Higher Resolution On Xbox One Possible But With Cutbacks, New SDK Might Improve Titanfall’s Resolution

Xbox One is capable of 1080p/60fps but not in a ‘next-gen’ way.

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The interwebs are currently abuzz with the news that Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall runs at 792p resolution in the Xbox One beta. Yes, 792p and no, that’s not a standard resolution. Nonetheless, community manager Abbie Heppe has stated that the final build’s resolution will probably be higher, most likely in the range of 900p.

Earlier this week we had reported on how Rebellion Games were facing issues with the Xbox One’s eSRAM to output 1080p. The game’s producer also confirmed that a new SDK will be released soon to correct this issue. However this does not mean that the system is not capable of running 1080p. No, the actual problem is running 1080p with all the effects and simulations turned on. Take the case of Forza Motorsport 5, a game that actually runs at native 1080p and 60 frames per second on the Xbox One. It’s a gorgeous game, do doubt, but the game’s details were cut down in the final retail version. Check out the image below.

forza 5

One look at the image above and you will understand what I am talking about. The details in the background are not really next-gen. The crowds, the trees and the track look bland and blurry.  This same opinion is carried by NeoGAF member and industry insider famousmortimer when he was asked whether the Xbox One is 1080p/60fps capable machine. “They can now, they just have to make serious cutbacks. Forza is 1080p/60fps and the framerate is steady even with tons of cars on screen. But when you look closely at the game the assets they use outside of the cars are really awful. The PS2-like crowds. The trees that look like they were made with a polygon budget of 4. None of that matters when you’re driving fast, but the point is that cutbacks had to be made to get it to that resolution,” he said.

“The tools will get better but developers will always have to choose between resolution/framerate/effects when making games. That’s true of the PS4 also, of course, it just has a higher ceiling. The only way to have everything no matter what is to have a beefy PC. But then you don’t get console exclusives and PCs are decidedly lacking in sports games as well.”


This is what is happening in case of Titanfall. In order to run the game at 60 frames per second, the developers have to cut down on something. In this case the resolution. But there is still hope as the final resolution might be a bit higher. famousmortimer’s sources say that the developers are working on a higher resolution due to the updated SDK.  “I can’t say with any form of certainty that is what will do it. All I was told was that they think it can be done. Abbie isn’t just blowing smoke up our asses,” he said.

As it stands now Xbox One is capable of 1080p and sixty frames per second but that is without the heavy effects, a combination of higher resolution and frame rate, and intricate details…something that defines the console as a next gen console. What are your thoughts on the whole deal, including on Titanfall’s beta? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • kevin

    Still getting it , don’t really give a damn about resolution. Care for game play I want something to look at I go to the museums.

    • GK15

      It’s going to look very good at 900p. The PS4 version of BF4 is also 900p and that looks good.

    • Dylan Harris

      Not to mention they are upgrading the upscaler so this and other games are going to look better. Also going to make games not so dark, not sure if its the same thing or seperate but with that and removing the needed saved power for kinnect for games that dont need to use it, games are definately going to look even better then they do…and there are nothing wrong with the graphics as is.

    • datdude

      If you don’t care about it, then why did you buy an xbone instead of sticking with a 360? You don’t care about resolution because you have no choice in the matter. What you’re saying is akin to somebody saying I prefer to watch movies on dvd’s instead of their blu ray counterpart. Well, if you don’t own a blu ray player and a 1080p television, the blu ray advantage is lost on you, so that really isn’t a choice, is it? Stop your nonsense son. Enjoy the game and hope it turns out to be fun. But saying you don’t care about resolution is pretty ridiculous.

    • AngryRN

      See, this is the argument that angers me. Of course people still want better resolution but that is not the only thing these new consoles have to offer. The better texture resolutions, better ai, better particle effects, better lighting etc. Are all very important. Me personally I’d have taken forza 5 at 900p with better backdrop s etc. That’s this guys point, the game, like many others, still looks much better on x1 than 360, even with lower resolutions. By this way of thinking, you are wrong “son”.

      I have both consoles , and 1080 multiplats do look a bit better than their x1 cpunter parts, but they all still look almost equally “next gen”.

    • rocketmagnet427

      I agree man back when I had a crap PC I’d push to have all the effects on high and the rest on a lower setting. Now I dont have to worry about that tho with my current PC 😛 but with my xbox one I wish they did the same with forza 5 more effects and les red. I’m more pissed my fanatec CSR and turtle beach headset won’t work from launch. But I still have the PC with better racing games 😀

    • datdudecarestoomuch

      you care too much

    • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

      Haha the life of a X1er on the internet. It’s gonna be long 6 years..

