Grand Theft Auto 5 New Details: Hunting Underwater, 200+ Vehicles, Gun Upgrades And More

Punch the shark even (stab it, actually).

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We have some brand new details for the upcoming open world game, Grand Theft Auto 5.

Apparently, the game will have the vastest number of animals, which includes wild deer, rabbits, squirrels, mountain goats, bears, bobcats, turtles, sharks, rats (which can also be found in cities), dogs and many more. Animals like puma, coyotes and wolves can also be found and will be a threat to the player. There will also be agricultural animals like cows in rural areas.

Underwater, players will be able to use a knife – which should help in unlocking that shark-killing Achievement and hunting in general – and such surroundings will include sunken oil rigs, a twelve-story factory, sunken ships, aircraft, containers, vehicles and of course, treasure. Interestingly, while you can dive into the ocean to rid yourself of police, they will be capable of swimming. So dive deep. Both underwater and the atmosphere have their own ecosystems – for example, when jumping with a parachute in the sky, one can observe different flocks of birds. Sharks will also be a strong threat, and may even attack in groups.

There will be more than 20 pieces of masks, which will play an important role. Weapons can be upgraded with different attachments such as a sniper scope, red dot sight, fore-grip, flashlight, laser pointer, silencer, and more. You can also simply change the colour to camouflage your gun when you go hunting.

GTA V will feature 200+ vehicles, including four-engine bombers, bicycles, sports cars, trailers, and even a tank. You can customize the body kit of a car, change the spoilers, grills, hood, wheels, muffler and even add a roll cage, create an armoured bus or just slap on some additional lighting. After modifying your vehicle, you can upload pics of it to the Social Club for exhibition.

There will be roughly 30+ types of clothing, along with accessories such as watch, chains and bracelets, 15+ hairstyles, tattoos, etc. We’ve already covered how you can buy a new collar for your dog as well.

Finally, some missions will be quite heavy and aside from the usual three man team, you may need to employ various mercenaries, including bullies, snipers, hackers, hustlers, etc.

Grand Theft Auto V will be releasing on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source:, Via Reddit

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  • Jack Slater


    The question is : what won’t we be able to do in gta5 ?

    I just bought saints row 4, today, and played like 15 minutes. Man, I loved sr3, but graphics on sr4 look awful. Characters look flat, like duke nukem forever textures, simple flat textures, no bump mapping, nothing. I’m sure I will love sr4, but graphics aren’t really that great.

    Gta5, despite being much bigger, with millions things to do, looks far better.
    We could well be spending 100+ hours on the main story, and many more, on side quests. We could easily spend 10 hours just for a trophy/achievement, where, for example, you need to kill rabbits.

    Gta5 will sell like 10 million units day one.if rockstar make 30$ per game, that alone will make 300 million $. And when they release it on the ps4,xbox one and PC, that will make another 20-30 million sales.

    Can we imagine, within 3-4 years, a gta6 on the ps4, running on +5 GB of ram and 182 GB/s – 1.8 Tflops of power, instead of the 400 mb on the ps3? We could have a city 4-8 times bigger than the one on gta5, with 10 times more stuff to do, for a total of +300 hours of gameplay. Come on rockstar, give us gta6 with a little 10000 square miles map(100 miles x 100 miles) with a huge lake, mountains, boats, huge fields, several linked cities , millions of people, trains, airports, huge forests, deserts, hundreds of different professions, mines, fields, where we would have to take classes with different teachers for learning how to do this or that, how to mix materials, where we would need to collect iron, copper, gold, etc, for upgrading weapons,where we would need to collect vegetables, food, animals, etc. Real activities like in real life. A bit different from classic GTA games, but it would feel more human. Example, we take chemistry classes to learn how to produce new alloys, which will be used for upgrading weapons/ammo. We would need to find a mine, and collect some metals. Etc etc.

    This is just an idea… 🙂

    • Fernando

      about the question: we won’t be able to fish.

  • KuchikiSentou

    It just sounds like witchcraft to me. How can they make such a vast game with such detail in…?


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