Gran Turismo 5 versus Forza 3: Stunning HD Comparison Using Photo Mode

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Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

The screen above is from GT5 and below is from Forza 3.
Gran Turismo 5, according to us is one of the hottest racers on the PlayStation 3. I reviewed the game and awarded it 9/10 as well as the editors choice awards. One of the many features that Gran Turismo 5 has is the amazing photo mode. Now this gave me an opportunity to take some screens using photo mode and compare with Forza 3. Above are my results.
So which is a better looking game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I’ve got both games. Would LOVE to get my money back for GT5. It STINKS as a racing game. FORZA smokes GT5 in every possible way! GT5 IS a little better than Pole Position on ATARI 2600, but not by much.

  • Your Comment…You can really weed out the kids who probably have never driven, modified, or competed in a real sports car before from the real driving enthusiasts.
    Both games look great, but as far as overall simulation GT5 continues it’s reign as undisputed champion. You don’t hang around for over 13 years without some serious refinement which GT5 has.
    Any real car enthusiast will know, it is and has always been Gran Turismo since 1997 (back before X-box and when some of you were probably wearing diapers)

  • I’m not saying GT5 is crap, it’s not. I played GT 1 & 2 and must have put in more hours that I care to remember but when I wasted £40 on GT5, it was like being in a time warp. After playing the game for 5 mins it all came rushing back, the licences how painful are they? and remember when you spun off all the other cars slowing down so you could catch up. I might as well crank up the ps one.

  • You compared a GT5 shot of a Lotus and a Forza shot of a Ferrari with the former being on Indianapolis and the latter being on Suzuka.

  • xfatalxzero

    Just because a game has been out longer doesnt mean its better. In many ways Forza is compared to GT not because its a racing game but because its damn good and its made it to the point with the new one coming out on next gen to make it better. Some times new things tend to be better than something thats not.


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