Half Life 3 Apparently Exists But In “Bits And Pieces”


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It seems that Half Life 3 is in development at Valve, after all. Here’s the problem however: It’s not quite in a form that could be qualified as “actively in development”.

A Reddit user who took a tour of Valve Software recently held an AMA, and on being asked about playing Half Life 3, the user stated, “No. I didnt ask him about it until we were leaving either. He said ‘If I told you anything about it you’d just have more questions. We only have elements. Bits and pieces of game. No structure. No story.'”

So there you have it. The problem is: If after all this time, Half Life 3 is only in “bits and pieces”, then how long will it be till it’s actually released, much less until we get something even remotely close to an alpha version? Nevertheless, Half Life 3 is out there, at Valve Software, and exists. Hallelujah.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • Lukas Kanik

    It´s sad. Game like this will never be as good as it might be. Look at history, at other games compounded by pieces during different development times. The idea of the complex enjoyable game doesn´t exist…RIP HL3.

    • Ballpoint

      You’ve played BioShock Infinite right?

    • Nigel

      Coming from a huge Bioshock fan, I can say that game was trash. Total disappointment.

    • getupkid2k

      It was an absolute masterpiece…

    • getupkid2k

      System shock 2 was a lot easier I think as it’s a much slower game. A bit like Dark Souls, if you take your time and think it’s not so difficult – 1999 mode doesn’t give you so much of a chance to think.

  • Oliver Ford

    IMO if Valve can’t be bothered to work properly on HL3, they should let Gearbox do it for them. I loved OpFor and think it’s the best Half Life game. They should share ideas for the story, share what they have on Source 2 and let Gearbox make a good game in which the G-Man’s identity, etc is finally resolved.

    • Unknown

      Whenever Gearbox works on something that isn’t Borderlands, it is shit. Just look at Duke Nukem Forever and Alien Colonial Mariens.

    • Talidan

      Gearbox only put the final touches on DNF and they made the stupid business decision to outsource development of Aliens:CM to another studio, where it was rushed.

      When they actually develop something, not just porting, polishing, or outsourcing, then slapping in their name on it, they make good stuff (so far).

    • Alex Mouravskiy

      No, whenever they make something by themselves, they get Borderlands, which is fun for about 5 minutes and then you realize it’s a piece of trash for casual gamers and people too stupid to play a real game.

      Gearbox doesn’t have the writing, the production, or the vision to make a Half-Life game. Not even close. Unfortunately, it looks like neither does Valve. Not anymore, at least.

    • Rich

      I think there is a little more to it than ‘can’t be bothered’.

  • cribuj

    Sad to see a very good game going, being replaced with s…t . Well VALVE … DISSAPOINTING boys !

  • stew-ball

    It’s really sad if Valve lets this franchise die. It was beautiful. At this rate, if it’s ever released it’ll join the ranks of the terribly executed DUKE NUKEM FOREVER.

    • Ain’tNothingWrongWithPorn

      They won’t. They have no reason to. Newell is just a massive troll.

      Patience, young Padawan.

  • Mehran Mehrban

    Obviously, if it has taken Valve this long and it is only in ‘bits and pieces’, Valve does not care about it and when it is released it will not be a game worth playing. Sorry Valve, it ends here, or should I say, it ended Christmas 2007.

    • Cleroth Sun

      Obviously you don’t know anything about game development.

  • Freak80

    No, I don’t believe this, I can’t believe this. It’s been almost 7 yrs. since the last HL, they must have more to HL3 than bits and pieces… I- I…. I know what this is, yeah. Valve told there tour guide to tell anyone asking about HL3 that answer. Valve told the tour guides that so that people would get disappointed in them. Then when HL3 comes out, it will be so amazing that it cheers everyone up and everyone thinks its amazing.

  • Jimmy G

    I call bullshit on this. Given their silence I don’t expect Valve to be releasing HL3 any time soon but do you really think they haven’t even drawn up story boards for their most anticipated game ever? They’re developing something in silence and letting the gaming community squirm and squeal over the tiny scraps of info that leak out. Mind you, who knows when we’ll see any results.

    • Ain’tNothingWrongWithPorn

      Exactly this. Well put.

    • Ian Carlton

      Like agun said, I think the preparation of Source 2 is a big part of the reason for the delay. It’s not really an excuse for delaying HL2EP3, because that would just be weird if they updated it for a new engine while it was still HL2, but HL3 itself should definitely be on a new graphics engine, and indeed should probably inaugurate it.

    • agun

      Perfect example of wishful thinking. HL3 will be out when source 2 is ready. How can you even develop a game on an engine that is still in development? They are working on the bits they know will work on source 2 and will be in the game for sure, which is not much. They’ve lost a big chunk of the market for half life 3 for taking so damn long. I blame the consoles.

