Halo 5 Guardians Supports Dynamic Resolution for 60 FPS

The game will adjust its resolution accordingly to maintain constant 60 FPS.

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343 Industries revealed to GamingBolt in July that the resolution for its upcoming Halo 5: Guardians wasn’t yet locked but reiterated the promise of 60 FPS in campaign mode. Today, the developer revealed that the shooter will use a dynamic scaling resolution in order to maintain its frame rate.

As it states, “60 FPS gameplay is supported by a new progressive resolution system that allows us to dynamically scale the resolution at which we render the game (up to 1080p) based on the needs of the scene.

“In much of the campaign you may be playing at 1080p, but when we want to get really crazy with vehicles, visual effects and combat we can trade some of the resolution in order to maintain the crucial 60 FPS.” It further revealed that without a dynamic resolution, the campaign missions would either have to be scaled back or asset quality would have to be reduced.

Time will tell how this impacts the overall visual quality of Halo 5: Guardians when it releases on October 27th but we’ll keep you updated.

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    So what if it runs at 1080p or 900p what’s most important is a locked 60fps heck the Halo 5 beta ran at 720p 60fps i had a great time with it

    • Tech junkie

      100% agree frame rate and smooth game play needs to be the focus of the next get games.

      1080p is simply a marketing number that on the average tv and viewing distance doesn’t make a difference.

      I’ll take 720p60 over 1080p13 all day

    • Gabriel Porto

      The thing is, I’m a bad FPS player, but I really love the genre, and I notticed with Halo TMCC how the 1080p resolution helped me with the gameplay. I could cleary see enemies at a huge distance and I was not ‘guessing’ anymore.

      So, to me, I would choose resolution over framerate.

    • theduckofdeath

      I agree, but we have to consider what consoles are capable of right now. There are trade-offs to be made and while ideal, 1080p60 was a dream for this game on XB1 from the beginning. The developers had a vision of what they wanted to do, realized it wasn’t happening, and compromized.

      IMO, consistent 60 fps trumps consistent 1080p.

    • Tech junkie

      Just out of curiosity what is the size of your TV and viewing distance?

    • Gabriel Porto

      55″ and 3 meters.

    • Tech junkie

      Assuming your TV actually maintains 1080p. Many don’t. 55″ TV at 3m with 20/20 vision 720p to 1080p should be starting to be noticeable. 900p to 1080p the resolution is washed. Next to impossible to see the difference.

      Halo MCC on the other hand is a huge step up in resolution and would be noticeable for sure. This game the slight resolution changes would be impossible to point out at average viewing distance on an average tv.

      1080p is no where near as important as marketers make it out to be on a console. Pc with large monitors and very close viewing distance resolution does make a big difference

    • Gabriel Porto

      Yeah, I agree. I’m perfectly fine for them choosing to go this route because it’s clearly the most wanted thing by the players and like you said, most people will not see difference or they don’t have a 1080p set (even though I hope they don’t go down as far as 900p).

      I guess that the added feel and perception of depth makes me suck less at FPS. I’m not a bet man but I’d bet my Money that VR will really help me in the future with that kind of games.

    • Mark

      I hear u but if that game has huge frame drops, it’ll destroy the gameplay, slowing u down while explosions take their own time to execute lol.

  • Mark

    Dynamic scaling should be used more imo, on both systems. Both have frame rate drops not all, but most games. I’d take that no question. Now Halo 5 had better not drop below 55fps, and the beta did run well.

    • Tech junkie

      Sounds like they are saying it’s 60 locked and scaling the resolution where needed. Which I really would prefer.

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