Hackers using locked on-disc Street Fighter X Tekken DLC online

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Legitimate owners who paid for the game don’t have access to content that the hackers have, and the best thing about this? Hackers can play online as well. This is on the Xbox 360 which also allows hackers to use the Sony exclusive Mega Man and Pac Man online.

Christian Svensson from Capcom acknowledged on the Capcom Boards that this is indeed true and they are working round the clock to ban the hackers.

“Yes, we’re seeing news of this. Quite ballsy for folks to be taking hacked Xbox 360s on Live where they are detectable,”  he said.

“In any event, we already have opened channels of communication with Microsoft on these issues Friday night. If you can capture screens or video of this in action (as some have already) we’re working on bans for boxes and accounts with Microsoft for haxxors.”

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  • Tyger

    Personally, I don’t mind, cause this exclusive crap is getting out of hand lately, and all this DLC = Disc Locked Content is ridiculous, Before the Console with internet, how did we unlock stuff? we had to play through the game a few times, like remember MVC2? you started with a handful of people and had to play a bunch of times to get points to buy others and colors, now they want us to pay for such things,if we buy a 60$ shouldn’t we get everything that it includes? or should we get 80% of it and wait a week or 2 for a DLC tiny code to unlock the rest, its like buying a house with a few doors locked and the old owner says you have to pay extra for those rooms, completely unfair, and please companies, don’t give us that crap about “We put it on the disc so you wont have to download it”, then why the hell do I need HDD on my console if you going to pack everything in? specially on PS3 where a Blu-Ray can hold nearly 50gb of information(if i remember what the Gamestop guy said), so please, if we pay full price, give us a 100% game. MVC2 keep getting me back hooked cause I wanted everything unlocked, made it a fun journey, but now instead of feeling like a true gamer working hard to unlock things, i have to break my back in my real job to get the money to buy a DLC, and if it was ONLY ONE game every year with this, ok then, but its many and many more and starting to do this, same thing with the online pass, its a greedy thing. Thank You for Reading.


  • charles2029

    Wow, asking the community for help?! Altered 360’s jumping on LIVE? Is this the result of MS Head of Security (Stepto) leaving recently?


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