Hitman Absolution: 10 Things we Want to See

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The Hitman series has been out of action for some time. The last entry, Blood Money, saw a release in 2006, and even then it was only ported to our modern generation of consoles. The first Hitman in six years and the first Hitman game specifically designed for our current generation of consoles, Absolution, has a lot of expectation to deal with. What exactly can it improve upon and change in order to ensure that it meets the hype?

10. A more cohesive narrative

There’s always been the whole cloned aspect of Agent 47 that has provided a loose plot thread throughout the Hitman series. Some games have chosen to lightly explore this narrative element, whilst others have almost completely ignored it. Though this isn’t always the case, the levels are structured so separately in Contracts and Blood Money that they don’t feel especially linked. A more cohesive narrative with overarching themes that intersect all the game’s missions would sort this out, and it could also provide some details on 47’s elusive back story.

9. Smoother inventory management

It was a necessary gameplay mechanic, but it did slow down the proceedings

Hitman has always been a slow-paced game, and I have never had a problem with this. It’s the methodical approaches you need to take that make the series so enjoyable and unique. The problem comes when the game comes to a complete stop, an all too common occurrence when you have to open up a separate inventory menu that pauses the game. As Hitman is a game that requires you to manage a plethora of tools and weapons regularly, a smooth and intuitive inventory system would really help Absolution stand out.

8. Wider variety of tools

The Hitman games have never had a problem with weapons variety, with shotguns, pistols and sniper rifles as far as the eye can see. The problem comes in the more stealth orientated tools. Aside from more context sensitive objects, your day to day stealth implements are limited to fibre wire and sedatives in syringes. More useful, and generally applicable, tools of stealth would help give the series greater variety than ever before.

7. More stealth opportunities

Linking into the previous point are the amount of stealth opportunities present in previous Hitman games. Whilst the missions are renowned for the choices offered and the many ways you can complete them, many prevent you from getting the elusive ‘silent assassin’ rank for that particular level. I love having the choice to plant bombs and cause raucous and noisy accidents, but not at the expense of ways to finish a level in complete silence. More unique and complex ways to finish levels with the ‘silent assassin’ rating would satisfy the more sadistic and dedicated Hitman fans.

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  • You forgot to mention that we don’t want anything even remotely related to that piece of shit Kane and Lynch in the game :p

    Cool list

  • Bob

    How about upgrading “better animation” and making the direct request to implement the Euphoria Natural Motion engine? In the Hitman series that would be amazing!

    On top of that, physics overhaul would be nice… nothing like Red Faction or Frostbite 2, I don’t think 47 will be taking out entire buildings – but somewhat destructible environments would be nice, along with some “Half Life 2” moments such as the magnetic lift dropping and swinging trailers to take out enemies.

    Fire? Far Cry 2 implemented that… worked pretty well, in Hitman it could be used for a distraction and/or a trap.

    Ummmm…. MULTIPLAYER!? How did we miss that on this list? My buddies and I have specced out a multiplayer model for Hitman that would be fantastic. Over the course of countless drinking sessions I think we came up with a cool concept that involves competitive contracts, vehicles and handlers.

    Oh, right, Vehicles would be nice…

    Larger maps…

    Injuries, for example, if you shoot someone in the leg, they should limp, not just require 6 more shots in the leg before they fall down.

    I could keep going actually, but I will stop there.

  • i agree with the list especially with the inventory screen, i hate the inventory screen.

    i hope the gameplay is revamped like Convictions

  • @xino
    uh… no. that’s exactly what Hitman doesn’t need. Conviction watered down Splinter Cell so much they write on the walls what you gotta do, casualizing the series for people who can’t even be bothered to press a button to view objectives.


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