    • aeris bueller

      yeah, starting to sound alot like wii-u fanboys with how much graphics and power don’t matter.

    • kevin

      They have never mattered and I’ve been playing since the days of Atari ,Panasonic and those other that existed at the time .

    • kevin

      See I have never been about graphic or any of that BS that these gamers are clamouring about . I prefer a good story , gameplay .

    • aeris bueller

      I guess we were spoiled during ps3 days with games like Last of Us that won in every category. You do realize graphics, story, and gameplay aren’t mutually exclusive? I look for all of the above, and more, personally.

    • Bill E Weaver

      Last of us had horrible multiplayer and was given a 10. Alan Wake and any Gears title looked way ahead. I have both and my xb1 gets way more use.

    • Trey James

      I have both PS4 and Xbox1, and I seem to play/prefer the Xbox1 too. I can’t wait for Titanfall.

  • ilovegoogleglass


  • JazMac

    Cool while you’re at the museum you should go to the xbox one exhibit, I hear its quite popular…

    • kevin

      I will seeing as how only great works of art are allowed to be placed in museums.

    • aeris bueller

      He didn’t think you meant an art museum, more like a museum exhibiting ancient technology

  • Sunnycyde


  • aeris bueller

    It’s weird, there were so many xbots who cared about graphics back when they thought there was a chance it was more powerful, and they all stopped commenting on all articles around the same xbox one users who don’t care about graphics suddenly started commenting. Passing the baton.

    • Gamez Rule

      I’ve posted once I’ll post it again☺

      Last Gen Xbox fanboys = “360 multi-plats have better resolutions,frame-rates, so PS3 multi-plats suck!”

      Now it’s current gen Xbox fanboys = “I can’t even tell the difference between
      720p & 1080p multi-plats, we play games and don’t care about resolution, or frame-rates, it’s not a big deal” ☺☺☺

    • kevin

      Its not and to lump people into one group due to similar sentiment is asinine and petty.

    • Gamez Rule

      Say what you will, but what I posted happened. Unless people are in denial of course☺

    • Manoj Varughese

      “I can’t tell the difference between 1080p and 720p.” This is like making the manufactures of all Full HD monitors look like a piss joke.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yeah I know☺

      Makes me wonder why people come out with that BS as there IS a difference between the two resolutions no matter what they say☺

  • GK15

    If 900p looks bad, then I guess Ryse and BF(PS4 version) do as well. I really don’t see why we are trying to make huge deals out of nothing?

    XB1 is plenty capable of outputting very great looking and enjoyable games, regardless of resolution and/or framerate.

    Unless 1080p/60fps is the only thing that looks good or is enjoyable?

    • datdude

      People probably wouldn’t make a big deal out of the resolution/framerate issue if the xbone weren’t priced significantly higher than the ps4. It’s hard to excuse the deficit the xbone is in compared to the ps4 when price is taken into consideration. Paying more to get less performance is counterintuitive. Even the most ardent xbone supporter can’t really be happy about the deficit. And the problem is the architecture microsoft chose to go with this time around. They can make small improvements to be sure, but they will always be lagging behind the ps4 this gen due to those choices. In order to achieve 1080p 60fps, the xbone has to take shortcuts. The ps4 doesn’t have to take the same shortcuts. That is a problem, no matter how some folks try to explain it away.

    • GK15

      Nope, people would still make a big deal about it. Because there will always be fanboys that take this crap way too seriously. Case in point, I don’t see many XB1 owners complaining, just mostly fanboys that hate Xbox and that wouldn’t change regardless of how much it cost.
      Btw, I bought an Xbox because I wanted a next Gen games console and I liked the idea of instantly switching between all of my media with my voice. I think that’s what truly sets the XB1 apart from the PS4. I have an XB1 and I love it. Will most likely get a PS4 within a year as well.
      I was slightly disappointed that some games were getting lower resolution on XB1, but it looks like they are starting to sort that out a bit with the DX11.2 update. But if you are the saying the graphical difference between XB1 and PS4 is like blu ray to DVD, that is just laughable.

    • aeris bueller

      it’s not 900p yet. For now it’s 792.14p or whatever embarrassing number they came up with. It’s that the game just doesn’t look good enough to merit the slowdown is the problem. Yes it might still be fun, and there are much lower detail games that are great, but having amazing graphics was supposed to be part of the deal when you buy a $500 next gen console.

