Half-Life 3 Teased In Source Filmmaker Code

Code fragments upon code fragments.

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Several months ago, Source 2 references were spotted inside the Source Filmmaker code. Now, it’s the turn of Half Life 3 to appear with new scripting fragments added as of January 2014.

You can think of them as placeholder text more than anything else and point to file locations that just might exist in Valve’s render farms. While it’s not the best possible explanation that Half Life 3 is in development, and it does nothing on its own, it at least points to a possible connection between Source Filmmaker and Half Life 3 in some way.

As of now, Half Life 3 remains elusive, as Valve has pointed out time and again that it’s only in bits and pieces right now, and no where near a final playable state. We’ll have to wait and watch yet again – nonetheless, the truth is out there.

Check out the code fragments below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more news and updates regarding Half Life 3.

half life 3 reference


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  • BroJ

    Really Half Life 3 teases are getting old. Screw Valve. They would not have any money if it was not for the fans. This is becoming bad business on them and making them look like a**holes.

    • Zero

      Not really. It took them just as long for any other HL3 game, and it’s quite obvious that they’re working on it, you just can’t prove it, especially when they comment on hl3 questions and say things like “these things need time/need to be perfect/etc.” It’s better than saying “We’re doing HL3” and taking seven years in advance.

      It’ll be here soon enough, and also untrue about the fans. Steam itself holds it’s own. I’m sure Gaben doesn’t enjoy keeping such an exciting game locked down in the bowels of valve.. But as he says.

      Worth the “weight”.

    • wifey

      i will play with you. Add me hun1

  • BroJ

    Dakan45 & Steph please quit telling everyone about your weird tendencies! nobody cares n im tired of hearing about you two weirdos! gross!!! dudes

    • Were the comments removed?

    • wifey

      i sent you an email.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    At this rate Half Life 3 will be the final time we see Gordon Freeman, if it ever happens. The actor for Gordon Freeman is probably dead now and Valve are just stalling.


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