Halo 5 Guardians Solution for Physical Copy Of Collector’s Edition in Works, Raid on Apex 7 Tour Revealed

343 continues attempting to win over fans angry about lack of split screen.

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Halo 5 Guardians

It appears that 343 Industries is working overtime in order to win back fans of the Halo series that might be thinking about leaving Halo 5: Guardians in the discard pile thanks to the removal of split screen in multiplayer modes. Another move that might further push those fans away from the series is a current lack of physical copies of the Limited Collector’s Edition of the game. One particular fan took to Twitter to ask Josh Holmes directly if there were any plans to launch a physical copy alongside the digital download.

While Holmes didn’t give an outright “yes” answer, he made it clear that company understood there were those with that desire. He replied that, “We understand that some may prefer a physical disc w/ the LCE and are actively working on a solution for those that do.”

Of course, it’s entirely possible that once the team has “actively worked” on the situation for a while, they might report back that they’ve come up empty. On the flip side, that wouldn’t be a good move if they are really concerned, as we think they are, that there is a large and vocal group of Halo fans quite upset about what’s going on with Halo 5: Guardians.

As for what is coming with the game, we already got a look of sorts at the San Diego Comic Con of the biggest multiplayer map that has ever existed in Halo, namely the Raid on Apex 7. The map was shown off using Megabloks at the event but now there is a trailer floating around the web that gives a kind of official tour of that model. It won’t be long now before we’ll get to see what 343 has to offer in Halo 5: Guardians as it will launch for the Xbox One on October 27.

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  • Luke Perry Glover

    It is bull. Here in Canada im paying $280 + tax. Id better get a disc. That’s ridiculous.

  • Jedi Dna

    A protest letter to 343

    343, you have done a great work with Halo so far, your big recurring mistake is that you keep forgetting where Halo came from. Halo 4 campaign was REALLY amazing and one of the best of all time. Halo 4 problem was that youguys forgot the arena multiplayer origins of Halo and tryed to mimic some other game things (like loadouts and ordinances) making the game loose some of its identity. Fortunately, all that could be disable by in game settings. Halo 5 really seems promising and I’m sure It will have one of the best campaigns ever, but no split screen at all? Not even in competitive multiplayer? Again youguys are forgetting about Halo’s lanparty arena origins? And why? To keep it 60 fps or XXXXp? REALLY?

    It’s really troubling knowing that these magic numbers (1080, 60 fps) are becoming more important that actual gameplay. Specially when that comes from an important developer like 343 in the worlds most important franchise that is Halo. Youguys are forgetting about the very first Halo fan base this time around. The one that made Halo what is today. Besides, do youguys think that Halo fans don’t have REAL friends that enjoy drinking some beer while killing each other and laughing about someone ridiculous death? 60 fps is great thing but I’m pretty sure no one would mind a much lower framerate just when splitting the screen with 4 friends.I REALLY hope youguys reconsider this matter BEFORE its too late otherwise I’ll be skipping Halo 5.

    PS: Halo split screen lanparties are the very reason Xbox One exist today.

    • GamerJudge

      The PS part is nonsense.

    • XbotMK1

      I think he meant the reason why Xbox was semi-relevant during the 6th and 7th gen.

      The real reason Xbox One exists is to protect Microsoft’s greedy windows monopoly

    • GamerJudge

      “The real reason Xbox One exists is to protect Microsoft’s greedy windows monopoly” Really? Another bold claim? Microsoft trying to unify all of its products under the Window logo is greedy?

    • DeLuxeStreet

      Your retarded lol..

    • neekdahc

      Im with you 100%. This is the first Halo game i havent preordered, ever.

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