    • GK15

      I still think the game looks great man and tons of action going on the screen at once. You hit the nail on the head though when you said that it looks fun as that is the whole point.
      Ryse and Forza 5 both look amazing. And even the multiplats with the lower resolution still look great. And they will just keep getting better. That’s my whole point, people are making huge deals about nothing.

    • Agent_Blade

      Dude i dont care if its a small amount of power difference between the the consoles. Im not paying 500 BUCKS for a inferior gaming machine (when conpared to the ps4.) The Xb1 is still a powerful machine but not enough to warrant a 500 dollar purchase. And yes the exclusives look good an the third party games on the Xbox one look pretty good too but the third party games on XB1 compared to the ps4. F**k no.

    • madp

      My expectation is 1080p/30-60fps. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask in 2013/14.

      No game should be 720p… Even 900p is unacceptable. These consoles are supposed to last us 5+ years and out of the gate 1080p is unattainable?!!? Come on!

    • GK15

      That’s exactly what I’m talking about dude. All you seem to care about are numbers. Have you seen Ryse or Forza 5? They both look amazing.

    • rocketmagnet427

      Forza 5 is a let down it dont look good. It looks clear but really if my 1.5 for festiva in real life can put out more smoke than a corvette in foza 5 there’s something wrong

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Let those tears out. There there, it’s okay.

    • GK15


  • datdude

    How’s that cloudddd working out for you? Wow. The sheep were easily led to the slaughter. Now the barn door has been bolted and it’s too late for you. You should have listened. We tried to warn you they were using smoke, mirrors, and high end pc’s at E3 2013. And that is exactly what has been on display for dat bone since launch. Games for dat bone no where near the graphical fidelity they showed at E3. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can pull the wool over your eyes yet again at E3 2014. I know one thing, Sony won’t have to. What they show is what you’ll get. And what that has proven to be is goty contender/winner year in, year out. Good luck boners. You’re gonna need it.

    • dlocsta

      You must be 17 tops because you are looking for an argument for no apparent reason. You can get counseling for that and no it foes not make you less of a person if you do.

    • datdude

      I get my counseling from Sony’s first party developers. You should try it. It would lead to fewer tears and less excuses from you.

    • dlocsta

      That explains why you consciously spend the time to read articles and purposely show disdain for something you have never had any intention to buy? That makes since! Thanx for the clarification.

    • datdude

      Glad I could clear up your prodigious confusion. You’re welcome.

  • Roger B

    For Titanfall it’s not really about the resolution from what I saw last night. The big problem you’ll see are the extremely small textures being used like those on the ground/grass. View them from afar and you can see them repeating in a very obvious and ugly way.
    Jump into the beta to see for yourselves.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Lol wow. I’m not gonna say that I would not like the game on ps4, and I hope its only the beta being the reason for that to happen. Because that would be just to easy for them to get ripped apart. I at least want it to be a fair fight, lol

    • You are aware that the devs have come out [multiple times] and said that the alpha/beta are running 1/4th texture resolution in order to reach a reasonable download size? Right?

    • Guest

      This. There is a reason it was only a 4GB download and not the 13-20gb normal game size for the new-gen.

    • Roger B

      The beta was 3 maps at 4.9GB. With 15 maps in the full game I would expect 25GB if assets aren’t shared etc. Even more if a 4x increase in texture was used.

      But it is not to be; confirmed at only 16GB: http://www.worldsfactory.net/2014/02/21/titanfall-preload-size-confirmed-15-88-gb

    • Guest

      I’m sure they have 15 maps, but they’re going to release them in waves to sell as DLC.

  • Jake W.

    I’m not worried about it. I play games, not pixels.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Lol u say u play games not pixels, well those pixels make ur games to play, so yaaaaaaaaa. Why would u not want ur game to run higher def and better level complexity???? Ur just trying to hide behind that defense all the while, knowing to yourself that u wished it would do those things. Just stop defending these types of shenanigans micro$oft has been feeding u for so long.

    • Jake W.

      Or that I just like games that are fun. Maybe you should try it instead of going around like a lunatic, bashing everyone on some internet site. It’s a shame that you can’t even act mature, given the age that you are, Jereme.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Uh oh….. somebody went on my fb (creeper lol)…… ohhh no. Lol I like playing games that r fun too, butiI will simple not defend a game just because. Like I have said before, I have every right to call into question a products worth and have every right to ask why not is this game performing at the same quality as its competition, period. Oh n by the way, just cuz u went on my fb an got my name that I have linked to this account does not make u more of a mature individual. it just shows creeper tendencies, lol.

      Just saying brahhh…..

    • Jake W.

