Half Life 3’s Delay Somewhat Tied to Steam Machine’s Release: Michael Pachter

The best content Valve could have for its Steam Machine could be the long-awaited shooter.

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If there’s one thing that most gamers can agree on it, it’s the universal hype for Half Life 3. It currently exists in a flux state of existing and not existing, as Valve Software itself is unsure what to do with the game. So what is Managing Director of Equity Research at Wedbush Securities Michael Pachter’s opinion on the game’s delay? Is it too focused on free to play titles like Dota 2 and its digital service Steam to care about crafting another single-player epic like Half Life 3?

According to Pachter, “I think Valve is a brilliant company, and I think – they won’t do this, but I think it would be brilliant of them – that they release Half Life 3, and they make it exclusive to Steam Machine, because that would sell 10 million Steam Machines right there. So, I don’t know what they’re doing, but it’s possible they’re doing something just like that. I mean, they could put it out on PC and sell 15 million copies just like that, but I do wonder if part of the delay involved is somehow tying it in with the Steam Machine.”

As for the current direction of the Steam Machines, especially since Valve hasn’t been able to deliver a concise message thus far, Pachter said, “It’s very expensive. And there’s really not any justification to buy one, unless you’re an uber hardcore PC gamer, and you have a very strong desire to play in your living room, and you’re somehow not technologically capable or inclined to connect your PC to your TV, because if anyone really wants to, they can just use their TV as a monitor, and just play their PC games on the TV that way. But I will say, the way that Steam Machine sells and gets content is for Valve to create that content, and the best content they have is Half Life 3, I think.”

Valve has said time and time again that it won’t be creating exclusive titles for the Steam Machine/SteamOS. Could that change down the line? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • GHz

    I remember Gabe saying that he is a firm believer of cross platform IP, and that he would never be stingy with his 1st party titles. I’m hoping he still feels the same. XB1 or PS4 bound please. Make it happen Gabe.

  • Snake

    Na cause gabe/valve are not greedy robin arss holes like most company’s theses days that what I love about valve they are alwest there for the community and the ppl they love the feed back of the players to improve there stuff other than rush each year and rob everyone like EA and stuff like COD so no valve know what there doing

  • Umair Khan

    Pachter .? Oh please . Didn’t he also say that PS4 will run games at 240 frames per second .?

  • Sarmad Khalid

    It might be exclusive to Steam, but not to Steam Machines. Windows still has Valve’s biggest user base and it makes no sense for them to exclude their biggest user base. Steam Machines are targetted to compete with consoles, not with Windows. But even if it won’t be exclusive to Steam, it makes sense to delay the game until Steam Machines are available so it release on Steam Machines as well. That would help them market Steam Machines better even if the game is also available on other platforms. Just like how Sony uses Assassins Creed to market the Play Station and MS uses Call of Duty to market the XBox.

  • John Richter

    What would be a good move would be to have HL3 be at a massive discount if being bought on a SteamOS, say like 15 bucks, but 60 normally. That’d be more than incentive enough for me to at least dual boot to Steam.

  • Simos Katsiaris

    They already confirmed that if HL3 ever exist it will be on ALL platforms, they started porting there engine to android


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