    • spideynut71

      Yes….blame the consoles, like an ignorant, immature PC elitist would, rather than the “Almighty Valve”.

    • agun

      Yes….call me ignorant, immature and a PC elitist instead of actually addressing my argument.
      To create source valve did not have to worry about it running on consoles. For source 2 they do. That’s a big delay on the only thing that is holding back the development of HL3, L4d3, etc. Hopefully you’ll respond with an actual counterargument.

  • Rorschach

    I’m at the point where if HL3 came out tomorrow, great, if it never comes out, then I’m okay with that too. Like many of the rest of you, I have waited since the release of Ep.2 for Ep.3 or HL3 to be released, announced, confirmed or something. I wish Gabe would say, “Yes, we’re working on it”, or “No, we have no current plans to continue the story.” Honestly, would it really be so terrible to let your fans know? Something official from Valve would be nice…anything would. But I suppose that isn’t how Valve works.

  • Ain’tNothingWrongWithPorn

    More rumours and mis-information and total conjecture with no hard fact whatsoever. Be patient; if it’s coming, it’ll come.

  • William Stewart

    This doesn’t really say a huge amount about development, I would be shocked if they hadn’t been testing little bits and pieces over the years. That’s all this sounds like, game play mechanic tests and the like. They will make it, one day. Just not quite yet it seems.

  • Calling BS. They know exactly how anticipated this game is and running the clock like this is not to their advantage. 4 more years without HL is 4 more years that people will cry fowl at every announcement Valve makes that isn’t HL3.

    • Connaghan

      Not to mention, every year that goes buy is another year of gamers that were hooked to the series but either no longer game, or have lost interest.
      only to be replaced by people who dont really no of the franchise.

  • spideynut71

    I’ve been saying this since the announcement of Steam Box, and I stand strong on my belief: HL3 will be a Steam/Steam Box exclusive…probably timed….and then announced for other platforms about 6 months later. We’ll know something “official” about HL3 ONLY when they’re ready to unveil Steam Box.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    YES! and NO! Glad to hear it’s alive to an extent, but hearing that it’s still in the pre-production/pre-planning stage per se makes me mad because the wait will be that much longer 🙁 Hopefully in a couple years we get something and don’t have to wait another console generation or until Gabe Newell sees God to actually see Half Life 3 in action, or to blow me away.

  • Ak_Duke

    You know what I believe, I believe that valve is going to release Half-Life 3. I believe they want to end Half-Life with a game that everyone will remember. So in my opinion they should take their time and make it as well polished as they can. I honestly don’t care if it has next-gen graphics, hell put it on the current source engine. All I care is that when it comes out. It blows everyone away, just like Half-Life 2 did. If they’re going to let Gearbox do anything Half-Life they should let them make a game where we figure out what happened to Shepard. If prior to Half-Life 3’s release Gearbox can call the game “Half-Life 2 : Shepard’s Story”. If they decide to do something like that after Half-Life 3 then they can either make a DLC or a expansion like episode one or two. But until then all we can do is get on the edge of our seats anytime we read something with the words “Half-Life 3” in the title and then be let down when it’s a fake, or old news we already know. Personally I enjoy not hearing anything, then all of a sudden BAM! Half-life 3 rumors galore! It makes you think. But all I know is that Half-Life 3 is going to be a game, and it will blow us away.

  • Golyx Veeman.

    What if they’re joking? What if all this was all a lie and they just suddenly without warning just release it? Just like that.

    • Ian Carlton

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Valve did something like that. I actually watched a video recently that had some really interesting ideas on how they might go about it. One of them was Gaben would be doing some kind of event about next gen graphics, like Source 2 or something like that, and doing a demonstration, and go through demonstrations of existing games rendered with Source 2, and then say something like “It also runs really smoothly with environments designed for it,” and then just nonchalant as can be he pulls up the HL3 menu and starts a new game, all the while talking about the ways Source 2 is better than Source and not even mentioning the fact that he’s PLAYING FUCKING HALF LIFE THREE IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE INTERNET. Another one was they’d have a presentation at some big event, like ComicCon or something like that, and they’d be talking about the things they’ve got in production, but with a tent rigged up in the middle of the stage, and then as they’re about to wrap up: “One last thing. I’m going to throw this Frisbee into the audience. Whoever catches it gets to come down and see what’s in this tent.” Inside the tent? HL3. My favorite one, though, is the idea that we just wake up one morning and it’s there, on Steam, chillin’ like it’s always been there. Any of those would be awesome, but I’m sure that Valve will still find some way to surprise us.


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