      Nah, I just call out BS when I see it 😉

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Right back at u brahhh. U never once give ur argument any merit or any reason why, just simply, I play games man, and that’s it. What a good little troll u r. Its probably ur bedtime right now so sorry for waking u. Oh an u should probably see a therapist about ur creeper tendencies, u need help brahhh

    • mars mayflower

      Loser (the new name)

  • hiawa23

    I own both the PS4/One. Looking forward to Titan, as far as resolutiongate, not concerned about the fanboy stuff, the consoles are what they are and I am looking forward to games from both. MS should have just been honest and let everyone the X1 is not as powerful as the PS4

    • Virdin Barzey

      Did you play the beta? If so, what do you think of it. System seller or not?

    • Sammy

      I played the beta on XB1. One word: FUN. I can’t go too long playing it in one sitting because i’m not a big FPS fan, but if you are then it would be a system seller. If you are not a FPS fan it depends. It was a blast to play.

    • revlux

      I have a PS4, XB1, and Wii U, along with last gen systems, hand helds and, of course, p.c. and I love them all honestly. The XB1 is a great system and has my favorite next gen exclusive that is out so far: Dead Rising 3.

      That said, I’ve purchased all but one next gen multi-plat on my PS4 b/c they do look and play a bit smoother than the XB1 versions. This is nothing new and shouldn’t really be a shock to most gamers because many gamers, myself included, bought most all console multi-olats on the 360 last gen for similar reasons.

      The controllers are actually a bigger factor for me this gen than the differences in power. Sony really did a great job improving the dual shock for the PS4 imo eliminating, or at least lessened (depending on your opinions) the edge the Xbox had in game pads last gen.

      2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for gamers regardless of your brand of choice. Every console has something that sets it apart from the others and there really is no wrong choice when it comes to next gen systems imho.

      So let’s just enjoy the games and let go of all the counter-productive fanboy rage.

    • Illusive Man

      Everyone knew it was less powerful. The question is what is the true difference in power. It is certainly not 50%, certain fanboys are claiming.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Shame what the gaming community has become over the last few months. In truth, its been this way much longer but now we get to see it on every article now. Seem like the more mature the games get, the more immature the gamers become. It ridiculous.

    People who want to have real discussions about the game now have to deal with fools coming on and commenting about another machine and 1080p versus 900p and fanboy this and resolution that and all kind of dumb comments that have little to do with the game.

    I have a PS4 and I’m very interested in Titanfall. Would love to see or have a real discussion with someone who actually played the beta. But these clowns who don’t even have an XB1 and claim to have no interest in the game are taking up page after page making stupid comments and trying to justify why you should get it on PC or not get it at all since its not 1080p 60 frames. Get a life.

    Here’s a question for you folks. If you are not interested in the game or the XB1 why are you even on this thread? The only reason is that you are a hater and have nothing better to do. Get off the thread you losers. What do you care if someone wants to pay more for an XB1. It ain’t your money. Calling people stupid because they chose a different machine that you is soooo 4th grade of many of you. I’m amazed how some of you can afford any of these consoles and still be so childish.

    Get off the thread losers and let people who want to find out more from gamers who have it to have a real conversation. Stop taking up space making it hard for us to find the REAL gamers that actually own the game….you losers.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      So what did ur little rant do??? U must b butthurt that ur bone system can’t run games like the ps4 an u just want everybody to stop talking about how bad ur system is. That’s what u call being a bully. And nobody believes that u have a ps4, everybody has ever right to call out a game when its not up to next gen standards, LIKE IT SHOULD BE. I don’t wanna here ur lame excuse of, “mmhhaa, ppl stop talking bad about my system, mmhhaa” crap. We as the customer have every right to point out flaws, and I don’t wanna hear anything about how goof the game is. I’m just stating that more and more the xbone cannot run games at 1080 and 60 without heavy cutbacks. If I was u, I would b mad at micr$oft for selling u an inferior system rather then the ppl pointing the problems out to maybe help resolve the issue.

      Now I’m done with u, chump goes the xboner (lol that’s you)

    • Virdin Barzey

      Thanks for making my point even more. For those that were wondering, its idiots like this guy I was referring to.

      If Titanfall ends up being a great game and MS puts out other great exclusives, I’m going to get an XB1 to go with my PS4 once they drop the price. I have no issues with the XB1 being less powerful since if you weren’t such a noob, you would realize that some of best games have been on the less powerful consoles (Genesis, PS2, GB, DS). I can speak about the PS4 because I have one despite your idiotic assumption. Wouldn’t dare talk about the XB1 since I don’t have one yet. Once I do, I can speak to relevant articles.

