Halo 3 PC looking like a reality, code discovered in Catalyst drivers

Microsoft announce it already.

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Earlier we reported that Halo 3 entries were found in the Steam database. This was shot down by Microsoft, but whenever games are spotted in the Steam database, they usually turn out to be real in most cases.

So Microsoft denied it, and we know for a fact that they can sometimes do it to stall an announcement. However, a recent finding could make this rumour a reality as some Halo 3 codes have been found inside AMD 13.3 Catalyst drivers.

Now why would codes for the game that was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 would be present in a video driver for a PC graphics hardware?

Here’s the code:

<profile Area=”UDX” Usage=”Halo3″ Notes=”Halo3″>

<value Property=”Version”>1</value>

<value Property=”MTShaderCompile”>False</value>


<application Title=”Halo3″ File=”halo3*.exe”>

<use Area=”UDX”>Halo3</use>

There have been a lot of games that have been officially confirmed for Steam after being spotted in the database. A notable one was Dyad and its creator also expressed displeasure for his game being exposed that way, but when you find things like Halo 3, I don’t think the users will be complaining.

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  • Ralph

    horses drink more in the winter

    • CentralGovernment

      Exactly my thoughts when I read this article!

  • Stev

    Catalyst was updated? Sweet.

  • Jack

    Why the hell would anyone want to play Halo 3?

    • Jake

      because its an amazing game.

    • What the hell kinda question is that? Maybe because it’s an amazing game and would be even better on PC?

    • your mother

      mouse and keyboard controls

    • max_REM

      Because it’s better than Reach and 4.

  • Gabe’s Horse

    Halo is actually Valve’s codename for a development project. The 3 is correct, though.

  • RicatSeraph

    Half Life 3 confirmed.


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