Half Life 3: Would You Install it if It Released for Linux?

If it ever releases at all that is.

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half life

We’ve already gone through the possibilities of Half Life 3, if and when it ever comes out, releasing for a limited time on SteamOS. Valve has assured us that they have no “exclusives” planned for the platform, but it does make us wonder – what if Half Life 3 came out to Linux?

For starters, SteamOS has a Linux architecture. Valve could very well use the Steam Machines as a stepping stone to bring SteamOS on to PCs as a legitimate alternative to Windows. It sounds far-fetched, for sure, but so did releasing a living room centric PC and corresponding OS for Steam. Half Life 3 could then arrive for the platform and Linux to further cater to users.

Linux is by no means as complicated to use now as it was a decade ago and there are plenty of easy to install, Linux-based operating systems. If Half Life 3 did arrive for Linux, would you install it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Franco

    Yo creo que haberle dado tantas vueltas y especulaciones a Half Life 3 ha hecho entender a nosotros los jugadores fanaticos, que las excusas y la falta de creatividad de Valve parecen no tener fin.

  • JackAzz

    Valve has transitioned from a company with a talent and
    vision for creating otherworldly games like the Half-Life and Portal series to a greedy Microsoft-esque corporation. Their online gaming platform Steam Big Picture is little more than a cheap knockoff Xbox Live and under normal circumstances not the best deals in purchasing games.

    There is nothing wrong with being enterprising, it is the American way. But, we don’t need another Microsoft wannabe in the gaming industry. If you want to be a different and inspiriting company, then remember where you came from…stick to your roots…be truly different…and stop focusing all of your time trying to be like someone else.

    I would consider purchasing and playing a half-life 3 sequel on a Linux platform because I want to like Valve. But, if they stay the course, they are going to have to do a much better job of convincing gamers why they should stick with or convert to Steam, Vs. Xbox One, Playstation 4, etc. Right now it’s hard to make an argument that there is anything special or revolutionary about Valve or Steam. Do they still even make their own games?

    • Ryan

      When was the last time you saw M$ sell their stuff and other developers’ stuff for 25%, 50%, or 75% off? Steam sales are awesome, and they happen all the time. I’ve picked up so many great titles for under $10 that I can’t even begin to think that Valve is like M$.
      Valve also developed their own OS and released it for free. M$ didn’t.
      Valve gave away some of their games, like Team Fortress 2. M$ doesn’t.

    • Paul

      You’re wrong on so many levels.

      “Valve has transitioned from a company with a talent andvision for creating otherworldly games like the Half-Life and Portal series”
      Portal is newer than Steam.

      “Their online gaming platform Steam Big Picture”
      It’s called Steam. Big Picture is just a mode added recently.

      “But, we don’t need another Microsoft wannabe in the gaming industry.”

      Steam came out in 2003, Xbox Live came out in 2002 but wasn’t really that successful until the release of the Xbox 360 in 2005.

      “under normal circumstances not the best deals in purchasing games.”
      Steam is widely praised for it’s great deals on games. They have tons of free-to-play games, cheap indie titles, and seasonal sales where games are even 75% off.

      “Do they still even make their own games?”
      Portal, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter Strike GO, Team Fortress 2, and their newest game Dota 2 have all been released since Steam came out.

      Please do research before you post.

  • RealGeee

    Valve wouldn’t be so dumb to kick all their fans in the face by releasing exclusive to SteamOS. Half Life 3 would obviously be using the Source 2 Engine which works on PC, Mac & Linux.

    • Ryan

      Maybe a timed exclusive to the Steam Machine.

  • Derek

    Stop posting all of these half life 3 “news” threads that aren’t only NOT news, but they aren’t anything more than a random half life thought you had that you posted for likes. You people recycle the SAME half life images over and over again. just STOP


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