combat in the game is going to be ‘satisfying as hell.’ He did note, however, that the combat systems were still under heavy development for now. He also noted that combo customization would be a cool idea in response to a fan’s suggestion, though there is probably no deeper meaning to that.

But the game won’t just be about combat- in fact, that is one of the biggest changes this time around. In the past Barlog has confirmed that mini-games won’t be returning. However this time around he explained further on this by stating that they were getting ‘tired’ by them, and that they are working on something which will be much better. He also emphasized that in spite of Kratos’ son always being there with you through the game, you only play as Kratos, though you do get to control when your son attacks in combat sometimes.

In spite of all these changes, however, God of War is not going to forget its roots, with Barlog teasing that the new game may see callbacks to the original series, especially via Kratos’ family- Deimos, Zeus, Callisto, Ares, and Athena may be brought up in the game in some way or the other. Finally, Barlog expressed hope that the game, which is apparently now in a ‘painful’ stage of development, will melt even the hardest of hearts when people play it. Maybe he is referring to the father-son relationship that game is apparently trying to portray?

God of War is set to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4. As of right now, it does not have a release date.

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  • kma99

    Not feeling that, the last of us “god of war edition “

    • BelAirBoss

      I’m very much feeling everything I saw from God of War at the E3 demo. Everything.

    • kma99

      Every game they showed has that same type feel. God of war has always stood out. I dont want it to go down that path where they try to focus to much on watching a movie and trying to pull a tear oit of everyone.

    • BelAirBoss

      I know what you’re saying, but I feel God of War needed a new direction. Conversely, I’m pretty disappointed in a title like Gears of War, which doesn’t seem to be trying anything new at all….the gameplay is exactly like every other game in the series, and when you’ve got series that span generations, I would rather the developer try new things and go in a new direction.

      I was burned out on both Gears and God of War from last gen, now I’m really looking forward to God of War and really not anticipating Gears of War at all.

    • kma99

      You really cant change gears of war. They did in judgement and thr hardcore went nuts. I dont mind something fresh and new for the god of war series but not this naughty dawg heartbreak story driven stuff.

    • Andika CL Atmadja

      nah… i fine with heartbreak stuff. They are only showing less than 1% of the game in that trailer.

    • Maverick Saturn

      The brainless killing is boring without something to drive it now. We look at a game and decide whether it’s worth investing time into that experience, which is why I didn’t buy No Man’s Sky, which I was initially excited about. Repetition + a plot which apparently doesn’t give sound reason to want to play = a boring and unrewarding experience.

      There is only so much “Agggghhhh! The Gods betrayed me! I killed my family! Smash, kill, destruction!” a gamer can take before it starts to get boring.

      GoW 1 = Amazing
      GoW 2 = Amazing x2
      GoW 3 = Good
      GoW A = Meh
      GoW 4 doing the same thing = Zzzzzzz

    • kma99

      I dont mind a compelling story, they can give us that without the need to go in the last of us route. The developers hint to doing just that and i feel gow doesn’t need it to have a really great story

    • Maverick Saturn

      Maybe so, but you’d be surprised at what a third person view adds to an experience. The camera placed just over Kratos’ shoulder would make everything appear bigger and more ferocious than in games seen before. It also makes worlds look bigger and Kratos feel smaller in comparison and plots won’t need to be told via cinematics, because we are already right there with Kratos seeing everything he sees.

      It doesn’t have to be permanent, they are experimenting.

    • kma99

      I understand totally i just think sony and found a road that’s successful and they want alor of the first party studio’s to follow suit. Again im not saying that’s a bad thing, just that certain titles should not be tampered with in thjs fashion.
      Uncharted was witty and fun and that’s what we always expected from Nathan drake. Uncharted 4 wasn’t so much. It was kind of a let down for me story wise but the game wasnt terrible at all.

    • Maverick Saturn

      Different perceptions. I loved U4, I thought it went out on the perfect note.

      Sony isn’t getting the studios to follow ND, they have a degree of freedom to do what they want.

      In fact, you are lucky to even be having a GoW4 game, Santa Monica were initially working on a new IP and had that new IP been a hit, it would have become their main focus, GoW getting the back seat.

      ND has a reputation for making masterpieces with everything they do, so it’s only natural that other Sony Studios would want a bit of their cake.

      Doing the same thing over and over doesn’t attract new audiences and the sales show that. They’ve been slowly dropping and will only continue to do so if Santa Monica doesn’t do something new. So this is what they are trying, along with some new ideas we’ll see in the finished game and who knows, maybe this will be the greatest GoW game ever made, maybe not.

    • kma99

      I think Microsoft and Sony see where the money is. New ip haven’t garnered alot of praise this generation. Remember the coalition was working on a new ip also before heading up gears

    • Maverick Saturn

      I have to agree with BelAirBoss, I like the new direction and I think it was needed to be honest, GoW’s branches were beginning to dry up and I was losing more and more interest with each iteration. I’m excited again.

    • Donnajhood1

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  • as long as it is as sick as GOW3, i am happy.


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