Gran Turismo Sport vs GT6 Mazda Gameplay Comparison Shows Lighting, Shadows, And Lens Flare Improvements

Subtle improvements.

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Gran Turismo Sport_02

Gran Turismo Sport looks underwhelming graphically- which is shocking, because this is a franchise that has been known to set the standard for graphics for console racers for almost two decades now. With there being only six months left before the game is out, it is hard to see it looking substantially or definitively better than it does right now.

That said, a lot of the hate that the game is getting for its graphics also seems to be exaggerated. The common sentiment seems to be that Gran Turismo Sport looks no better than a PS3 game- whereas a head to head comparison of the PS4 title with Gran Turismo 6, the final PS3 Gran Turismo game, reveals that Sport has, even in its current graphically disappointing state, seen a whole lot of noticeable visual improvements over the PS3 game, including better lighting and shadows, as well as lens flare improvements.

You can check out the comparison video taking the two games head to head for yourself below. Do you think the graphical improvement is acceptable? Or do you want the developers to fix up the graphics before the game’s November 18 release date on PS4?

Thanks, Squarealex [-Red-Fing-]

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  • Bad wolf

    Not looking good for you Mr Pony tail 😀

  • Michael

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before these articles would start. GT sport doesn’t look as good as it should. So stop all the defending. The criticism is not exaggerated. So please stop with the articles…lol

  • There Is No Substitute

    I was gonna say Sony finally came to their senses, but then I watched the trailer and had to recheck the title to make sure it wasn’t Grid Autosport 2. The clouds are starting to form around Sony and the future doesn’t look too promising.


    So we doing damage control for Sony now?

    The game looks like a PS3 game and there’s no car damage present
    Sony says they’ll add car damage later?
    Yeah car damage will probably be added via dlc just like the last GT

  • Mr Xrat

    Jealous Xgimps just can’t stop crying!

    • Mary Phillips

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    • There Is No Substitute

      Yes, the laughter created by your mediocre Gran Turismo arcade game was so hilarious it brought everyone to tears with the exception of you mouth breathers of course.


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