Halo 5 Guardians Will Maximize The Capabilities of the Xbox One

“The engineering team is united in their focus on delivering stable 60fps across modes for launch.”

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Halo 5: Guardians

343 Industries’ head that Halo fans have come to know and love recently touched on the subject of the visual clutter that fills the screen in Halo 5 and thereby affects gameplay, saying that it “is a constant challenge with heightened visual fidelity.” He defended that certain players may see that as a clutter but it’s actually the small details that make up the game, thereby maximizing the Xbox One’s full potential.

“What you see as “clutter,” someone else sees as “detail” – the goal (and challenge) is to deliver a more detailed physical environment that maximizes the capabilities of the Xbox One while retaining clarity of image and the ability to follow the action. Your point is well taken though and this is something we are always working to balance.”

Going on to comment on the matter of the frame rate in the game, Holmes said that the Halo 5 Beta, “partially optimized and Strongholds was the worst case example. The engineering team is united in their focus on delivering stable 60fps across modes for launch.”

Halo 5: Guardians launches this October exclusively for the Xbox One.

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  • XbotMK1

    Halo 5 Guardians currently runs at 720p at 40 frames per second. It barely looks better than Halo 4 and doesn’t even come close to Killzone Shadowfall. Microsoft says that Halo 5 Guardians will max out the Xbox One. So there you have it….

    We can finally put the DX12 bs to rest. R.I.P Brad Wardell.

    • It was a beta moron.

    • Psionicinversion

      Halo 5 will use DX12 moron

    • A_Guest

      Try 60 frames per second

    • efnet

      What an idiot lol

    • guest931

      mostly 40fps? it barely touched as low as 40.

    • d0x360

      Mmm yes let’s base all our opinions on a now dead beta which was based on a build that was about 4 months old when it came out. You think killzone looked and played well a year out from its release? Do you not understand how game development works?

    • Asher Madan

      Halo 4 looks better than Killzone Shadow Fall by miles.

    • Schroeder

      Not sure where you’re pulling that data, but when I played the beta it was pretty smooth. It may have dropped below 60FPS at times, but we’re talking maybe as low as 50FPS (without running a real-time diagnostic, it’s impossible to know for sure). But if that was 720p, it was an amazing 720p. Oh, and as mentioned by others, that’s beta gameplay without any of the final polish and final resolution. 343 already affirmed that 1080p is a lock. Getting 60FPS as a lock without variance is the next milestone, and with DX12 it will be very possible without sacrificing detail.

    • Terminator

      You are a complete moron you know that? Well seeing you on other Xbox articles talking the same crap helps my case more of what a complete troll and idiot you are. Halo 5 >>>BETA<<< is not even the final build but just a test so it being 720p 60fps shouldn't be a surprise. My you Sony Drones get more stupid by the minute.

  • Mark

    E3 is so close…….this thing is gonna look like a movie. I don’t know which is making my heart beat faster; this, Joe Montana 16, or Tomb Raider?

  • HaloMovieExtremist

    Yes can’t wait!!!!

  • d0x360

    So glad they are going with 60 fps here. Even if the game looked no better than halo 4…which to this day still looks amazing, I’d be perfectly happy. If I want cutting edge blow my mind visuals I turn my pc on.

  • Jacob Stamm

    I’m so excited for this game. However, I consider it quite sad that devs are already “maximizing” the console’s capabilities two years into its lifespan. This console gen is not going to last as long as 360/PS3’s, and if it does, console games will become standstills in terms of technical limitations in the last years. Very disappointing.

    • CJ

      Maximize =/= Maxing Out. In generations past, not a year went by without a game bragging that it was pushing a console to the limit. That may be true, but the limit gets set further away as they get better with programming.

  • Give me fun gameplay at 720p30 over the shittiest gameplay at 4k60fps. My love of a game stems 95% from how it plays, not how it looks.


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