Gran Turismo 5: Epic Damage versus Fail Damage

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There have been a lot of talks about the damage system in Gran Turismo 5, some of them have complained that it does not work as it should and some say it works, but only at higher levels. Today we compare a few videos where the damage engine in Gran Turismo 5 is working as it should and where it’s a total fail.

Check the videos below.



What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Erm

    Sorry, but the “WIN” damage still looks terrible. Something like Grand Theft Auto IV blows that damage out of the water, and that’s not even a Racing game.

    • that’s because polyphony didn’t had the permission from the car manufacturers to put damage to their cars (so that they don’t what the car will act in a real crash)..and of course there is damage in GTA IV…is there a car named blista compact or infernus ? Rockstar could pu damage in every car because they don’t need to pay brevets from the car companies to add damage

    • that’s not realistic whatsoever, it just swaps the look of the car after the hit, gt5s tries to do it real time…whole different story

  • thats because GTA has a physics engine that is made for blowing up stuff….. GT5 has an engine made for the physics of RACING…. gosh.. when will you idiots understand… oh wait I know… NEVER

    It’s pathetic how you guys CRY about something that has very LITTLE to do with the game. The game is about racing/driving, NOT crashing, get a clue. And by the way, at level 30/40 the damage is unlocked… Polyphony didn’t want to give people damage before they could HANDLE it. Aka, you have to PAY for the damage you do to your car 🙂 Thats why I LOVE GT and THATS WHY EVERYONE HAS LOVED GT SINCE THE PLAYSTATION 1, A LOVE OF CARS AND THE REALISM. Now shut it fanboys, go enjoy your games while we enjoy ours. Just because GT (the KING) is back, doesn’t mean all you xbots have to cry….

  • I think the “WIN” damage is horrible as well. I do not have this game I have just been reading all the fuss over it. Im shocked to see a game with such a primitive design, has gotten such high review scores!

    The cars look great but the damage is awful!!!! and the sound is even worse, you slam into a wall and all we hear is a quiet thump? No glass shattering no steal bending, just a thump, and in some crashes I didnt even hear that!!!!

    Then there was the horrible AI, the opponent cars all just ran into the player as if he was not there!?!?!?! Its like they were on rails, even after smashing into the players car the AI cars just kept accelerating! WTF!

    I think it is a disgrace that so many sites have given this game perfect scores, this is a ugly stain on gaming journalism, I will never take a reviews seriously after this. How can you give this game a 9 out of 10 and give another game a 7 out of 10 for having bad AI or choppy frame rates, or screen tearing?

    This is a shame, and developers around the world should be up in arms over this, no one else gets a pass like this. I dont care how shiny the cars are or how well they drive, this is just too sloppy to overlook, especially after 5 years.

  • Its a progressive damage system Im on level 40 or 41(I think) and it looks great, it was done so for a reason, it costs credits to have your car repaired, this gives you enough time to build up credits before full on damage is activated and also teaches you not play bumper cars so you can pass and although it looks great you dont want to see it to often because your credits will start disappearing rapidly.

  • ill wait till i get to level 40 to comment

  • The damage is only applied at later levels; full damage begins at level 40. This is because you actually have to spend money on repairs, so on lower levels, one crash would put you in debt.

    • That is wrong. It’s a stupid rumour perpetuated by morons.


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