      Only insecure childish gamers point out flaws on a system they don’t own, games they haven’t played and come to articles that they have nothing of value to add besides their idiotic opinions or what they read on the internet. They are called losers….in case you were wondering, that’s you.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Stay classy guy, never called you names, but its cool brah I know sometimes we lose our temperatures and say mean things, I forgive you. And I can talk about the xbone because I have done my research and I am knowledge about it, why because like the saying, keep your friends close keep your enemies closer. And I come to these sites about games that are not for my system because everybody loves to watch a train wreck brahh. By the way, nobody was telling the internet to be quit when the xbox360 was trumping the ps3 and as a consumer, we all have the right to say what we want about a product and call into question the products worth no matter what bullies like you try to say otherwise. I have a feeling your probably around 18-20 old and grew up on the Xbox and ur mad that ur system sucks this time.

      Once last thing you ignorant, incompetent, uneducated, uninformed, and in complete denial, you did not once say anything good about the xbone that you love so much in you whole statement. Just sad brahhhh

      P.s. why so mad brahhh??? Lol

      I’ll show myself out, chump goes the xboner……(once again that’s you brah)

    • Mrteapot

      I grew up on playstation 1 and 2, play mainly X360 now xbox one. I recently bought a PS 4 see myself playing multiplayer on xbox and exclusives on PS…whats your point?
      If i wanted pure graphics I’d buy a PC and skip playstation and xbox

    • Gamez Rule

      “I’m just stating that more and more the xbone cannot run games at 1080 and 60 without heavy cutbacks” ( Also pointed out by developers )☺

    • And you are the type of people he is talking about , So immature.

  • jonam

    whole thought? Titanfall’s simply being overhyped.

  • Sony many sony minions in this thread , I believe this is about the xbox one.

  • Mrteapot

    Sad thing is most my friends playstation 4 are collecting dust and playing mainly xbox one why cause theres fun more to be gotten out of a xbox multiplayer and exclusives…and they have high end PC rigs were true graphic are not the imposter PS master race.

  • rocketmagnet427

    I’m not that fussed I’d rather 720p with all the affects on. As it stands my PC still runs bf3 looking better than bf4 on ps4 or xb1.

  • Guest

    I just want a consistent >30fps….whatever resolution and effects can be paired with that is fine…although I’d hope that would be at least 900p.

    60fps is a marketing gimmic to me. I can’t tell the difference really and as long as its not choppy/stuttering and screen tearing I’m good with the eye candy. Game play and controls and story ALL trump 1080p/60fps

    • Sammy

      Yes, but when you have the same game play, story, and controls (multi-platform game) yet one has clear graphicals / fps advantages then…… you have a better graphical version with the same gameplay, control and story.

    • Guest

      And I just explained how resolution is not a concern to me…so, whats the relevance of your reply to my stated opinion?

      If it matters to you, that’s your priority and not mine.

    • Sammy

      If you are getting the same gameplay, control, and story with a lesser resolution and you are fine with it then so be it. It is still the lesser version at the same exact price.

  • Illusive Man

    I look at like this. PS4 has more raw power straight up front. It’s
    the 300 hp race car. The XB1 has a similar architecture but it is also
    very customized. It is based on maximizing efficient coding to get the
    most out of the hardware. It is the 270 hp race car. Now how does the
    270p keep up or !gasp! potentially beat the 300 hp race car? By
    maximizing performance: burning fuel hotter, better aerodynamics,
    lighter body frame; tighter, more precise handling. The XB1 was always
    built for the future, and with efficiency in mind. I think once developers get a handle of the ESRAM and tiled resources (no developer has confirmed the use of this method) we will see better, and better looking games.

    Even if it doesn’t match the raw performance, if it i simply just
    keeps up and makes the difference between the PS4 and the XB1, extremely
    marginal at best, that will be enough. The XB1 is more than capable of
    1080p/60fps. I can’t wait to see the progression of graphics from launch
    titles to titles later down the line.

    Once the graphical edge is completely marginalized, it becomes all
    about services and other features. I think the XB1 has the PS4 beat in
    these areas. Also who is really going to care if both games are running
    at 1080p and the PS4 achieves 60 fps locked and the XB1 achieves 50-55
    fps? I wouldn’t care.

    • Sammy

      Yet while developers are becoming more and more proficient at development for the XB1, are they not doing the same for the PS4? It’s not as if the XB1 development will advance and the PS4 development will stay at the same level.

  • Brett Kohli

    If you’ve played the titanfall beta and still argue resolution, we will just have to disagree


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