Greatest PC Games That Should Be Released On PS4 And Xbox One

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With the Last of Us Remastered Edition releasing this month, the game as expected got near perfect reviews. The main question on most gamer’s minds was, what other great games would look and play great on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

We came up with a list of PC games that would actually be perfect for the consoles. These games have been tried and tested by veteran gamers and as such are a beloved part of the gaming industry. Some of you may disagree with the list, but you cannot deny that these games have made an impact on gamers around the world and as such acquired a cult status.

In fact, most PC gamers will tell you that the games they have experienced is far more immersing and graphically appealing than any console could ever offer. With that said here are some of the PC games that should come out on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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GTA San Andreas

If you would play this game today, GTA San Andreas may not look great, but it is just one of the best GTA games to date. GTA San Andreas has one of the most touching stories, the characters the locations, all blend in quite seamlessly. Those of you who haven’t played this game, just because of the graphics, I would urge you to let that go just for one game and dive into  this title. It will surely take up hundreds of hours to even the most casual of gamers.

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  • Axe99

    GTA: San Andreas and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones were console games that were ported to PC, not PC games in the traditional sense. GTA:SA has also aged pretty heavily – put up against the likes of GTA 4 or 5 (which is effectively a do-over of the same area covered in San Andreas, but done better unless you like repetitive muscle-building mini games) and it’s really only for people that view the game with rose-coloured glasses – who are likely to already have the game and a system that can play it.

    TF2, Jedi Knight 2 and CS are all decent suggestions though :).

  • Thanks For share this ………. You have wrote an amazing article……

  • gta san andreas great fun game love it

  • I think the series of Call of Duty is going great. There are new versions coming in it. So i would prefer and suggest Call of duty for the Xbox one. Thanks

  • Guest

    And then what? Offer a gimped experience because of the PoS4 and the Xbox One? NOPE!

  • Thomas

    Jedi Academy was better than Outcast imo. You had a lightsaber from the beginning.

  • Thomas

    I never got to play The Longest Journey. I still want to, but i’m afraid that it would be aged too much.

  • Pearl Goldy

    Yeah i agree with that because i got bored playing old games on PS 4..

  • great game i like this game thanks to admin

  • aweosme game i love this game

  • Cassandra Drake

    Nope sorry “PC Exclusives”

    When Sony and MS stop trying to blackmail people into buying their consoles by putting up console exclusives, then you can have these on the consoles.

    • Kendall

      Aww, were you having a bad day?


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